Body Painting

When you think of body painting, what comes to mind? Jesters for Mardi Gras may be foremost in your mind. Body painting sets a mood, innovates, inspires, and gives your lover an incredible experience. Body painting gives you the opportunity to create edible artwork on your lover’s body, a sensual experience for both of you.

You won’t be asking them to pay when you tell your partner, “Dessert’s on you tonight!” Gather together all sorts of body paints and explore your bodies and sensual sides by tracing beautiful patterns across each other’s skin. Seduction begins before you ever make it to the bedroom, so be intentional about it: leave sexy notes where they will find them, allude to your suggestions of seduction in text messages or phone calls during the work day, and whisper promises as you serve them dinner. Then follow it up with some amazing edible artwork!


Seduction begins before you ever make it to the bedroom, so be intentional about it: leave sexy notes where they will find them, allude to your suggestions of seduction in text messages or phone calls during the work day, and whisper promises as you serve them dinner. Then follow it up with some amazing edible artwork!

Body Painting Foreplay

The goal of body painting is the sharing of maximum pleasure, both physically and emotionally; the beautiful feeling of loving and caring for the inner spirit of each other should wash over you both as you engage in these creative and daring activities. But don’t forget that certain foods are sexy, and presentation and delivery will make a big difference!

Edible, Pettable Body Painting

Spread luscious sauces on your lover’s skin and feast away, or use them as body finger-paints and let your creativity emerge as you trace lines and patterns and write sexy messages.

Choose whichever sauces you desire to taste and smell for the rest of the evening. Place edible body paints on a stand next to your bed or a table. Create a safe, sensual environment by illuminating the room with candles or soft, indirect lamps; burn incense; and turn up the heat to a temperature that will allow you both to be comfortable naked or wearing a skimpy bathing suit.

Now lay yourself on the table in front of them. It is important for the person on the table to feel comfortable making requests and comments as the artwork process plays out. Artistically paint your loved one using your imagination and the spark of sensuality that made the night possible. Don’t forget, the sauces are edible—so paint with your fingers and then use your tongue to taste.

Inspire your lover to turn their energies and attentions inward, to their physicality and their essential sensual being. As you paint each part of their body, concentrate deeply on the sensations you bring, on the intention you work towards. Seduce the skin and you will seduce the mind.

Sensual Silk Viel and Scarves

For a sensual uncovering ritual, drape your lover’s naked body in a large veil of silk. Have them lie down on the bed in a sexy pose. Then very, very slowly draw one end off of them so that it slides off with a tantalizing slowness until the very last corner slips away. Think of the imaginative door that silk opens! A beautiful silk fabric is one of the best playtime investments you will ever make.
Nahari Silks 100% Silk Veil, Hot Pink 108″

Ruby Red Raspberry Body Paint

So unleash your imagination with our fun filled great toppings and form the beginnings of a deliciously good time.  For this delicious body paint, you will need:

  • 1 package FROZEN RASPBERRIES, thawed

Puree thawed raspberries in a blender. Add sugar to taste. Place in a saucepan and heat until sugar dissolves. Continue heating and stirring until the mixture is translucent. Add a pinch of cornstarch to thicken, if necessary.

Place the ruby red raspberry body paint in a plastic squeeze bottle with a medium hole applicator tip and start slathering!

French Vanilla Cream Body Paint

You can paint pictures on the skin. Be the artist you have always wanted to be. For this sensual body paint, you will need:

  • 2 large EGG YOLKS
  • ½ teaspoon VANILLA EXTRACT
  • ½ cup LIGHT CREAM

Whip egg yolks and sugar until fluffy. Slowly pour scalded milk into egg yolk mixture. Wait until it doubles in volume. Pour it back into the milk saucepan and cook slowly, stirring continuously until mixture thickens. Mix vanilla and light cream together in a separate bowl. Add to heated mixture.

Place the body paint in a plastic squeeze bottle with an applicator tip. Now you can be the dessert course!


