Suspenseful and Fun Dinner Tips

To create a romantic dinner, it should be suspenseful and fun. If possible, practice creating the dishes ahead of time, as you may not want to squander all of your time by learning the appropriate culinary processes, as opposed to seductively entertaining your partner. Also, deliberate the menu. Don’t serve something cluttered, like spaghetti. Serve food that is more sensual and able to be eaten with fingers, such as shrimp (without breading, of course), oysters, and asparagus. Fondues are resurfacing and they are perfect for stylish, sensual eating. Desserts can consist of something like a rich chocolate course or even fresh fruit saturated—for a few minutes—in a dry (sweet) Riesling wine. Serve the fruit in a large wineglass, which should be crowned with whipped cream and a smidgen of chocolate curls, fresh mint, or even a hint of lavender.

Dream up something fantastic that the target person is sure to like. Remember, the act of cooking together is a sexy event and a quixotic beginning. Try to dine outside, under the stars, even if it is chilly. Frosty air is excellent for snuggling. Hot chocolate and hot foods make good memories, too. If it’s hot where you are, try chilly foodstuffs and frozen drinks!

Irresistibl Tip

Men who can whip up a seductive and romantic dinner are irresistible to women, especially the men who have a little familiarity with culinary art.  In this day and age, it is so much easier to conquer the heart with a romantic dinner. A fine menu, candles, a little bit of imagination—oh! If only everyone would encompass these seduction and romantic dinner guiding principles!

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From the author chef of “The Myths, Fantasy, and Magic of Seduction and Romantic Dinner” epub