The Art of Seduction and Valentines

If you were thinking about Valentines, you will most likely think about the luscious, deep red colors that come along with almost any valentine gift. The sensuality of your next thought, which is most likely chocolate, can be put into combination that makes for one seductive gift to your significant other. Using the right colors and the right entrée one can create a seductive atmosphere that is sure to impress your lover many times over.

When using food to seduce your lover, especially as a valentine, make sure to tickle each and every one of the body’s senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. For example, if you are a woman trying to make the most seductive valentine evening for your husband you should first think about what type of environment is right to set the mood. Using all of the colors and tones that involve reds and browns is the best route to take.

These tones are known for their enticing nature simply because of a chemical response: red is often recognized by the brain as being a warning but when used in the right setting with a nice mix of inviting brown tones it becomes a color for seduction success. Once you’ve gotten the right environment set up it is time for you to look your best, again stick with the elegant mix of browns and reds.

Then you should make sure to include classic melodies for the musical selection such as Frank Sinatra or others in the same era of seduction and enticement. The most important part of the night is the menu. Keep in mind the foods your lover likes and doesn’t like so that everyone will be satisfied with the meal, which happens to be the key to a successful evening of seduction so, do not forget that!

The meal needs to have a balance of your lover’s favorite foods as well as an intriguing display of beauty, both of which should be designed to invite your lover in by sight and smell. Using the color balance technique, you should include an array of colors within the dish that go well together. This will make the plate inviting to most anyone because of its colorful appearance. Now, it is time for dessert.

It is important to think of dessert as being the crown jewel to your night of organized seduction. Berries such as strawberries, cherries, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and others are great to use as your red tone within your dessert dish. Then, you have to incorporate everyone’s favorite: chocolate. There is no easier ingredient to use within a dessert dish than chocolate. Try baking a simple cheesecake topped with a chocolate raspberry and blackberry sauce, which is sure to impress for seduction success.