Exotic Cocktail Garnishes

Garnishing is a part of the ritual of making cocktails. Exotic cocktail garnishes will add a special feature to any drink giving it color, flavor, and style. Most of the classic drinks have their garnish, but it is in your imagination and creativity where you can find lots of ideas.

Exotic Cocktail Garnishes Memorable Moments

Exotic Cocktail Garnishes

The Craft of the Cocktail

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Exotic Cocktail Garnishes

To truly create unforgettably mystical, enchanting moments, extraordinarily exotic ingredients should be used, guaranteed to astonish your lover. Use of these spectacular culinary delights will create an epicurean sensation that will indeed last forever: insects dipped in chocolate, worm lollipops, scorpion suckers, butterfly candy, flying grasshoppers, and much more! To indulge in this unusual form of creative culinary experimentation, you must acquire the necessary ingredients by finding a local specialty shop, or using the Internet to purchase them from an online shop.

  1. Worm Lollypop: Yes, it is a genuine crawling worm! Each worm is masterfully encased in a mouthwatering, hard candy sucker.
  2. Scorpion Suckers: This 100% genuine scorpion is completely edible. Each scorpion is encased in a mouthwatering, hard candy lollipop.
  3. Butterfly Candy: This delightful treat consists of an imitation butterfly, with a real grub! It is ready to eat and vividly colorful, and has excellent taste!
  4. Bugs in Edible Amber: This confection looks like real, fossilized amber, with insects and fern trapped inside.
  5. Flying Grasshoppers: These are farm-raised giant grasshoppers that have been washed and cooked with fragrant, aromatic herbs. Typically, they are eaten whole, like crisps! Just remove the wings and legs, and eat whole.
  6. Other Exotic Ideas: Roasted giant water bugs, giant roasted crickets, scorpions preserved in brine, roasted small frogs, fried spiders, ant eggs, and hornet grubs.

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