The most powerful aphrodisiac in the world may be your mind, but food and passion have a long history of intimacy—from Eve seducing Adam with the forbidden fruit, to Marc Anthony enticing Cleopatra with grapes. Throughout history, many things, especially foods, have been touted as aphrodisiacs. An aphrodisiac is any devices that can arouse or stimulate sexual desire, from food to drugs to scents and more.


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Aphrodisiac Stimulates Desire

Explore some of the background—the myths, legends, and realities that have been termed in ancient and modern times to be aphrodisiacs. Some of the more exotic selections get their reputations of a physical reaction they cause in the human body, similar to effects of passionate interactions. From toad venom to rhinoceros horns, horny goat weed to tribulus, oyster extract to catauba, carved wooden phalluses to horse testicles, symbolic drawings to spells cast to create a charm or drug—these have all been believed to have aphrodisiac properties.

If you are feeling really adventurous and need to add some sensual buzz to your life, you could journey to Beijing and visit the Guolizhuang restaurant, where chefs specialize in a variety of testicle dishes from deer, snakes, yaks, horses, seals and ducks—all thought to boost libido.

Though some stimulants such as food, drinks, drugs, and scents can arouse or increase sexual desire or libido, it turns out that a good diet and a regular exercise program are a more dependable path to better passion than are goat’s eyes, deer sperm, and frog legs. A good mental state is equally important.


Aphrodisiac the Senses

Five distinct qualities of foods are thought to elicit sensuality and are present in aphrodisiac foods. Those qualities are smooth, rich, creamy, exotic and spicy.

It takes more than just a texture to equally sensuality, however. The physiques of food and the power of fantasies will play a large part, as well as a mysterious atmosphere with the right lighting. Some fruits and nuts claim the title of aphrodisiac simply from their shapes and their light sensation in one’s throat and tummy. Some foods are believed to have aphrodisiac forces because they echo human genitalia in their shape. For instance, oysters, eggs, onions, and clams have shapes that suggest female sexual organs, while bananas, sausages, asparagus, and celery stalks have a resemblance to the male organ. The power of sight plays heavily into the consideration of a food as an aphrodisiac.

The other senses play their part, of course. Music is one of the most persuasive aphrodisiacs, transmitting vibes of persuasive erotic messages, expressed with more or less discretion. Some very seductive tunes have provocative rhythms, like a heartbeat (for example, Ravel’s Bolero); others use a crescendo similar to sexual excitation or climax. Nearly anything that is an aphrodisiac stimulates the senses with erotic promises.

The sense of smell has a powerful effect on people. The scent of a particular woman can make passers-by stop and turn their heads. Essential oils, lotions, and perfumes combine to create pleasurable sensations for those using and smelling them. Traditionally, perfume is looked upon as an aphrodisiac love potion. Smelling good makes one seem elegant and refined. Scents are an inexhaustible pool of seduction, adding greatly to the lasciviousness of a romantic night.

The human body is a temple and there nothing is more complex and more saintly than this divine form. Touch and massage are vivid expressions of an aphrodisiac. Depending on the warmth and the gentleness of your touch, you can transmit to your lover, in an ineffable way, all the affection you feel for them in those moments of great passion.

Taste is a fickle mistress of seduction: any food can be your aphrodisiac, if you believe it, but even foods with known aphrodisiac properties may not work if the setting is not right. Keep it simple and remember that a healthy meal makes you feel good about yourself and prepares you for passion. The four primary tastes categories are sweet, sour, bitter, and salty, and they offer endless variety when combined in subtle, enchanting dishes.


Aphrodisiac Spices

These spices are used to heat up the aphrodisiac taste senses or stimulate the production of endorphin’s:

  • Cayenne: Releases endorphin’s into the system, which builds and fans a fire of romantic feelings.
  • Cloves: This dried bud of an evergreen tree is one of the world’s oldest and most expensive spices and has a reputation as a powerful love food.
  • Garlic: Ancient cultures across the Eastern hemisphere—Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Japanese—used garlic as an aphrodisiac.
  • Ginger: This pungent root has been used for centuries, both internally and externally, throughout Asia as an aphrodisiac.
  • Nutmeg: Romans, Arabs, Greeks, Hindus, and Romans have prized this fragrant spice as a stimulant of passion.
  • Pepper: Ground pepper is a potent topical aphrodisiac for men.
  • Saffron: This is one of the most expensive spices. It is harvested from about 225,000 hand-picked stigmas for gather just one pound.
  • Vanilla: The scent of vanilla is said to produce an increase in sexual arousal in women almost immediately.

