Think of anticipation like two magnets that get close to each other, creating an energy field moving left and right, a friction of energy filling the two minds with thoughts and feelings. When building anticipation be brazen and scandalous with things you have always wanted to try—indulge in your fantasies. Seduce, entice, tease, and make them experience new thoughts and feelings they never expected or imagined. There is no better way to enchant a person than seducing their body and soul with playful resistance.

This page contains seductive secrets so magnetic; they will irresistibly beg for you to master them and show them off. You will learn how to use the hidden code of seduction to unlock the mind—and how you can take advantage of your newfound power to create an incredible “I-can’t-get-you-out-of-my-mind” frenzy of desire in your lover.

Building Anticipation by Teasing

The ancient Greeks were among the first to treat the human body as a work of art, even worshipping the body. Seduction is something that can be achieved just by learning about your target—more precisely, their passions, desires and needs—and then using the information you’ve gathered to convince them you are the one they need to succeed romantically.

  1. Just like in romance novels, you (as the main character of your romantic tale) have to go about the seduction process rather slowly.
  2. Do you want to blow someone’s mind sensually, then leave them reminiscing and fantasizing about their time with you forever but with no further realization of their hopes?
  3. The art of delayed gratification has sadly been lost, replaced by our frantic quest for the big ‘O.’

The key to being successfully is to stop worrying about you and start being concerned about the other soul in the room.

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Anticipation Ecstasy-Like-State

Sensuality is an essential ingredient to richer sexual expression (remember, sexual and sensual are not synonyms). Beginning with awareness, sexuality encompasses the exploration and experiences of all our senses. You must crave sensual enjoyment because, without willing sensuous existence, there is no possibility of progress down the mystic path of ecstasy. In an ecstasy-like-state, time and the physical world disappear; your worries and problems no longer seem important or relevant.

The search for ecstasy involves anticipation. In anticipatory play and teasing, the end goal is Nirvana—an experience ultimately beyond all concepts and language, even beyond our inexpressible subliminal thoughts.

Frenzy Need and Desire of Anticipation

If you and your lover want to work each other into that fantastic “I-can’t-get-you-out-of-my-mind” frenzy of desire, you shouldn’t go all the way every time you encounter one another. After all, you cannot long desperately for something you always have. Leave each other hanging on the side of the cliff, desperate to jump off.

To a woman, there is nothing more irritating than trying to enjoy an evening with a man whose only concern is his own pleasure.

As a lover, you do not have to be great; you just need to know the basics of animal mating—and realize that you are not the only one in the equation; your lover has needs and desires too.

A little playful resistance sends a very powerful message: you are very much interested in the idea of a sexual encounter, and success in seducing you is possible. However, some effort must be expended to achieve that success; you must think with more than your instincts!

Garner a collection of sultry moves that will leave you both crazy with desire. Learn to recognize emotions at increasing levels of detail; train yourself to pay attention to every eyebrow tic, every quirk of the lips, every hesitating reach. If you can see the emotion, then you can respond appropriately to it. Anticipation is the greatest feeling to watch for when playing out a game of seduction. Anticipation can be defined as an emotion involving pleasure and an expectation of something longed for.

Anticipation usually becomes a point of tension for a person, because the body wants one thing, but the voices in his or her head insist on waiting. If correctly stimulated, the person will find that his or her levels of anticipation and curiosity are so high that rebelling is the desired option.

Sensation Organs

Ten instruments make up the pathways through which we receive worldly experiences. They can be split into two categories:

Sensation organs are the faculty through which the external world is perceived.

  • Ears: Sensual sounds are heard through the ears.
  • Skin: Soft strokes, light smacks, playful kisses; the skin feels them all.
  • Eyes: Show your lover how much you love them with tempting visuals.
  • Tongue: Tastes are experienced through the tongue.
  • Nose: Use tantalizing scents to get your beloved in the right mood.

Action organs do not provide us with any new knowledge, but they are the faculty through which we act.

  • Mouth: Speak words of desire or praise.
  • Hands: Grasp your lover’s hair, wrists, arms, body.
  • Legs: Walk purposefully and with a confident stride.
  • Genitals:  Experience the pleasure of procreation.

