Comical Attraction

Finding the comical attraction aspects of a situation and encouraging laughter helps break the ice and lighten the atmosphere in even the most awkward situation. Most people would agree that comical attraction laughter and humor are indispensable and valuable forms of human expression. So when it comes to comical attraction in your dating life, chill out, relax, and sprinkle some comedy liberally into your dates.

Comical Attraction Word Cloud

One of the fastest ways to create comical attraction is to combine play with serious issues. Playfulness is not synonymous with silliness, so you need not fear losing your adult dignity by allowing your playful side to show. Humor and laughter can cause a domino effect of amusement, as well as set off a number of favorable bodily effects. Humor is all about cleverly observing the absurdities of everyday life. The longer we live, the more we observe the positive consequences of comical attraction in our lives.


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    Comical Attraction as a Social Lubricant

    The term comical attraction encompasses any form of entertainment or human communication that evokes feelings of giddiness, happiness, or laughter. So, go ahead laugh out loud. Chuckle, chortle, giggle, and guffaw your way to a happier life.

    Comical Attraction Laughter: It’s fun, it’s funny, and we do it because it makes us feel good. However, there is a fine balance between being just arrogant, and being arrogant in a humorous way. When you neglect the funny comical attracton part, you will look like an accomplished jackass, and without the arrogance and confidence, you will almost certainly look like a dork who’s trying much too hard.


    Comical Attraction: Humor and the Brain

    While humorists have spent a great deal of time focusing on humor and laughter, researchers have mostly ignored the scientific side of the subject. Unique activity flares up in the brain when a person thinks something is funny, according to increasing amounts of evidence. The limbic system seems to be front and center when it comes to the parts of the brain related to laughter. If you can get a person laughing, you are stimulating the limbic system. Laughter is also connected with the release of the neuropeptides, endorphins, and enkephalin (the body’s own painkiller).

    The cognitive thinking part of your brain helps you get the joke. Then, the movement part manipulates the muscles of the face to create smiles and laughter. Finally, the emotional part provokes the happy feelings that accompany a mirthful experience, making humor a complete brain experience.

    Comical Attraction

    Comical Attraction Triggering Laughter

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     Laughter is triggered when we find something to be funny. There are three established theories about what we find humorous:

    • Comical Attraction Clash Theory: This theory suggests that when things that don’t normally go together replace logic and familiarity, we find it humorous. A joke becomes funny when we expect one outcome and another happens.
    • Comical Attraction Advantage Theory: This theory comes into play when we laugh at jokes focusing on someone else’s mistakes, stupidity, or misfortune. This apparently is why we laugh at others!
    • Comical Attraction Release Theory: This theory proposes that laughter works as a release valve to relieve tension. As we try to cope with two sets of emotions and thoughts, we need a release and laughter is a way of cleansing our system of built-up tension.

    While all of these theories are interesting and viable, they do not account for many of the other reasons that people might laugh. Here’s an example: in some contexts, being in a positive mood is not conducive to intense bouts of thinking. Why stress your brain when you’re enjoying yourself? Individuals are more likely to find humor in a situation when in a positive mood, as well as undertake riskier behaviors.


    Comical Attraction: Inner Arrogance

    Boost your comical attraction factor by combining elements of playfulness, humor, and feistiness all in one. This will reduce the jerk factor of your arrogance level and up your appeal. Learn to challenge a person, tease them, and show them a good time, and you will not be disappointed in the results! Remember, everyone loves a challenge; few things are worth holding on to if there was no challenge involved in obtaining them.

    Never be a doormat around your lover. If you present no challenge to them, they will be bored in no time, and their attention may wander elsewhere.

    Words play a giant role in pulling off the perfect combination of arrogance and appeal. Slap the right adjectives in front of a noun, and you can create a phrase that screams cool and confident. Direct your arrogant attitude towards things, not people; that’s the fast track to a slap and dismissal. Should you use them for people, only verbally assault characters in your stories, never anyone in your presence.

    If used correctly and with the right balance of humor, your inner arrogance can have them doubled over in laughter. Sprinkle them into your stories of everyday occurrences, and suddenly your are a stand-up comedian, finding the brighter spots in an otherwise dismal situation, rising above it all with a cool detachment that makes you incredibly attractive.

