Voice Tone

Your inner state is implied in your voice tone. You are what you eat may be a familiar adage, but consider this: you are what you think. It goes without saying that using a negative tone with someone is a major blunder in a romantic situation, so learn to use sexy tones. This will create anticipation and chemistry, which will turn on those you are hoping to seduce.

Attractive women know within seconds of seeing and interacting with a man if he is a sexually aware, confident man by his voice tone and body language. They make their subconscious decision about his possibility as a sexual partner within a maximum of a few minutes of interacting with him.

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Sexy Voice Tone

To use this to their advantage, men need to learn to read a woman’s body language and voice tone, instead of just focusing on her words. Nonverbal signals are five times more effective and prominent than verbal communication. When you miss the nonverbal signals, you lose three-fourths of the match.

Everything in creation has a rhythm, from the evolutions of the planets to the flutter of our heart. Every atom, cell, tissue, organ, and bone in our existence is constantly vibrating with the motion of life. That pulsation produces sound, even if it is not heard by the human ear. We are a wonderful symphony of sounds, rhythms, waves, pulses and beats and are connected to all through sound and vibration. We can turn this natural beauty into a powerful tool of seduction by understanding how to use our voices.

Sensual Slow Flow

A weak, squeaky voice conveys a lack of confidence and self-esteem. A bad vocal tone will turn a man or woman off; how could they stand to listen to that voice for the rest of their life?

As a man, if you want to attract women, you need to take a few lessons from good speakers like Barry White. Learn how to speak with a deeper voice, drawing your words from down in your chest and stomach. Add more bass to your voice; take advantage of your lowest tones, for they are the sexiest.

Learn to speak slower, and articulate every word clearly. Become comfortable pausing and lingering in that silence—it creates anticipation. Most people talk too much, too fast, and do so because they are nervous. Try not to talk too quickly, and never bunch your words together in one breath. It’s as difficult to listen to one big run-on word as it is to try to read something in which all the words are connected, with no spaces. It is discouraging to try to hear someone speak without confidence, and makes anything you say seem insignificant. Keep your tone slow and deliberate; let those words flow from your throat like honey. Pause for impact often, particularly before the high points of your speech.

Observe politicians, preachers, and great storytellers to see how dramatic pauses make people anticipate your words. Learn to relax and be comfortable in the tension that comes from silence. If you work on using your body and voice to communicate that you are confident and sexually aware, then all the other seduction techniques you learn will work ten times better. The subconscious decisions of our potential lovers are made mostly based on body language and voice tone. The specific words you use do not actually matter as much as some may have led to believe. What matters is how you say them, both with your voice and with your body language.

Sensual Rapport

Your voice is a musical instrument. Learn how to play your tones to create sensual rapport through vibrant quality, sexy tempo, and smooth tonality. Your conversational partners will come to desire your voice as soon as you start talking to them.

Here is a practice session: Be deliberate about the tone of voice you use. Speak firmly, clearly, and slowly. Project confidence, enthusiasm, and energy into your every word. Do not act nervous when you are speaking. Watch yourself in front of a mirror until you can see that you are projecting the utmost confidence. Use attitude, cockiness, humor, and funny sarcasm to control the conversation. Always look right into the eyes of your conversational partner as you speak. Playful mocking, when kept to a polite level, is a great way to tease, flirt, and make them laugh.

Natural voices can be altered or improved by lessons and vocal exercises. Experiment with mouth shapes, tongue placement, and variations on how you speak vowels and consonants to discover how they affect the tone and resonance of the notes of your voice. Increasing the impact of your vocal tone starts with awareness of how you speak.

  1. Voice Tone Quality: This describes the way a verbal statement is presented its rhythm, breathiness, hoarseness, or loudness. You may not find these qualities of speaking and vocalizing in the study of languages and linguistics, but they have much to do with phonemes and units of sound.
  2. Voice Tone Usage: Tone of a voice reflects psychological arousal, emotion, and mood. It may also carry social information about status and power in a conversation environment.

How important is your voice? Up to thirty-eight percent of face-to-face, first impressions are based upon voice tone. About sixty-two percent of first impressions over the telephone are based upon voice tone. Deepen your voice to a comfortable lower range. Relax your vocal cords and speak with less force, which will naturally make your voice lower. To avoid a timid tone, project from the diaphragm instead of the vocal cords. Speak more slowly while enunciating and varying your volume for interest and emphasis.

