Learning the intimacy part of the relationships is crucial to navigating our rapidly changing world. Even if you are married, you have to be intimate with your partner for the rest of your lives. Reach for those elements of connection even more fervently than when you were dating. Remember that you are sweethearts, not just routinely obligated: open the doors, straighten his collar, hold out her chair, and hold hands when you are walking together.


Remember the Intimacy part is all about having Passion, always creating Anticipation, and you should always be Playful.

The kitchen is a magnificent time for building arousal and desire by using Food Play, Like working out, sex can be wrong and possibly dangerous if you haven’t warmed up properly so practice Foreplay. Remember, foreplay lowers barriers and increases emotional intimacy between partners. Foreplay stimulates the process that produces sexual arousal.

Remember fantasies are important – it’s like the last realm of undiscovered pleasure and a super way to make romance great in a relationship. For ideas see Fantasies

To be seductive get sexy with body painting, there can be no body art without a body! His or her pleasure in the body painting process is your number one priority. Body Painting


Five Essential Elements

By incorporating these essential elements into every interaction with your beloved, you will maintain a close relationship. Just as your car needs gasoline and your body needs food, your intimate relationship needs the fuel of seduction, attention, energy and essential elements to keep it thriving and running well.

  1. Crucial Time: Make time to arrange and adapt your schedules. Always make and take the time to spend with your special someone. If you continue to selfishly make yourself your only priority, one day you will wake up alone, with plenty of time on your hands and no one with whom to share it.
  2. Unlock Communication: Exchange ideas through writing or talking, and share your true feelings. Any relationship without communication is not a relationship at all.
  3. Essential Sincerity: Take genuine interest in your partner! Every relationship needs sincerity to thrive.
  4. Needed Play and Fun: Do not let your relationship become a chore; let it flow naturally. Enjoy fun activities at home, or try walking through a park and chasing each other. We each have a little kid inside of us, so let your inner child play!
  5. Foremost Creativity: Set the right mood by putting together the perfect candlelit dinner, or take that weekend getaway you’ve been talking about for so long. Exchange romantic notes, or try something more adventurous like a hot air balloon ride.

Add above ingredients to a large mixing bowl and toss gently. Now, embellish with a smile and serve with romance.

Romantic Food Movies

The aphrodisiac powers of food have also been perpetuated in film. Upon watching Meg Ryan seethe and froth in an (imaginary) orgasmic frenzy after eating food in a restaurant, the older woman sitting next to her announces, “I’ll have what she’s having.” Food has long been associated with the art of seduction and romance. Eating is the ultimate metaphor for lovemaking.

  • “Like Water for Chocolate
  • Tom Jones
  • 9-½ Weeks
  • When Harry Met Sally”

Be blind (like love itself). After dinner, blindfold and feed your companion morsels of seductive delicacies―one bite at a time. Try peeled grapes, mango, kiwi, sorbet, chocolate truffles, etc. Alternate temperature and texture, and arrange the morsels in natural pairings.

Soul Mates and Timeless Virtues

There are particular beliefs, ideas, and strategies soul mates have adopted to keep their relationships healthy, vital, alive, and growing. Start by accepting your relationship and connection as a marvelous gift from the Spirit. Act as though you may not have another day together, because no one knows how long we have on this earth. Learn to appreciate your differences. Use one another’s strength to accomplish more than you could have done by yourself.

Express yourself as if there is no other moment as if this one is the last. Every couple has the power to establish their set of expectations for the relationship. You can create a great relationship that incorporates the best of the timeless virtues (hope, faith, romance, and desire, among others), along with the best of the modern values (equality, flexibility, creativity, and more).

Crafting a Sanctuary

Creating a sanctuary together is vital for the health and wellbeing of a relationship. The temple that is the home becomes a private retreat for enjoying time together, and should be a setting of quiet, rejuvenating elements you both can enjoy. Think of the Greek gods and goddesses and their peaceful temples. Incorporate those principles in your temple environment to enhance your seductive space. This will instill relaxation and strengthen communication between you.

