Top 7 Sexy Romantic Dinner Tips

These Top 7 Sexy Romantic Dinner will help you explore and make use of all your senses for an oh-so-sexy, delicious interlude. Surely you want to share your deepest sexy desires and have your sweetie do exactly what you crave to reach that sometimes elusive sensual peak. The big question is, how? Tonight, tomorrow, or whenever you can get together, do both of you a service and use these suggestive romantic dinner tips for a mutually satisfying encounter. Explore your creative and sexy side—and your lover’s as well!

  1. Dress Sexy and Adopt an Exotic Look. If you are passionate about casting the part, you first must have a sense of the role. So, digest this straightforward truth and let it really sink in: You’re glamorous, my friend! The best side dishes for an intimate dinner are unpredictable touches and affection. Sexiness, after all, is about anticipation, so keep the concept of anticipation in the back of your mind as you dress for your evening. Put on something that will have your dining partner wanting more!
  2. Sexy Finger Foods. Finger foods are hot and sexy, so keep it simple and sexy. What foods do you like to eat with your fingers? What foods do you imagine feeding to your loved one? Sexy finger food is an excellent way to enjoy pleasure with your lover and tease all of your appetites! Sushi is great, and novel fresh vegetables and exotic fruits are delightful, even with dip! Choose foods that will be a delight to all the senses, sight, smell, touch, and taste.
  3. Sexy Food Colors: We eat a rainbow of foods, and the colors of our goodies come in all configurations, dimensions, and textures, nearly any variation you could think of!  What foods do you find the sexiest and vivid and why? Sexy food colors, especially the brilliant offerings of fruits, can be your best playmate when it comes to spicing things up for your romantic dinners. Don’t be afraid to be colorfully artistic… and seductive! Your partner will positively appreciate the colorful endeavor.
  4. Sexy Plate Presentation. Once you’ve prepared your meal and everything is cooked to perfection, the battle has just commenced. Take the time to make everything beautiful and unique and alluring, to diversify the shapes and cuts as much as you can. Discover how to construct some sexy-looking recipes, and surprise your lover with an exceptional meal. Choose a simple or plain plate that will not detract from the color palette as the food being plated, as busy or brightly colored plates can force your lovingly prepared meal to vie for attention. Arrange your delectable delights carefully on the plate, in a way that will make your date want to dive right in.
  5. Sexy Drink Presentation. Everyone needs a short, simple list of alcoholic indulgences for any casual celebration. Knowing what to arrange or what to construct for your soul mate is essential. Using an appropriate glass is an important, for it can make or break the appearance of your wonderful cocktail. Using a chilled glass will keep your cocktails crisp and cool longer, as well as create a beautiful aesthetics to the finished presentation. Rimming a glass can add an extra decorative touch and additional flavor to cocktails. Garnishes not only add flavor to your beverages, but they also function as attractive decorations to liven up your cocktail hour. Flair bartending is excellent entertainment and will have your partner aroused and smiling. For the common bartender, flair just means an intimate style, a cool way of making something routine extraordinary. Why not flip a shaker tin once before you put ice into it, then use both hands to pour two liquors into the shaker tin? It takes the same amount of control, but flair can impress your date with a certain mastery, sophistication, and showmanship.
  6. Sexy Food Knowledge. Knowing where and how your food is produced adds an air of sexy temptation to what you are eating. On the whole, we have become far too disconnected from our food, expecting stores and markets to dictate to us what food to buy, when to eat it, and how to store it. For an extremely simple solution to ensuring that you always have ample knowledge of food and food preparation methods, keep a food dictionary at hand and set a goal to learn about food fundamentals. This will impress your partner as well because it will reveal that you have a true passion for everything you do for them, even something as simple as creating an intimate dinner experience.
  7. Sexy Lighting Presentation. Light—or lack thereof—has an immense impact on mood. There is nothing sexy about a fluorescent, bright room. When you’re looking for romance, you should covet shadows, highlights, and the soft radiance of filtered light. For even more impact, use candlelight. Everybody looks good in such a flickering, romantic glow! Take the time to experiment with lighting beforehand, because every room is unique and will react to light differently, based upon the various furnishings, dimensions, layout, ceiling height, and natural light.  Spend a little time playing with the light in your room. There are very few absolutes in lighting; it hinges on what you’re going for

When it comes to that ideal intimate dinner, be sure you cover all the fundamentals: delicious, sexy food; attentive knowledge; and romantically-charged ambience. If you can master these areas, you truly will have made some scrumptious memories that will have your mouths watering for each other!