Discover the Fun Aspect of Cooking

 Seduce your partner with your own cooking class. Your dinner doesn’t have to be twisted into just another chore to get out of the way. If you both covet a culinary discovery, food preparation alongside each other can be a great point in time to become skilled at how to eat healthy, have a quality moment in time with each other, split the enjoyment of meal preparation and clean up, master new culinary skills together, be amused, and communicate efficiently with each other.

Mystery Basket of Ingredients: Delicious food, whirlwind romance, profound mystery—you probably covet all of these things. Think “ready-steady-cook”, but with a fun, dramatic twist. Get a mystery basket of basic ingredients, and as a team, you have to come up with a 3-course sumptuous meal, including side dishes, making six dishes in total. You may try delicious, basic themes, such as “Italian Night,” “Traditional Thai,” and “Comfort Food Feast.” This is also a wonderful way to entertain each other, a great form of building your relationship, and an opportunity to assess your abilities to work together and solve common problems. As you lead each other through the preparation of a 3-course meal menu, share your culinary tips, delightful facts, and insights about the process with each other.

Take the time to discover more than just the romantic and amusing characteristic of culinary art and dining. You also need to become conscious of how this quality time can collectively improve your communication aptitude and, at the end of the day, your relationships. If you take a cooking class together, you can combine food and fun for a celebration of the fruits of your labor.

Keep in mind, as you take in the fun aspect of cooking and a seduction and romantic dinner, the best social gathering ends up in the kitchen, anyway.

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From the author chef of “The Myths, Fantasy, and Magic of Seduction and Romantic Dinner” epub