Fantasies are in the deepest reaches of you mind, body, and soul. If every fruit has its secret, you can rest assured it lies under the skin, deep in the pulp, at the heart of the fruit. People are like fruit in many ways—our secret lives lie deep inside, burning to be freed. One of the most enjoyable parts of being in a relationship is fulfilling your deepest romantic fantasies. Perhaps that is the thought of being swept off your feet by a knight in shining armor or the noble quest of rescuing a damsel in distress.


Knights and damsels are a thing of the past, but romantic fantasies still exist, and we still long to be a part of that fantastic world.

Give Rise to Fantasies

Anyone who has seen the fridge scene featuring Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke in the kinky movie “9-½ Weeks” knows that food incorporated into some sexual encounter can make someone crazy with delight. Food is an integral part of many sexual fantasies, and certainly it can be a part of sensual love play.

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Make your Own Games

Many people confuse the terms sensuality and sexuality, thinking they are synonymous. There are areas of overlap—for instance, one might wish to be a sensual lover. Sensuality is a key ingredient for richer sexual expression. Acting out reasonable fantasies can be fun and engaging to both partners, and adds an edge of playfulness to the relationship. There are innumerable sexual allusions to food, too: one loses one’s cherry, eats the apple, plays hide the pickle, swallows the cream, and tastes forbidden fruit.

Remember that the sexual fantasies of men are kindled by images, while many women desire verbal seduction. Unleash your sensuality and the spirit of your fantasies by reading, studying, and putting into action the advice in this chapter and others.


Seductively Dressing Sexy

Dressing in a seductive manner does not mean being sleazy or slutty—it means being sexy and mysterious. If you want to use your wiles to seduce someone, you must dress seductively.

A perfect example is that of a sexy woman wearing a short and sassy suit. Her legs are showing wonderfully in the short suit skirt, but the conservative nature of a suit leaves a mystery everywhere else. Men should dress charmingly and be well-groomed. Slacks and an ironed shirt are a timelessly classy combination.

Let your inner wild woman or wild man inspire you to dress according to your mood or the phase of the moon. Have a special, sensual, silky robe just for those special occasions. Remember the magic of jewelry, and consider incorporating makeup, which has been worn since ancient times, to become more sensually alluring.


Unleash your Romantic Fantasies

Romantic fantasies are different for everyone. Each fantasy takes on a life of its own when it is finally released into the world. Start revealing your fantasies during a deep conversation, enhancing your desire for intimacy as a couple. Your imagination is the source of all fantasies, so treat it well and indulge it by unleashing your hidden fervor on your partner. You will soon learn to behave in a more liberated way, heady with the exciting aspects of making love.

How far is too far is up to you, and no one else. If your lover does not subscribe to this, dump them and get away as fast as possible. It is your body and your fantasies, and you should not be forced into anything.

  1. Is there someone in history you always wanted to meet? Dress up as famous people, then meet and have dinner. Read about the historical figures to see how they acted.

Pull yourself out of your normal dining routine and create an evening of sensual delight. Some people have simple fantasies; other people’s fantasies are very detailed. Food can play into your fantasies, either as an ingredient or as an imaginative object, like these descriptions: Can you imagine how a peach, orange, or another piece of fruit must feel when your luscious lips are wrapped around them nibbling and biting? How must ice cream feel when a warm breath exhales all over it? Or how chilled whipping cream must feel as it is gliding along your tongue inside a warm, wet mouth?

Sensuality of Shared Fantasies

The most fulfilling romantic fantasies are born of something you do not already have in your life, something that can only be fulfilled through a romantic partner. Sensuality is something much broader. Lovemaking grows out of love and an understanding of ourselves, our partner, and the joy of shared pleasure. Create some fun and games that you can play as the night goes on to indulge in all of these aspects of a relationship.

  1. Take turns striptease dancing or put on a sexy fashion show. Try out a whipped cream fantasy, or buy a book on making love and read it aloud together. Play alluring games like strip poker, spin the bottle, or truth or dare. Try karaoke singing together, or model clothes for each other. Create your own game for fun, using your imagination and the power of your fantasies—and most of all, enjoy the shared experience!

Push and Pull Kitchen Play

While a dramatic, lingering kiss will stoke the fire of passion, the surest way to a significant other’s heart is through their stomach. The relationship between food and the soul has often been one of exotic frolic. Be brazen and scandalous with food-related fantasies you have always wanted to try.

  1. Try toe painting with chocolate pudding, or have a whipped cream fight. Food provides you with a wonderful excuse to explore one another’s bodies and sensual sides while maximizing your shared pleasure. There is no doubt that certain foods are sexy and it is all about presentation and delivery!

Taste is linked to our sexuality, and sexuality is ingrained in our bodies, minds, and souls. A sensual approach begins when you show up, then notice and enjoy what life is offering you.

Try this combination of delicious ingredients for a highly erotic taste experience:

  • ¼ cup HONEY

A nice fantasy to play is Doctor. Take turns taking on the role of a “physician,” and learn about each other’s body while pretending to perform an examination. You’ll quickly discover that playing doctor as adults is a lot more fun than it was as kids, especially if you return to that rich state of your imagination. By exploring and acting out fantasies, searing passion can be unbridled in a relationship.

The mixture of sensual fantasies embedded in each unique personality is immense and varied. It is amazing how strikingly different people can be, yet they can overcome their differences just by letting down their guard long enough for a lover to slip under their defenses.


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