The key to success in improving your voice is understanding your individual communication style. Shape your voice to fit the image you want to project, as in this passage from Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter:

“The young pastor’s voice was tremulously sweet, rich, deep, and broken.
The feeling that it so evidently manifested, rather than the direct purport
of the words, caused it to vibrate in all hearts, and brought the listeners
into one accord of sympathy.”

When you are developing your vocal tones, record yourself and listen to the tape to see where your voice tone is and where it should be going.

Aphrodisiac: Voice Tone

With just a little forethought and simple training, you can turn your voice into a powerful aphrodisiac to tempt and entice your lover. Follow this simple yet effective exercise:

  1. Take a deep breath, utilizing your diaphragm. You do this by paying attention to your gut. Whenever you breathe in, your chest should not rise; rather, your stomach should swell. Visualize your belly button moving away from your spine as you inhale. Breathe in slowly and deeply.
  2. Once your oxygen is replenished, open your mouth and say “ahh ahh” at a relaxed pitch. As you make this sound, close your mouth so it develops into a sound of “Mmmmm.”
  3. Sustain the sound of your voice but gradually lower your pitch. If done properly, you will feel a vibration travel from your throat down to your gut. Practice flexing your pitch up and down until you can sense a line of vibration extending from your belly to your throat. When you have complete control of your tones, then you can make magical, seductive music with your voice.

Is your voice tone telling a story you can relate to? Can others relate to it? Your voice is a manifestation of your inner self, so train it to tell your story.

How would you interpret your voice tone, if you were listening to it as an observer? Which words evoke the overall “mood” of your tone? The emotional aspect of a voice tone can be enhanced by using sounds, small noises of approval or dismissal. Connect them with your own unique style.

The Voices of Stars

Some movie stars have distinct voices (or particular voice work) that transcend role or script or story, making them seem larger than life.

  1. Jack Nicholson: Whether threatening his family through a chopped-up door or demanding a particular type of chicken sandwich from an unfortunate server, Nicholson is strong and dominates the cast of his films with his presence.
  2. James Earl Jones: Jones steals the show every time he is on a screen. “I am your father” remains one of the cinema’s most chilling and memorable lines ever.
  3. Orson Welles: No one else has ever sounded so good on the screen while eating so much at the same time.
  4. Marilyn Monroe: Monroe is the archetype for sexy, silly blonde women, with her sweet, syrupy voice.
  5. Clint Eastwood: He wants to know if we feel lucky. He wants us to know that we all got it coming. Even lines that would be a trite drop from Eastwood’s powerful vocal chords with the weight of great wisdom.

Sensual vocal energy is the essence of vitality―and what you can do with it may be yet beyond your wildest imagination. People who have an abundance of sensual vocal energy have not only greater sensual appeal but also a greater zest for life, greater confidence. They find it easier to get what they desire in life because they become naturally magnetic and people like to be around them. You can almost feel electric sparks and you’d just love to share those fireworks.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever; live as if you’ll die tomorrow.” – James Dean

Listening to the Magical Flute

Filled with ritual and imagery, the magical flute is a masterpiece of legend. Its voice charms the snake into coming out of its basket to rise up and dance. The cobra seems to be hypnotized by the pleasant sounds of the flute. Think of the voice of your beloved. Is it not like a beautiful instrument? When you listen to them weave words, you too can be like the snake, lifting free of your basket, rising up and dancing.

There is a legend that reveals the true power of the magical flute. Long, long ago, in the lands far south, there was a village at the edge of the jungle. A lovely princess lived there, but no one could capture her heart. Her instrument of choice was the magical flute, and she played it most beautifully.

One day, a hideous troll was walking past where she sat and heard her playing the flute. He was captivated. He sat nearby and listened for hours, drawing closer and closer to where the princess sat. Each day she played the magical flute for him, slowly growing aware of his presence.

Finally, on the most beautiful summer day, the princess came up to the troll to thank him for listening. In gratitude, she gave him a kiss on the cheek―and he instantaneously transformed into a handsome prince. He offered her his hand, and she gave him her heart, and they lived happily ever after.

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