Sensual Whipped Crème Body Paint

Use an aerosol whipped cream can, preferably a nondairy creamy whipped crème!


Everyone has heard of using whipped cream to add a little sweet to the treat. There is more to utilizing this condiment than simply placing it on them and licking it clean. Why not let your lover hold the can, and place the cream wherever they want you to lick them? It is a fun way to discover how far they are willing to take this creamy delight.

Body Painting using Chocolate

Use this chocolate body paint to write love poems, draw hearts, flowers, revealing your artistic side, then lick it off showing your erotic side. To indulge the chocolate fanatic in your relationship, you will need:


Place the syrup in a plastic squeeze bottle with an applicator tip. Chocolate will add some color to your fun life; it stimulates the production of endorphin, which provides a sense of pleasure or pain. So don’t be shy—pour chocolate syrup all over your partner’s body, and lick until there is no trace of chocolate anywhere. For a daring duo, combine whipped cream and chocolate.

Sensual Body Wrap

At the end of the body painting session, gently wrap a blanket or sheet around your lover and cuddle up next to them. This will provide a warm cocoon to lie in; you can fashion one for yourself as well. Body paints allow you to venture into places in your sexual fantasies you have seldom or never explored, and may help you discover some erogenous zones on your partner you never knew existed.

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Erotic Photography

Photography provides an opportunity to explore the art, sensual power, and gracious curves of the human body. For unusual and sexy photos, create pleasurable tactile sensations for your lover by draping velvety fabric or silk across their body.

Learn how to pose in a comfortable and sexy way. Use professional photographs for references if you run out of ideas for poses.

Use an instant Polaroid or digital camera. With an instant camera, you will see the results right away and can create a sensual collage in the bedroom. With a digital camera, you can save the photos on your personal computer for later viewings.

The sensual value of nude photography is reduced by unnecessary exposure of the sexual organs, so be tasteful about what you show. Close-up photographs taken of painted parts of the body are most effective if in color, but black-and-white pictures may also work under certain conditions. If there are sauces, design, or other coverings on the body, the use of a lens filter may create more tones that are lifelike and thus aid in the beauty of the picture.

Creative Tools for Seduction

All great artists need tools; yours will be paintbrushes, squeeze bottles, feathers, reusable stencils, and spoons. These tools will help guide you to a rewarding and artistic fun-filled evening. A soft feather applicator will tease and tickle as you apply sauces and paints to sensitive areas. Use an artist’s paintbrush to be deliberate about your strokes. A spoon is great for dribbling. Get creative! If you don’t have any conventional tools around, come up with something unusual. Anything goes!

Seduction-Buttons and Obstacle Thoughts

Once upon a time, seduction was disparaged as immoral. However, it was stressed upon its potential use in a positive manner; seduction may be exercised for numerous purposes, such as courting, sensual encounters, and the fulfillment of social objectives (e.g. fame and money). Fair maidens use makeup in a very careful, scrupulous manner, and are aware of its dazzling effect on men. Good makeup is essential for a woman, just as confidence is important for a man. Beautiful women, employing the weapons of the archetypal temptress, often marry men merely for the sake of accessing their money, just as “bad boys” still attract women.

Just as a safe has a combination, seduction has a special code. Men and women, regardless of appearance, wealth, or fame, are programmed for seduction. After all, if deprived of seduction, the human race wouldn’t have progressed very far, would it?

By being mysteriously seductive and romantic, you can easily create a deep, burning, erotic desire inside the depths of your lover’s heart and soul. At that point, they would intensely desire the sensual gifts you are offering because you’ve effectively pressed multiple psychological “seduction buttons,” driving them absolutely wild with passion for you.

We need obstacles―they hone and sharpen our senses, and initiate great growth. You are unique, with special gifts―use them wisely! Don’t wait for someone to tell you what you need to learn. Be proactive. Look around you, and consider your strengths and weaknesses. Where should elements of your persona should you focus upon and improve? If you’ve not yet reached complete self-awareness, don’t worry. With proper nurturing, you will enjoy a full harvest in a matter of time.

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