Tequila Demystified

If there has ever been a spirit set with history, mystery, and intrigue, it would definitely be tequila. Even today, years after its arrival, tequila is considered to be a strange Mexican potion containing worms, hallucinogens, and other peculiar ingredients. These same attributes have likely contributed toward the establishment of tequila as the most “cool” and trendy liquor to drink. This fiery Mexican liquor has been largely confined to use in margaritas and shooters for many years. The fine tequilas of contemporary society are highly coveted by collectors worldwide―not only for its wonderfully smooth, full-bodied, and aromatic flavor, but also the beautiful handcrafted decorative bottles in which it’s often distributed.

Tequila Types: Gold, Silver, Anejos (Aneho) or Reposados.


There seems to be a strange fascination for drinking something that might have a worm floating in it. Does it really? Only a few types of mezcal, usually from the state of Oaxaca, are ever sold with a worm. Tequila, however, is not traditionally sold with a worm.

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Sacred Plants “Elixir of the Gods”

The origin of mezcal is derived from an ancient myth. It is said that a lightning bolt struck an agave plant, thus causing it to cook and open up, releasing its juice. For this reason, the liquid is often called “the elixir of the gods.” Mezcal is generally drunk straight; it is very rarely, if ever, mixed into a cocktail.

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Only certain types of mezcal, usually from the state of Oaxaca, are ever sold with a worm, which is actually the larval form of a moth.

“The worm (moth) is harmless to consume and it is believed in certain traditions that doing this is beneficial to the spirit and locks in the vigor of mezcal.”



Partida Anejo Tequila

Partida Anejo Tequila, aged eighteen months, a rarity among super premium brands, exhibits a depth of flavor that only comes from advanced aging. A meeting of the old and the new is what makes Partida Tequila unique. Partida Tequila is the product of a special marriage between age-old Tequila traditions and cutting edge technology insuring that each and every sip of Partida Tequila delivers the pure natural essence of Blue Agave.

Our Agave is cultivated for 10 years, harvested by hand and then baked in state-of-the-art stainless steel autoclave

Partida Blanco: $50.00

Warm and welcoming nose of muted vanilla and agave with subdued citrus notes, a surprisingly laid back nose especially for an un-aged tequila. It is thick and clings to the glass. The finish is very, very smooth and leaves a lingering tingle on the tongue.

Partida Reposado: $55.00

Rested six months and pale yellow in color, it has a sweeter and more developed nose than the Blanco but that’s certainly not to take away from the Blanco. It has elegant agave and floral highlights at the front and a creamy buttery butterscotch back. Toffee smells very similar to this when it first comes out of the oven. This is true sipping tequila! It is warm and gentle on the tongue with tropical notes and agave flavor but quite laid back like a great scotch, not overpowering but powerfully convincing like an “I love you” whispered in your ear.

Partida Anejo: $60.00

Aged 18 months and honey golden in color, a strong nose of agave and oak up front and pepper in the back. This is a definite statement whereas the Reposado was more of a whisper yet there is no shouting, it is very convincing. It is peppery with agave and floral highlights and hints of vanilla and bourbon and bolder than the Reposado yet just as smooth.

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