    Comical Attraction Word List

    1. Arrogance Words for Architecture: Abject, abhorrent, abominable, abysmal, appalling, contemptible, crude, decrepit, deplorable, detestable, dismal, hideous, horrid, infernal, insipid, insufferable, loathsome, miserable, mundane, offensive, paltry, pedestrian, petty, plebeian, primitive, reprehensible, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, tawdry, unseemly, unsightly, vapid, vile, kindling box, lean-to, shack.
    2. Arrogance Words for Art: Appalling, depraved, distasteful, obscene, offensive, oppressive, shameless, vulgar, abomination, assault on the sensual senses, foolishness, indignity, orgy of perversion, rubbish, display of indecency, mutilation of decency, orgy of indecency, vulgarity, optical assault, offense to good taste and decency, stultifying rubbish, unspeakably offensive.
    3. Arrogance Words for Books: Insufferable, mendacious, an exercise in futility, folly of immense proportions.
    4. Arrogance Words for Breath: Acrid smog, halitosis-infested mouth, malodorous stench, a cesspool of halitosis, oppressively caustic breath, oral effluvium, putrid stench, acrid stench, unspeakably offensive, vulgar odors.
    5. Arrogance Words for Cars: Abominable, death trap, infernal contraption.
    6. Arrogance Words for Events: Catastrophic, deplorable, execrable, offensive, unfortunate, calamity, episode, folly, incident, mishap.
    7. Arrogance Words for Film: Offensive, plotless, uneventful, vulgar, depraved, drivel, farce, flop, melodrama, cinematic sludge.
    8. Arrogance Words for Food: Culinary catastrophe, inedible slops, insipid dog food, offensively putrid, rancid pig feed, repulsive rubbish, unfit for animals.
    9. Arrogance Words for Idea: Convoluted cogitations, mental constipation, mental diarrhea, mental masturbation, mental shortsightedness, revolting foolishness, selective amnesia, selective attention, small minded foolishness, tasteless rubbish, tasteless nonsense, tortuous, contorted, and convoluted.
    10. Arrogance Words for Music: Assault on the auditory senses, auditory abomination, auditory assault, jarring catastrophe, inharmonious nonsense, harsh abomination, discordant abomination, an orgy of indignity, stultifying rubbish, small-minded foolishness, tasteless nonsense, unspeakably offensive.
    11. Arrogance Words for Organizations: Blight upon humanity, a plague upon society, bureaucratic abomination, bureaucratic constipation, bureaucratic tar pit, monolithic bureaucracy, a cornucopia of red tape.
    12. Arrogance Words for People: Appalling, arrogant, backward, boorish, contemptible, decadent, demented, feeble-minded, fiendish, foolish, gluttonous, ill-mannered, incompetent, incorrigible, indecent, inept, lecherous, maladjusted, miserable, naive, narcissistic, one dimensional, parasitic, petty, promiscuous, salacious, simple minded, small minded, tasteless, uncivilized, uncouth, unsightly, vulgar, witless, cretin, dolt, dunce, fiend, glutton, imbecile, lackey, lout, miscreant, peon, pervert, rogue, sycophant, twit, vixen, wretch.
    13. Arrogance Words for Smells: Cloying, malodorous, offensive, oppressive, putrid, suffocating, marinade, and stench.
    14. Arrogance Words for Speech: Mendacious, revolting, tasteless, tortuous, stultifying, banter, blabber, bunk, drivel, malarkey, nonsense, verbiage, endless soliloquy, verbal diarrhea, stultifying pontification.
    15. Arrogance Words for Technology: Overgrown calculator, deplorable abomination, despicable contraption.

    Comical Attraction: Sense of Humor

    Push-pull is closely connected to cocky-funny. When we experience humor, we talk more, make more eye contact with others, and touch more. When we discover the comical aspect of our life or situation, it increases our energy; that increased energy allows us to perform activities we may have otherwise avoided. When people use humor, others listen. Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

    A hearty laugh can help accomplish these invaluable tasks: Reduce stress. Connect you to others. Foster instant relaxation. Make you feel good.

    Humor unites us, especially when we laugh together. All humans are blessed with a sense of humor to some degree. When a person can poke fun at themselves, it is a turn-on; they clearly have the self-confidence to see their own flaws. Carefully tread the fine line between plain arrogance and a healthy sense of humor. Learn to effectively combine language with laughter, and the walls and gates of those you wish to conquer will crumble to the ground.

    The “Diamond and the Treasure Chest”

    Bestow upon them a gigantic diamond, and they already have their riches. Hand them a treasure chest, and have them seek out its key. The time for exploration has begun!

    1. When they locate the key and unlock the chest, they will discover a giant rock with instructions.

    The most important instruction is to find an artisan to polish the rock and begin to refine it. They will venture off, and soon locate their rock polisher. As the stone is polished, it will start to sparkle and brilliantly stand out. Curiosity about its nature will be piqued.

    The next instruction is to locate a master stone cutter. However, they will have to journey to the far ends of the earth to locate one. In order to reveal the rock in all of its glory, they will make a trip to find their master cutter. As they watch, the master artisan will surgically chisel and grind the rock into a stunning shape. They will marvel at the polished rock as it is transformed into a gigantic, gleaming diamond.

    They now have two gigantic diamonds that look exactly the same. Which diamond has greater fundamental value, and which diamond has lesser? The diamond in the chest has a much more dramatic, powerful history, and thus enriching its value!”

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