Flambe Drink

Here is a few Flambe Drink Recipes. A layer of high-proof alcohol on top of a cocktail that is sprinkled with herbs and spices can add a flaming show and can take a drink to a new taste sensation level previously unexplored.


Flambe Drink Recipes

  1. Tiered Flambe Cocktail
  2. The Satan’s Moment

Tiered Flambe Cocktail

Layer in a glass grenadine, Creme De Menthe, Vodka and a splash of 151 rum on the top.

  • 1 Layer Grenadine
  • 1 Layer Crème de menthe (green)
  • 1 Layer Vodka
  • 1 FloatTop White rum

Take two large straws and a match, light it, stick in both straws and drink promptly before the straws melt. If done correct it tastes groovy and looks amazing.

The Satan’s Moment

A resurrected favorite, whenever steam and energy are needed.

  • 0.25 oz Absinthe
  • 1.75 oz Remy VSOP
  • 0.5 oz Aperol
  • 0.5 oz Punt es Mes
  • 0.25 oz Cassis
  • 3 dashes of Bitters
  • Oil of 3 lemon twists

Into a cocktail glass, pour 0.25 oz of Absinthe and let stand.
Stir all remaining ingredients together in a mixing glass.
Set the absinthe ablaze by rolling it around the cocktail glass and hitting it with a small flame. Once the glass is engulfed in flames, slowly pour the cocktail through the fire to extinguish the flame. The cocktail will have a sightly smoky finish, hefty anise aromas, and smooth chocolate and cherry textures. A Great Flambe Drink Recipe.

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