Creative Dinner Aphrodisiacs

Seduce that special soul. Cast a few of these key ingredients into a fine, mysterious evening meal and, voila, there will be more things simmering than just a sumptuous dinner.

Aphrodisiacs are, to a certain degree, crazy and a little daring. Do you really think people can guide the objects of their affections into bed by simply planning romantic dinners full of oysters and chocolate? Henceforth, you’ll find some of the most universal (and tastiest, of course!) aphrodisiac elements of a seductive dinner.

Tasty Morsels of Chocolate

If you have to yank something splendid out of your ass for a romantic dinner or a seductive night, you could try something novel, but that may appear to be contrived. Just stick with a little sinful, rich, and oozing chocolate morsels. Chocolate is comprised of two substances—phenethylamine and serotonin, both of which are affiliated with feelings of pleasure, craving, lust, endurance, stamina, and mood lifting. That’s because nothing as pleasurable as that could possibly be anything but devilish. Gentlemen, you can’t chart a romantic dinner without chocolate—your wife or girlfriend would put the boot in your shaft.  

Threads of Luscious Saffron

It’s utterly enchanting, it makes food striking, and it invigorates the erogenous zones. The stigmas, or threads, are highly prized for their aphrodisiac properties, as well as their luscious essence. Nice! An analysis has discovered that the special, biological effects of saffron are akin to those of actual hormones. However, be cautious! Too much saffron can instigate wild amusement. Actually, it sounds like an amusing way to start a romantic dinner bash.

Daunting Experience of Oysters

They are delicious and after sucking some down, you will be simply “love struck” with oysters. When you open the first oyster and experience the “honor” of eating it, you will have no idea how to do it. If it is fresh and ready, simply slide it into your mouth and feel its saltiness spreading. The texture should be smooth, but crisp at the same time. Then, slowly swallow it and enjoy. Voila! You are no longer an oyster virgin. Oysters are prosperous in remarkable amino acids that increase the intensity of sex hormones in the body.

Magical Bubbles of Champagne

It is said that you should give champagne to the one you seek to seduce—they will immediately fall under your seductive spell. Maybe it’s just the reality that the alcohol allows them to feel less inhibited, but the truth is that there is something extraordinary and quixotic about a crystal glass full of bubbling champagne. You can’t create a romantic dinner without it.

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From the author chef of “The Myths, Fantasy, and Magic of Seduction and Romantic Dinner” epub