Magic Questions

Magic questions will delight your imagination; you can spend hours in games of let’s pretend activities. Let your imagination run wild! The magic questions are the most powerful tool of the wizard or magician. Usually consecrated by the element of fire, the wand is used to direct the power of its user’s will or intention. Magic questions are intended for use in role-playing. The power of enchantment, the astral energy of the user, builds up like the pulling of a bowstring; when the energy is released, like an arrow leaving the bow, it is directed by the wand to its target. The magic questions act as a amplifiers of the magician’s intention, giving strength and direction.

Magic Questions


Magic questions to spark conversation & connection

Magic questions are a seducer’s greatest tool. They carry the power of fire and passion, making them especially effective as instruments of will. Magic questions encourage creative thinking and social interaction and bring both the asker and the askee face to face with their greatest desires and fears.

As a skilled seducer, you must learn to embrace your fears rather than run from them, as we do so often in our culture. What does your fear have to offer you? Why are you feeling it? What can you do to quell the fear in a way that furthers your long-term life goals? You must stay open to the total experience of life, and this includes the whole range of human emotions and points of view. You must learn to use your fears to your advantage.


Magic Questions: Powerful Wand

The purpose of magic questions is to get your partner talking about their ultimate desires as if nothing was impossible. The mysterious power of a magic wand question will open a floodgate of fantasy, and in turn, release real-life powers of energy, growth, adventure, and creation. The principle behind the magic wand is simple: Let’s pretend questions prompt reflection and daydreaming, replacing an empty mind with an open one. Fantasy frees us to release the constraints of a normal life and believe in the impossible.

Magic Questions List: Want & Need Questions List

The sensory process plays a fundamental role in fantasy play. It is the part of the imagining process that realistically creates imaginary people, places or things. It is also used to re-create real people, places or things from your life, as in memories or recollections. The sensory process trains your senses to respond to objects as if they are really there, and should entail all your senses. Imagine that you are a child again, and remember what it was like to really believe you were an astronaut or veterinarian. You must recapture that sense of innocent belief to truly engage in the sensory process.

Pretend play is an important way you develop an understanding of someone’s world; when you understand what they most desire to be, you can distil that down to understand their core values. The simple conjuring of the fantasy is intended to provide an enjoyable reason to talk about fantasies, wants, and needs.

Begin each of the questions with the phrase, “If you had a magic wand.”

“―what would you change in your life?
―what would you want in your life?
―and were an exotic enchanter, what would you do?
―and were rich, what would you do and want?
―what type of relationship would you nurture?
―what would you give to the world?”
―what adventure would you seek out?
―what fantasy role would you play?
―what mystery book would you want to reenact?
―what type of vampire would you be?
―what western character would you be?
―what romance book character would you be?
―what movie star would you be?

Magic wand questions are a must-use for a seduction. Every question is enchanted with a deep lore that will strengthen your penchant for casting spells over your partner. True magic must come from within the wizard question and your own power to deliver it. When the fantasy begins, the magic blossoming in your relationship may never end!

Magic Questions: Understand Their Flavor

Do you understand how your personality affects your approach to seducing people, both in the romantic sense and in less sensual settings? What flavor and color is in your personality? What shape does your personality take on? The “milkshake question,” and many others like it, is intended to pin down the essence of the personality by using a metaphor to make it less complicated. You can ask any of these questions to help them find their metaphor.

What is your milk shake flavor? What car or vehicle are you? What animal represents you? What is your color? What snack food would you be? What spice best describes you? If you were a tree or plant, which would you be?

Use your imagination to come up with new analogies, then soon you will find that you are describing yourself without sweat or effort. You will learn much about yourself and your partner by using “milkshake questions.”

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a wonderful game that can bring ripples of laughter to strengthen your relationship. One player starts the game by asking another player, “Truth or dare?” If the challenged player answers, “Truth,” then the questioning player asks a question of the questioned player (usually one that is embarrassing or revealing). If the questioned player answers, “Dare,” then the questioned player must do something of the questioning player’s choice, also usually embarrassing. Then, when the condition is fulfilled, the players swap roles and the game continues.

Truth Ideas: Your lover has been magically transformed into an animal, and the only way to restore your lover is to mate with them. Which animal would cause you the least psychological damage? Would you think it was a turn-on if your significant other wanted to watch Disney movies with you? Have you ever gone a whole day without wearing underwear? If you could be born again, would choose to be the opposite gender? Describe the funny side about your first intimate experience. Describe the sexiest clothes you ever wore and why. If I was a food, what would I be and how would you eat me?

Dare Ideas

Kiss a given person for a given amount of time. Eat something edible that isn’t meant to be eaten straight (like ketchup, salt, flour). Run around outside, screaming something totally inane. For example, a man might have to chant, “I am a woman, hear me roar!”

“Don’t dare to be different—dare to be yourself. If that doesn’t make you different, something is wrong.”

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