Top “9” Seafood’s for a Romantic Dinner “Sensual Sea Style”

Get a ‘taste’ of mystifying seafood selections! Remember, seafood has a rich history as a natural aphrodisiac. Here’s a brief description of the best flavors and textures of the different kinds of fresh fish and exotic seafood served. One of the most unique ways to express your love for that special someone is to cook a romantic dinner at home and set the mood for an unforgettable night with a great seafood dinner!

South African Lobster Tails (Best of the Best)

The tail is considered by many to be the most succulent part of the entire Lobster.  A fashionable dish throughout the world, lobster is mild and sweet in essence. The texture is firm and somewhat fibrous. Lobster tails are easier to obtain than whole lobsters, easier to prepare, and serving up a perfect platter of mouth-watering lobster tails will definitely provide you with a romantic meal that your dinner guest will not likely to forget.  The meat is white with red tinges and is wonderful steamed, boiled or even grilled. South African lobster tails are in high demand due to the sweet, succulent meat contained in the brilliant red colored shell.

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Loin Cut (Deep Cherry Red and Superior in Taste)

Bluefin is the most coveted fish in the sea, it is delicious and the darkest and tastiest of any tuna. Because of its high fat content, bluefin tuna is especially prized as sushi and sashimi. A deep cherry red with the firmness of raw beefsteak. Also, because of the high content, cooking is not advised as it produces a strong fish taste and odor when cooked.

Yellowfin Tuna Loin Cut (Flaky and Deep Red Colored)

Yellowfin tuna steak has a deep red firm, dense beef-like texture. Yellowfin tuna has a mild, meaty flavor and can be served raw as sashimi and in sushi. When cooked, it is firm and moist, with large succulent flakes.

Mediterranean Swordfish Loin Cut (Prized Exotic White Steaks)

Whatever you call it, it’s delicious!!!  Swordfish’s meaty texture and mild flavor are two reasons for its popularity. In addition to good taste, swordfish offers a low-fat, low-calorie choice for health-conscious consumers. Thus, it is a thick white fish steak. You will find swordfish worldwide, but they are most popular in the Mediterranean and United States. A terrific fish to eat, swordfish is moist and flavorful with a slightly sweet taste. They have a firm, meaty texture and are rich and juicy.

Chilean Sea Bass Loin Cut (Uniquely Buttery White Morsel Texture)

It’s so damn delicious! And how uniquely buttery this fish can be. There’s simply nothing else quite like it. This popular fish has a rich, melt in your mouth flavor.  The moderately oily meat is tender and moist with large, thick flakes.  When cooked, the meat remains white, compared in appearance to cod. Because of its simple bone structure, Chilean Sea Bass it is a wonderful fish to eat whole. The fish practically leaps into your mouth on its own.

Florida Jumbo Stone Crabs Claws (A Heavenly Experience)

The culinary world is bursting with treats and stone crab claws are spectacular, rich and delicious. The secret taste delicacy of Florida. If you have never tasted stone crab meat, oh my, are you in for a treat! Sweet, firm and delicious, all pre-cooked – just crack the claw and eat. It is a celebrated fact that the season for these crabs run from October till May.

Alaskan King Crab (Messy Tender White Meat – Oh So Fun)

If you are looking for seafood that is sweet, moist, and rich look no further than king crab. This crab, found in Alaska, is huge; however, its body contains little meat. The king crab’s legs are where the best meat is found. Another favorable factor for is the crab’s attractive cluster appearance.  The meat is snow white with a scarlet membrane. A bottle of wine and crackin’ crab what a romantic gesture with someone you admire. Craving the simplest. You’ll be amazed by the quality and savor every bite.

Super Colossal Sea Scallops (Magnificent Sweet and Tender)

Super colossal Sea Scallops are delicacies, big, plump, and juicy and loaded with flavor… The sweet, rich taste of sea scallops are super mouthwatering. The meat is opaque white with a firm, lean texture. Sea scallops are available year round but their peak season is during the winter.

Colossal Prawns (a.k.a. Enchanting Shrimp)

If you like big, big prawns…look no further. These succulent deveined Colossal Prawns are full of flavor.
The sweetest Shrimp on the planet. Succulent sweet meat separates these Alaskan beauties from all others. Shrimp is probably America’s favorite shellfish and is a superb entrée prepared in various ways.

Tips & Advice

You can find these seafood cuts in the supermarket or specialty seafood shop. The fresher the better.