The martini is not just a drink—it is a bartending mystery. Furthermore, Martinis are back in vogue, and they are delicious, glamorous, and even slightly decadent. Whether you want to throw a great party or spice up an ordinary evening with a special drink, a cool martini will provide all the inspiration you need.

Martini Sips of Stardom

Put a martini into the hands of a celebrity or movie star, and you witness the iconic trappings of an aristocrat. Culturally speaking, the martini has always been more than just a drink—it is an idea, a statement, and to some, a lifestyle.

Martini Recipe Glasses and Tools

Stock your martini bar like a pro. With the right tools at hand, you’ll be ready for anything and any drink order! Keep on hand plenty of martini glasses, at least two cocktail shakers, a Hawthorne strainer, lint-free bar towels, an ice bucket with tongs, and toothpicks; these are among the minimum requirements for making a genuinely successful martini party. 

Here are some classic martini recipe glass styles:

  • Color Splash: Handmade around the world.
  • Gold: For sipping your martini in style, it is balanced perfectly by a 24-carat gold-plated stem.
  • Platinum: Perfectly balanced with a platinum-plated stem.
  • Spiral: Sports a colored glass strand that spirals down the stem, usually in green, yellow, red, or blue.
  • Colorful Ball: Features a splash of color shooting up from the base of the bowl.
  • Hand Painted: Truly original!

A martini served in the proper glass tastes immeasurably better than the same liquid served in a champagne flute. These days just about anything can be a passable martini, but few drinks can stand out as true bearers.


Martini Selecting the Precise Gin

Gin’s name comes from “genievre,” a word that is French for juniper. Gin is a white spirit flavored with juniper berries, usually along with other botanicals like lemon, coriander, angelica, licorice root, bitter almond, and orange peel. Each distiller guards the secret of their botanicals since they are the only characteristic distinguishing one brand from another.

With gins, two elements come into play: the smoothness (the lack of alcoholic bite) and how pronounced the aromatics are. Premium gins will all be smooth, but they will vary wildly on aromatics—from heavy juniper to lighter, almost floral, combinations. Which brand would be the best for you and yours?

Martini Finishing Touches

The recent upsurge of new martini recipes has brought about the necessary invention of innovative garnishes. Baby carrots, marinated green beans, asparagus spears, jalapeños, fresh fruits, and even candy are adorning our old standby drinks with new flavors and attitudes. e

Hollywood Golden Martini

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Hollywood has been an enormous influence on how we learned to behave when falling in love, standing up for our beliefs, defending our families, and seeking a better life. Its impact has caused many of us to accept its guiding hand in countless ways we are mostly unaware of.

  • 1 bottle dry gin
  • 1 bottle noilly pratt vermouth
  • 1 hand-blown glass pitcher
  • 2 hand-blown martini glasses
  • 1 bowl hard ice, clear
  • 2 medium fresh lemon twists
  • 1 pinch gold flakes 23K

Fill the martini glasses with ice water. Wait five minutes while the martini glasses are chilled—this is a great time to converse with your guests. Drain the martini glasses. Next, fill the glass pitcher with the clear, hard ice and pour the gin into the pitcher. It must be carefully poured along the sides of the pitcher so that the crashing motion onto the ice cubes does not bruise the gin. Pour the Noilly Pratt on top of the ice. Be sure to maintain the required ½ parts gin to 1 part vermouth ratio.

Let the drink cool down by slowly stirring it clockwise. Each full turn of the pitcher’s contents should take two and a half seconds, precisely. Oversee the ice in the pitcher, and when it looks like it is beginning to melt, stop stirring. Take a large strainer and pour the drink slowly into the chilled martini glasses. Add a lemon twist and gently sprinkle some gold flakes onto the surface. Serve and toast—now you’re a star, too!

Invigorate Your Martini Skills

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