Cocktail Garnish

Your drink must have visual flair as well as a spark on the way down. Cocktails garnish  provides eye-catching appeal and superb flavor. Many cocktails are not complete without a cocktail garnish, and a drink may only transform into a famous cocktail after it has been fittingly adorned. A cocktail garnish can be placed on the rim of the glass, floated on the drink, or plopped inside. Cocktail garnishes promote a perception of luxury and high value.



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Everything is important when it comes to concocting the perfect drink: the quality and color of alcohol used, the garnish, even the glass from which your lover’s lips will taste the love potion! Chilled glasses are the best way to serve your cocktails. Place glasses in the refrigerator at least half an hour before serving. If you forgot to chill the glasses, you can fill them with ice before preparing the drinks; swish the ice around, then toss it out before you pour. For recipes that call for a frosted glass, simply put it in the freezer or bury it in ice cubes.

“It is a ritual. It’s theater. It’s about creating an seductive and sensual experience.”

Cocktail Garnish Toolbox

Mixology is generally accepted as a slang term for a refined and in-depth study of the art and craft of cocktail garnishing.  Every bar needs some fundamental essentials. With these basic tools, you can mix cocktails and all manner of other delicious beverages with ease.

  • Peeler
  • Long cocktail spoon
  • Bottle opener
  • Corkscrew
  • Jigger
  • Standard shaker
  • Cutting board
  • Paring knife
  • Cocktail napkins
  • Juice squeezer
  • Ice tongs
  • Ice bucket
  • Cocktail strainer

In addition, you may want to invest in other accessories to make things a bit easier, such as an ice crusher (preferably electric), a wooden muddler, an ice pick or chipper, a vegetable peeler or twist cutter for fruit peels, an ice scoop, a funnel, and a nutmeg grater.

Cocktail Glasses: At a minimum, have a set each of cocktail glasses and rocks glasses (also called Old Fashioned glasses) and a variety of wine glasses. Your cocktails must look as fabulous as they taste.

For fun filled hours, you’ll want to keep margarita glasses handy. This classic glass just begs for something icy and laden with tequila. In addition, margarita glasses make for a fancy presentation when filled with some chilled shrimp and cocktail sauce, or your favorite sorbet.


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Good Drinks Look Great with Cocktail Garnish

As a rule, garnishes should be prepared before the cocktail is mixed. Common, simple garnishes for cocktails include maraschino cherries and citrus wedges, wheels, twists, and spirals. Olives, cocktail onions, and celery stalks are also frequently used for certain drinks. Garnishes can be speared with toothpicks and rested on the rim of the glass or allowed to rest on the bottom of the glass.

The right garnish adds a fun sensual touch to any drink. For convenience, prepare and chill drink garnishes in advance. Colder pieces of fruit are easier to manage and tastier to consume.

No matter the other decorations, cocktail sticks are always invaluable. (Try lollipops for a fun, cheap swizzle stick option!) The traditional cocktail garnish, the Maraschino cherry, is now available in the traditional red plus green, yellow, and blue. Slices of fruit, strips of orange or lemon peel, and mint twigs can serve as garnishes. Use long cocktail picks to make garnish skewers of grapes, cherry tomatoes, and olives. Or, try one of these other exotic garnishes: kiwi, star fruit, sugar, kosher salt, coconut flakes, chocolate syrup, chocolate shaving, cocoa powder, chili powder, raw horseradish, scallions, cherry tomato, cocktail shrimp, pickled okra, pickled green beans, pickled asparagus, peppers, nutmeg, whipped cream, cookies, rock candy swizzle sticks, or coffee beans.

Modern mixologists have created cocktails using grapes, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, rose petals, flowers, basil, sugared ginger, cucumber, cinnamon sticks, edible pearl dust, and oysters on the half shell. If you can imagine it, you can create it; just keep presentation and taste appeal in mind as you mix and match!

To create a more elaborate garnish, secure together different fruits with a toothpick. Fruit flags are stuck onto the rim of the glass while fruit boats rest against the rim and dip partially into the drink. An orange and cherry boat is prepared by placing a cherry on the center of an orange wheel, then bending the slice somewhat around the cherry like a taco. A toothpick is inserted through the orange slice and the cherry to keep the slice curved. Boats go best with frothy cocktails.



By Natalie Migliarini, Foodable Contributor

Everyone loves a cocktail with a cool garnish. Not only does it draw your eye to the cocktail but also makes the cocktail look more appealing. Many times when ordering a cocktail at the bar I see beautiful and crazy garnished cocktails, which I immediately want to order. The extreme garnished cocktail has come a long way from your typical garnished Bloody Mary and tiki cocktails

When making fruit flags, try using fruits such as pineapples, bananas, kiwis, and berries. Leave fruits unpeeled when slicing them for garnishes. Strawberries and other fruits can be dipped in melted chocolate and placed on the rim of the glass.


  • Flowers invoke romantic scenes and exotic locales. Here are some nontoxic flowers you can use as garnishes: angelica, anise hyssop, apple blossoms, arugula blossoms, banana blossoms, basil blossoms, bee balm blossoms, borage, marigolds, carnations, chrysanthemum, chamomile, citrus blossoms, dandelion, elderberry, fuchsia, hibiscus, honeysuckle, hyacinth, jasmine, lavender, sage blossoms, roses, petunia, primrose, and sunflower petals.

“Shake cocktails when they incorporate fruit juices, cream liqueurs, simple syrup, sour mix, egg, dairy or any other thick or flavorful mixers. Shaking will produce a strained drink with a cloudy, effervescent appearance at first that will clear up within a few minutes after straining.”

Dusting and Frosting Cocktails

Edible dust produces a shimmery luster in your drinks, and the colors of the dust will intensify when mixed with liquids. Dust is certified non-toxic and water soluble, making it a fun touch to a clear drink. The Internet has lots of vendors of the edible pearl dust, which comes in gold, silver, and white. If you shake a clear drink with edible pearl dust, it will give the liquid a stunning, shimmering gleam that will catch the light in your lover’s eyes.

Even after sipping the last of your seductive concoction, your guest will linger over his or her glass if there is a band of sweet dust still clinging to rim of their cocktail glass (this is called frosting). This is called the lollipop rim, because like a child clinging to a giant lollipop, they cannot resist licking the rim.

Frosting leaves an edge of sugar, salt, cocoa or any other fine powder on the rim of the cocktail glass. There are several ways to frost glasses; the most common is to rub the rim of the glass with a slice of orange or lemon, then submerge the rim in sugar or salt. Other methods use egg white or other substances to naturally glue the powder to the glass. For a more colorful frosting, use small drops of food coloring in the powder. Cocktails such as the margarita have frosting as a standard decoration

Drink rims can be frosted with sugar of all types and colors, salt of all types, cocoa powder, hot chocolate powder, shaved chocolate, coconut flakes, Pop Rocks, sprinkles, edible gold flake, Cajun spices, crushed Oreo cookies, crushed graham crackers, or anything imaginative you can conjure up.

Exotic Cocktail Garnishes “Memorable Moments”

Garnishing is a part of the ritual of making cocktails. Exotic cocktail garnishes will add a special feature to any drink giving it color, flavor, and style. Most of the classic drinks have their garnish, but it is in your imagination and creativity where you can find lots of ideas. For Ideas Click Here!

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Culinary uses to decorate food or drink, typically to promote a perception of luxury and high value.