Herbs delight every one of our senses. They are colorful, taste amazing, crackle and shift with delightful sounds, and grace our nostrils with their delicious scents. Plus, many are naturally occurring aphrodisiacs!

  • Basil: This flavorful herb is used in voodoo love ceremonies in Haiti.
  • Cardamom: A traditional Indian herbal medicine, cardamom is a nightcap that can help cure impotence.
  • Damien: Traditionally a woman’s aphrodisiac, Damien can unlock your own fire.
  • Fennel: The Greeks and Hindus considered fennel to be a potent sexual stimulant.
  • Savory: Savory is considered the herb of happiness, especially for men, leading you straight to sexual bliss.
  • Yohimbe: This is indeed the magical potion of pleasure.

Here are some foods that have been known to be aphrodisiacs:

  • Vegetables: Carrots, cucumbers, onions, artichokes, radishes, celery, tomatoes, parsnips, mushrooms, cabbage, and potatoes. Mix and mingle these together and add some of the herbs and spices from the above lists for a potent love dish!
  • Fruits: Mangoes, pomegranates, peaches, avocados, guavas, passion fruit, persimmon, dates, figs, and bananas. A light salad of these and your lover will be on fire!
  • Nuts: Pine nuts, pistachios, coconuts, chestnuts, walnuts, and almonds. Place a bowl of these on your coffee table to encourage your date to snack.

The Ruling Aphrodisiac

External stimuli may help, but the ruling aphrodisiac is your state of mind. If you feel sexy, you will be sexy. This will, in turn, cause your partner to feel sexier. It does not have to be Valentine’s Day for you to get in the right mood with seduction in every aspect of your evening.

Communication can be the best aphrodisiac. The ability to relate to another person through eye contact is also a sensuous aphrodisiac, heightening their awareness of your sexual presence and creating a desire for further intimacy with you. Being intimate enough with your partner to let each other know what pleases you or turns you on is a powerful aphrodisiac itself.

Communicating is not just talking. A person can be a great speaker, but miserable when it comes to real one-on-one communication. If you’re having trouble expressing how you feel, you may be able to identify a feeling by connecting the sensation to a particular part of the body. Gut feelings might be felt in the stomach, your throat might ache with longing, or your heart might pound with fright.

In the end, aphrodisiacs are not to be found in our foods but in our “sweet fleeting imaginations.” The Romans may have the right theory after all: anything that arouses our senses and stimulates us to new heights of passion is an aphrodisiac. So, bring on the wild seasonings and exotic fragrances! While aphrodisiacal foods may not work the same way on every person, serving up oysters and chocolate to a lover in the right atmosphere and with the right mindset may be all the aphrodisiac you need.

The most symbolic sensual organ is the brain, and the development of sensations of lust, desire, and attraction begins in a person’s brain. Attraction does have biological and evolutionary traits, yet humans have the ability to transgress the standardization of what is attractive in a purely evolutionary sense.

To be that attraction, you must come off more powerful than the environment (not daringly dominate, but passionate about your beliefs and where you stand). You want to be someone they would like to seduce.

Internal Fountains of Fantasies

The legendary Don Juan, Casanova, and Cleopatra were all masters of seduction. They all knew the secrets of invoking the internal fountains of fantasy and mystery. Fantasy is an occurrence that uses magical and various supernatural elements as primary aspects of the plot, theme, and/or setting.

We, as humans, yearn for magic and enchantment in our lives. People long to feel the amazing sensation of drama and emotion in new experiences, which allow for the development of intense, sensual anticipation. Such experiences keep individuals yearning for more!”

Myths are always much bigger, more mysterious, and more enchanting than life. Fantasies are the succulent harvests of our imagination! They can fill us with pleasure and serenity, or fear and dread. In contemporary culture, being an “adult” is generally associated with the abandonment of the magic and mystery of our youth. Once-joyous, fun-filled lives often mutate into lives that are tainted with boredom, stress, doubt, and fear. We’re supposed “to mature,” “too educated,” and “too smart” to reasonably believe in the brilliant world of myths, fantasy, and magic.

Nevertheless, something essential is certainly missing from our rushed, achieving, producing, spending, and material society. Great pleasures, magic, joy, enchantment, sensual pleasures and mental health are all lost and forgotten when the magical amazement of childhood becomes the rational, logical, future-obsessing life of adulthood! Without myths and fantasy, we may wake up one day feeling that the essence of our life has been robbed of everything that’s enjoyable and wondrous. On that day, we may ask ourselves, ‘Is this all there is?’”


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