Natural Viagra! – Your Love Potion

Whether honeymooning, valentines, celebrating an anniversary and you need to recharge your relationship, nothing is more romantic than to use sexy foods to add zest to your love life. Eating a sexy well prepared meal will be your love potion.

Dinner with wine is the ultimate aphrodisiac in and of itself.  The pungent aromas and flavor of expensive, exotic spices have been known since ancient times to create a “stimulating” atmosphere.  Cinnamon, nutmeg, fenugreek, cumin, clove, saffron, ginger, vanilla and cardamom—“queen of spice”—has been used for thousands of years for their sensual potencies.   And accordingly, every ancient culture can testify to the sexually stimulating properties of certain foods—from the ancient Romans and Greeks; the Hindu’s spice-charged Karma Sutra;  Chinese ‘Handbooks of Sex’ (written 5,000 years ago by Emperor Huang-Ti), with its many references to spice and food as sexual stimulants.

The manuscript of The Arabian Nights enlighten tales of the fertility powers of a certain spices; even the Japanese and Aztecs lay claim to aphrodisiac foods.  The great and very wise king Solomon acknowledges the seductive influence of aromatic spices in Proverbs of The Old Testament stating a warning: “I’ve perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon. Come; let’s drink our fill of love until morning.” So bear in mind that in the old days spice was a luxury commodity—with trading power greater than gold.

Natural Viagra!  Stimulating Ingredients

A Natural Viagra is generally any “thing” which is assumed to increase sexual craving, performance and or pleasure.  It can be an aroma, color, object, food, drink, melody or the right mix thereof—known as a composition of mind.

Certain herbs, spices, food and drinks are known to boost the passion drive. Various spices include cloves, cinnamon, oregano, cumin, anise, turmeric, cilantro, nutmeg, chilies and cardamom. These spices embrace essential oils and alcohols that deliver their extraordinary properties of scent, flavor and sensory influence. For case in point, anethole is an aromatic compound that carries the distinctive sweet “licorice” essence of anise, cayenne, fennel, and star anise.  Cinnamaldehyde is an element in cinnamon, and eugenol is at hand in cinnamon, clove and allspice. So when herbs, spices, food and drinks are ingested, the magic begins.

Stimulating effects range from increased circulation in the brain and other areas; lowering inhibitions, and creating an ecstasy. When used right wild things start to happen. 

Like spices, certain food and drink are believed to stimulate the mind and induce pleasure.  They include shellfish, chili peppers, mushroom, garlic, truffle, plantain, yam, papaya, passion fruit, mango, chocolate, anisette, red wine, and rum to name a few.

Amazing Love Potions

At Seduction and Romantic Dinner, we celebrate the multi-sensual aspects of cooking. We invite you to come in, sit back, relax and enjoy the pleasures of sight, thought, essence and feel of reading the interpretation.  Here Seduction and Romantic Dinner is romantically thrilling—laden with passion, romance, and adorned with a “sexy food” celebration for cooking…

  1. Star Anise:  It’s a well-known aphrodisiac in many cultures; sucking on this spice is said to increase sexual desire.
  2. Cardamom “queen of spice:” Cardamom Is prized in India, Arabic, and Chinese cultures for its sweet, perfumed seductive scent. Use the seductive powers of cardamom in your deserts.
  3. Caviar:  Use fine caviar on New Years, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and around honeymoon season. Caviar is loaded with vitamins and minerals and that will make you feel good; Enjoy caviar with a glass of Champaign to complete the experience.
  4. Chili & Curry:  Food spiced with hot peppers are great aphrodisiacs. So spice up your love life and trigger the brain to produce endorphins, which makes you feel good.  The physical reactions experienced while eating spicy foods—amplified heart rate, circulation, sweating and ecstasy—are parallel to how our body reacts throughout sex.
  5. Chocolate:  The modern day king of erotic foods.  The Aztecs referred to Chocolate as “nourishment of the Gods”. Chemical components in chocolate do in truth stimulate nerves in the brain to generate a joyous feeling.
  6. Exotic Tropical Fruits:  Mango, passion fruit, plantains, and Papaya are perfect foods for hand feeding your lover. Christopher Columbus called the papaya “the fruit of the angles.” Everything about this fruit is sexy…Ripe papaya is sweet, soft and creamy with a slight musky nuance.  The seeds are called papaya ‘caviar’; they are peppery and spicy like garlic and arugula (two well known aphrodisiac).  Just for you and yours.
  7. Plantains: Versatile, exotic, and delicious, this phallic shaped supper fruit is rich in all the necessary vitamins and minerals for sex hormone production.
  8. Truffles & Mushroom:  The musky, earthy aromas make these funguses prized aphrodisiacs by just about every culture. The scent of certain mushrooms and truffles are similar to sexual pheromones found in nature—acting as an attractant and stimulant.  So make sure you use shitake, chanterelle, morels, truffles and especially the pungent Haitian black mushroom called djon djon (Creole for mushroom).
  9. Yams: Certain yams (Brazilian Wild Yam & the Jamaican Trelawny Yam for example) contain steroidal sapogenins, a compound nearly identical to human testosterone.

When it comes to that ideal intimate dinner, you will have covered all the fundamentals: Delicious, sexy food, attentive knowledge, and romantically-charged ambiance.