Anticipation is an emotion involving pleasure (and sometimes anxiety) as the anticipating one considers some expected or longed-for good event; sometimes, they may also experience irritation at being put on hold and having to wait. A name for pleasured anticipation is excitement or arousal. Anticipation can be shown in many ways; for example, some people seem to smile uncontrollably during this period, which is when others notice and say, “You’re on Cloud 9!”

When Mixed Signals Come into Play Things Start to Feel Real

Women do not want just sex—they want anticipation, foreplay, teasing, and seduction along with a good, rowdy night. This part of the process is not just about how you make your partner feel your touch; it is about understanding what makes your partner tick, promising them through your body language, and then delivering on them for an intensely pleasurable experience.

  • The best partners are exciting, provocative, and imaginative and will lead their lover through great experiences. Though their sexual desire may be very high, they will pass up an ordinary sexual encounter to build towards one that promises to be special.

Learn what stimulates your lover to the point where they cannot help themselves. Make them want to try you out. In order for them to consider you a collaborator, lover, and friend (with benefits), you must build anticipation through play and teasing; romance him or her before you hit the sheets.

Taking your time and wooing your lover gives their body a chance to get the juices flowing, and to thoroughly enjoy themselves and give of their soul. It will shoo away those distracting thoughts about work, bills, and stress—those will take a back seat to their desire for seduction.

Destination: Tension and Friction

During physical play and the building of anticipation, the destination is a focused tension that can only be released by a specific person. These two people should feel drawn together across time and space, and their anticipatory desire should be intensified by the unique circumstances of their journey.

You want your lover always to be on the edge, their mind filled with images and illusions.

Watch your partner respond excitedly to your playing and teasing. Teasing has been known to provoke the release of oxytocin. Every great relationship incorporates great playfulness and foreplay.

  1. Have a gentle pillow fight. Kiss your lover and then gently push them away and wait to touch them again. Gently tickle them. Smell their neck, then stop and make them wonder why you stopped.

If touch is the ultimate sensual input, then tantalizing, teasing, and tickling are an artist’s tools of a seduction masterpiece. The key is to be slow, keeping your touch sensual and deliberate. Never rush, take your time, and enjoy the erotic play with your partner.

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Turning on Her Mind
By Gabrielle Moore

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Turning on a woman emotionally is almost equivalent to turning you on physically. If a female is in the right state of mind, she can have much more enjoyable foreplay and, hence, equally terrific sex.

While arousing her body may seem like an easier, straightforward task (read more in the next chapter), stimulating her mind takes patience and creativity (and a little bit of corniness). Let’s call it sensuous mind play.

Eye Contact

Don’t forget: an unexpected look can build the anticipation for later. That wink is a boyish, coy way to captivate her. So can capturing her stare and giving her a genuine smile, stealing a look while she’s doing a chore or some other mundane task that wouldn’t usually warrant a sneak peek, or holding her gaze for longer than a split-second.

The Lost Art of Kissing

What happened to kissing? Does it die out after you hear the minister say, you may kiss your Bride? I have listened to so many of my married friends say, I miss making out. We yearn for no-strings-attached fooling around where we can make out without the immediate expectation of sex. There’s something thrilling about going at it like school kids on the couch or in the car (or, better yet, in a secret public place).

A few tips for reviving your kissing techniques and bringing the fun back to old-school make-out sessions:

  1. Kiss her and let your tongue touch the very edge of her lips. The soft sensations will drive her wild.
  2. Use your lips to nibble her bottom lip or, if you’re very careful, you can even use your teeth for a gentle bite. Just proceed with caution.
  3. Kiss her with an open mouth and then pull away ever so slightly, allowing your tongues to continue dancing. Guys seem to like this form of kissing.

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Intimate Talk

After years of marriage, talking openly and freely about your sexual needs can be an incredibly daunting exercise, especially if you’ve never done it. But if you want your wife to don a French maid outfit or get a little forceful with a leather whip, she’s never going to do it unless you just ask her. The same goes for her.

In other words, one discussion about innermost desires can snowball and affect your general outlook on your entire relationship!

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Dirty Talk

The art of dirty talk is different from the aforementioned intimate talk dirty talk is, well, more risque.

A common misconception is that dirty talk has to be raunchy and vulgar, but it can take on a broad range of forms. It’s really about the type of couple you are and the terminology that will get you the best reaction (you don’t want to insult her if she’s embarrassed about you using the word p*ssy or c*ck).

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