Make the bedroom or sleeping chamber a gorgeous, erotic sanctuary. Here are some of the ways you could prepare a room to receive your most special lover: A sacred sanctuary will possess distinct qualities that set it apart from other rooms, including silence, beauty, elegance, and a sensual lighting. Fill the chamber with fresh scents, candles, flowers, and fresh linens, providing a clean, safe place to rejuvenate.
Choose a sanctuary space large enough area for you and your beloved to stretch out in, with room enough for food, drinks, sauces, massage oil, pillows, and toys.
Place candles around the room for a natural lighting feel. If you don’t want candles in your space, create a soft lighting effect using a small lamp with a colored bulb. Bulbs like GE Reveal filter out yellow rays common in ordinary light bulbs, making colors, fabric, walls, and artwork appears richer, crisper and more vivid.
Hang up soothing and romantic, or even sensual or erotic, artwork around the room. Use art that might evoke a sense of daring or adventure, but still give you the peace of mind you seek when you enter the sanctuary. To soften the look of hard-edged furniture, drape fabric over the sharp edges.
If your closet doors are completely mirrored, use a silk screen or hang a curtain to create a serene wall over the doors in the evening. Choose earthy, warm tones, such as terra cotta, coral, chocolate, burgundy, and buttercream for an enticing and cozy room. Keep the chamber at a warm temperature to inspire thoughts of wearing less clothing.

Once you understand how color and space relationships work, you will be ready to put a room together. Fabrics, furniture, and accessories can be added or moved for widely varying effects. You probably have a style in mind that you prefer, so take it all the way; don’t skimp on something that you desire in your sanctuary. But, since less is more, only put into the room about half of what you think you want. The design will be cleaner, less cluttered and more elegant.

Here are some style ideas, if you’re stumped: African Style, Mexican Décor, Art Deco Style, Moroccan Style, Asian Décor, Period Style, British India, Retro Style, Contemporary Style, Romantic Décor, Cottage Style, English Country, Rustic Décor, French Country, Southwest Style, Traditional Style, and Victorian Style.

Sensual Dress-Up

Your sanctuary can play dress-up, too! Here are some ideas: Dress the bed or table in a set of new, colorful, slinky silk or fuzzy flannel sheets. Hang strings of small white lights over the bed give a warm glow to the room. Drape a few lengths of sheer fabric over the bed to create a cozy canopy effect. Place colorful fabrics or scarves over furniture to change the atmosphere. Scent the room with a seductive fragrant mist. Spray the bedding, pillows, and curtains with fragrance to entice and lure. Remember the massage oil or lotion. Adorn the room with fresh flowers, sacred offerings to the goddess or god of desire.

Now you can begin your day in your sanctuary! Here is a sample itinerary for a special day: Start with a little note in which you hint at the coming evening’s events. Take a bath together, or bathe alone with your thoughts and the peaceful silence. Light the candles and play some soothing and sensuous music. Use spray mists to scent the air and refresh the body and mind. Lay a trail of flower petals to invite your lover to an arrangement of flowers, fruits, and shells in honor of Aphrodite.

Once you have started your day, bless yourself and your partner with water, following these steps: With a drop on your finger, bless the top of the head, speaking blessings that invoke the most sacred self to open to the beauty within. Bless the heart center, that the person may open their heart to sensuality. With hands upon each other’s hearts, look into each other’s eyes and speak what is in your hearts.

Outdoor Sanctuary

Creating an outdoor sanctuary space, sometimes referred to as outdoor room, involves fully immersing the sanctuary into the natural environment. This will allow those who enter to envision themselves relaxing, rejuvenating, enjoying themselves, and experiencing life more fully. Fresh air, the cool shade of a beautiful tree, and the glorious color of flowers–these are all things to celebrate and enjoy as part of the Garden of Eden you create for yourself.

Privacy and seclusion, intimacy and comfort; these are achieved in diverse ways, including fencing, lush plantings, art, and seating. Seek the advice of those who know gardens and feng shui to help you make an outdoor sanctuary.

The Secret Message

There will be no better affirmation of the experiences and moments that will bring you together and capture your imagination than toasts, ceremonies, and vows performed as a couple. So, celebrate a lasting legacy, and experience the magic of love.

One of the greatest, most powerful attributes is the amazing ability to evoke compelling memories and emotions of time, people, and places. I will teach you how to create a journey instilled with memories―both personal and cultural. It will tell the story of your lives, and evoke intense feelings and memories that will remain with you forever. We will discuss the importance of choosing wisely, and extracting the memorable moments that represent us personally.

Once upon a time, there were two lovers, a young prince and princess practiced toasts, ceremonies, and vows under the guidance of the wizard. When the training had been completed, they each returned to their respective kingdoms and tried to live happily ever after. Still, they could not get each other out of their minds. Their shared, passionate moments had cast a spell over each of them. The young couple deeply yearned, and longed for the indefinite continuation of their excellent memories. Nonetheless, having been forbidden to marry each other, the secret messages they had sent to each other said the following:

 “To be forbidden forever to marry you will destroy my heart and soul. So, my love, please meet me, so we can run away to a far away land, where we can live, as one, forever. Our toasts, ceremonies, and vows created unbreakable bonds to our unforgettable moments for eternity.” 

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