Believing that you are Worthy

How many of you have ever thought about the connection between believing in yourself and having a better relationship? Your faith is what you firmly believe, not what you can see and feel. Faith is an intense excitement and an immense enthusiasm, a treasure we must fully embrace on the delightful voyage of life. Faith is the key that unlocks our hearts to express the inexpressible in spontaneous ways. Faith’s mission is to piece together the puzzle that we create in our own selves and existence. Without faith we sometimes give up! You cannot see it, but you can see the light burning bright. Belief determines how much strength remains for the final stretch.

“Faith is the motivating force of your belief; you can gain or lose health, friends, loved ones, and more, depending on the strength of your faith.”

It’s All about Having Fun

If a person experiences pleasure every time they are in your company, they will continue to seek you out. The key ingredient to a good time is entertainment. By transforming the evening into a truly magical and unbelievably pleasurable time, you will be actively seducing your partner.

When a person is having fun, the body releases a chemical in the body called dopamine. We shall touch upon this later in the book.