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The “Greatest” and the “Best” in the world. Here you can discover the best  best chocolate in the world.

3 Chocolate Bites You Need in Your Life

1. Chocopologie by Knipschildt

Chocopologie by Knipschildt

Cost: $2,600 per pound

LOOK NO FURTHER – CHOCOLATE AT ITS BEST! Knipschildt Handmade Artisan Chocolates Fritz Knipschildt, Danish born and trained, uses the finest ingredients from around the world to create his chocolate masterpieces. These decadent chocolates taste as incredible as they sound and look. Each piece is made by hand at his chocolate workshop in historic South Norwalk, Connecticut.


2. Delafee

edible gold chocolate


DeLafée International commercializes its products under its registered trademark DeLafée tm. “DeLafée” means “from the fairy” in French. A beautiful and sensual little fairy brings the magic of DeLafée to its customers. DeLafée is prepared in a valley in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. The Jura Mountains are most famous for being the birthplaces of the finest Swiss watches like Rolex, Audemars Piguet or Omega, fewer people know that this region is also famous for the fairies that inhabit it. As a matter of fact DeLafée is prepared next to a little village called “La Cote aux Fées” in English the “Coast of Fairies”. Our Fairy brings magic into people’s life all over the world from the mountains of Switzerland.

One place our fairy brought its magic to is the Oscar Ceremony in Los Angeles. DeLafée gold covered chocolates were offered to all Oscar nominees during the 2006 Oscar Award Ceremony. Some of the celebrities who received DeLafée chocolate with 24 karats edible gold were Gorge Clooney, Cameron Diaz, Sharlize Theron, Angelina Jolie and Pierce Brosnan and much more…

DeLafée is currently sold worldwide

3. Godiva “G” Collection

140 pc. Gold Ballotin - Classic


The well-known chocolate brand maker, which first originated in Belgium, introduced the “G” Collection of chocolates, which are made with various ingredients and flavors, such as Palet d’Or, Tasmanian Honey, and Mexican Hot Chocolate. Each chocolate is comprised of premium cocoa beans and other ingredients that are dependent on each type of bonbon.

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    1. How to taste and describe the flavors in chocolate
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    5. How to get real chocolate to harden properly without additives or refrigeration (no one does this simple trick, but it’s the secret to perfect chocolate-covered strawberries and other chocolate candies)
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    6. What to do after you have made chocolate mistakes.  Can you recover?
      (see lesson 22)
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