Foreplay is important from at least two considerations, one of which is purely physiological. On the other hand, foreplay implies some degree of confidence and trust between the partners and creates intimacy.

Remember Foreplay: Learn how to release the magical chemical in the body called Oxycontin, and you will get what you desire.


The shared feeling of guilt and complicity will create a powerful bond. Learn to ignite anticipatory sexual tension. Make them squirm for your touch, ingnite the most ticklish erogenous zones. Lead them to show you the most vulnerable places on their body—we humans are very particular about who we let touch us there. It is so important to understand the chemical reactions and interactions in the body.

Foreplay a Lust for Life

When it comes to getting in the mood, foreplay is by far the most important aspect of unleashing their response. Foreplay awakens every part of the body to enjoy the experience to come. When you take your time, it informs your lover that you want to savor them, play with them, and linger on every moment. So make every touch and stroke last as long as possible. If they try to fast-forward to the main event, playfully push their hands away and take slow control of the pace again. Go for an erotic, slow motion appeal, like a good romantic scene in a movie.

By now, your lover will be nearly out of his or her mind with lust. When you finally move on to the finale, continue to take it slow and let them smolder.

Foreplay the Sweet Spots to Unleash  an Adrenaline, Endorphine, and Dopamine Rush

Don’t go for the “treasure” immediately. Even when you are in the moment, take your time experiencing every scent, taste, and the touch of your seducee.

Take in their essence and enable them to see how you savor the closeness and intimacy. Find your lover’s unique spots and pay them special attention. Try the wrists, the backs of the knees, the inner thighs and the arches of the feet. Touching the neck is such an intimate gesture, it generates hair-raising heat when used appropriately. Try running your fingers up the back of their neck and through the hair to get them tingling all over.

  1. Once you feel them falling under your spell, you have freer rein.

By discovering your partner’s sweet spots, you can turn your lover upside down with all you know and can put into action. Erogenous zones are areas of the body with heightened sensitivity. Keep in mind, as you seek out the erogenous zones, that playful resistance should last at least thirty minutes to achieve the anticipation power you are seeking. Deliberate exploration is the first step in discovering which body parts are sexually responsive and which types of stimulation feel best.

Vary the sensation of touching and stroking by using different materials, such as a silk scarf, a soft brush, or a feather, to help identify previously undiscovered sweet spots on your lover’s body.

In order to take some of the mystery out of the E-zone, here are the basic erogenous zones:

  • Lips: Women love to kiss, and exude a lot of emotion through their kisses. If you know how to manipulate your partner’s lips through kissing, licking, sucking, and biting, it is possible that a kiss will lead to much more. Use your lips, tongue, and teeth to play with their top and bottom lips.
  • Nape of the Neck: Just breathing on this part of the body will create goose bumps all over. Imagine the reaction when you use your tongue or teeth to stimulate arousal on the neck. Use your hands as well—gently move aside the hair and bring your mouth closer to their neck. Then, sink your teeth in and pull on their hair slightly to give an impression of intense desire.
  • Ears: Many people enjoy having their ears nibbled, sucked, or kissed. Try to be erotic as you tease their ears; give them the shivers up and down their spine. Whisper with tickling breaths how attractive they are.
  • Wrists: This may come as a shock, but the wrist is an erogenous zone for many people! Women in particular love having their wrists nuzzled and nibbled by their partners. The next time you are engaging in foreplay, woo your lover with soft, sensual kisses and caresses on their wrists.
  • Breasts: This should be no surprise to anyone—the breasts are sexually sensitive. Gentle fondling, squeezing, caressing, licking, and sucking is incredibly arousing, even on men.
  • Behind the Knees: Because of all the nerve endings behind the knees, a person can go crazy when you gently nibble this area. Gentle nibbles and soft butterfly kisses will have them begging for more. Careful with that region—it is very sensitive, and the sensation can become annoying.
  • Feet: Many people enjoy having their feet touched, massaged; some even enjoy a bit of licking, sucking, and nibbling. Of course, be sure their feet have been properly cleansed. Lavish some attention on their soles, toes, and ankles as well. These zones can all be ticklish, a sensation that can be pleasant for the recipient. Try adding whipped cream for extra fun.
  • Buttocks: Lots of women and men enjoy it when you play with their behind. A mild spanking and squeezing of the buttocks goes a long way.
  • Inner Thighs: The inside of the thighs are highly sensitive; just like the backs of the knees, the inner thighs also have many nerve endings. Fondling and toying with this erogenous zone will turn your lover on and drive them crazy. Remember not to bite—this area is very sensitive and doing so would cause them mild pain.

Foreplay Them Further Than They Imagined

The key to foreplay is building up the anticipation; it gives them time to prepare mentally and let their imagination run rampant. Whisper in their ear about how you are planning to ravage them later that evening, tuck a naughty note in his briefcase promising them a night of passion, or call during their lunch hour and murmur steamy suggestions into the phone. Trust us; they will think all day long about what is to come.

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Foreplay Strip Teasing 

The beauty of stripping for your lover: you are not a paid stripper, meaning you are not someone they do not know or cannot touch. You are real, and they care for you—so let your guard down and take it all off! Here are some recommendations to start you stripping for your lover.

Remember—have fun, and be sensual and sexy!

First things first, you must have the right music. Our bodies naturally want to move and sway when our brains register the presence of a beat. Therefore, pick some seductive tunes and turn them up! Choose something with a slower tempo to practice taking your clothes off to the beat with an easier rhythm. You can get feistier with your music selection as you get better at stripping.

Wear something you would wear on a normal day, or pick some lingerie you feel relaxed while wearing. You must feel good about yourself, or your striptease routine will not proceed as well as intended! If you want to add some sexy surprises, try out a garter belt and stockings—they add to the show.

Step-by-step stripping instructions: Prance out of the bathroom or hallway, float over to the music, and press play. Dim the lights if possible; it helps set the mood. Let your hair down. Run your fingers suggestively through your hair or whip it around to show your snappy attitude. Unbutton a few buttons on your shirt while you start swaying to the beat.

Flash your lover a sneak peak of what’s underneath, and then close your blouse or shirt again. Slowly unbutton the rest of the buttons, remove it, and slowly drape it across your lover. Turn around and dance, paying particular attention to the movement of your buttocks. Turn back around and slowly lose your skirt or pants. Dance around the room for a while, allowing your lover to enjoy your sexy lingerie.

Let them look, but no touching just yet. Slowly, continue taking off articles of clothing one at a time until you are down to your stockings, garter belt and heels (or other undergarments). Swagger over to your lover, straddle them and give them a sensual lap dance.

Eventually, take it all off—you can figure out the rest!

The mind is the largest erogenous zone that our body has, so benefit from stimulating it in every way imaginable.

“The joy of the adventure lies in exploring the unknown, through which nature unfolds and reveals its hidden treasures. Sensual play allows you to virtually reinvent the physical side of the relationship. An erotic massage should be anything but rushed. Take the time to actually savor the entire sensual process of foreplay and resistance.”

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