Poetic Language

Poetic Language is like bolts of pure hot emotion, striking out of another plane of being, beyond ordinary confinements. Poetic Language brings a profound elegance to your words that are so complete; it changes the other’s perception of you forever.

Poetic Language: Stimulating the sensual center of a person’s brain with poetic Language will rouse the soul. You are grounding your poetry in the present hints at the possibility of experiences untold, unlocking their emotions. Encompass the mysterious sensations of pure lust, burning desire, and magnetic attraction to captivate the impressionable mind.

Poetic Language

The most immediately persuadable sensual organ is the listening ear. Women and men experience emotion, human speech, and sensual arousal differently, but both experience poetry through their ears. Several areas of the brain appear to be at the core of happy mood experiences, so learn to stimulate these and deliver on your poetic promises.

Poetic Language Seduction

Poetic Language is articulating your ideas in a way that makes your partner feel renewed and further stimulated. They should feel rejuvenated personal freedom, making them comfortable enough to open up and unconditionally surrender their own deepest desires to you. Sounds a little wild, far-fetched, and crazy, doesn’t it? 


Look at a date situation: the man introduces himself with a poetic discourse that intrigues the woman. If he continues to speak, in the same way, she will find herself rapidly growing intrigued (the planting of a mystery), attracted (thanks to firing chemical reactions), and even aroused. Once you dole out one pleasurable emotional experience, feed them another until you are in complete control. Take your time between lines. Expand the intensity of the emotion as you go. Move from musing about comfort, for example, to conversing about joy. Describe that emotion in detail and at length. Quote a friend, imaginary or real, on the subject of the feeling you’re describing so that you appear to be telling your listener someone else’s perception of the emotion. Keep a hint of mystery by not revealing how you feel about the feeling.


Sensual Side of Poetic Language

Get a piece of paper and a pen. This is one of the most critical parts of learning, a practical step you can take right now. You will learn how to turn the raw material of your life into poetic word stories. By directing a conversation using sensual language patterns, you can move a person straight to the emotional state you desire.

Jot down the following things: Your job—something you do for fun. Something you want to do but hasn’t done yet. Something you’ve done and loved. An unusual experience you’ve had. Someplace you’ve been. A movie you’ve seen or a story you’ve read about falling in love.

Poetic Language: Critical Neocortex Functions

The neocortex is considered the rational brain and primarily provides formal logic and deep thought. It allows for speaking, initial planning, and critical judgment. In humans, the neocortex takes up two-thirds of the total brain mass. The cortex is divided into left and right hemispheres—the (in)famous left and right brains. The left half of the cortex directs the motion of the right side of the body while the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. The right brain controls most of the spatial, abstract, musical, and artistic functions, while the left brain is more linear, rational, and verbal.

These are the right-left offsetting poetic language functions:

“Language vs. Nonverbal
Thoughts vs. Feelings
Rational and Logical vs. Instinctual and Primal
Judgment vs. Auto Response
Choice vs. No Choice
Conscious vs. Unconscious”

Poetic Language Bypasses the Neocortex

Directly arouse the limbic system of a person and bypass the neocortex—this will circumvent their attempts to rationalize hesitation or a shutting down of sexual urges and their thoughtful judgments of you based on your appearance or social status. m.

To get you started, here’s an example of Poetic Language:

“When the chef beside me hands me the dish, I always find myself taking a slow, deep breath without even thinking, you know, and then I find myself utterly absorbed in the process of examining the artistic arrangement of food in front of me. I feel that place of passion opens up inside of me because I’m beginning to feel this emotional and even spiritual attachment to this beautiful work of art.”

Hypnotize Your Poetic Language Skills

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