Passion is powerful.  “Seize the moments” It’s the “energy” of life, and the zest for happiness and fulfillment. Life is not about wham bam and thank you. Passion philosophy is about taking the time to take them to a new place of feeling wanted, desired, and appreciated, Moving their emotions to feel: lust, despair, hatred, vanity, jealousy, envy, faith, hope, and love. Explore and unleash their inner soul. Remember, you get what you want and they feel satisfied in knowing that you fulfilled their inner deepest desires.

  • Your goal is to get active and to force them to release a lot of endorphins that make them want to hug, touch and kiss you.

Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment

Intimacy is the process of revealing and offering the essence of yourself to the anther significant person in your life. This can be a difficult task in any relationship because we spend a lot of time and energy keeping our true selves from each other in a relationship. We all  desire and need intimacy but it is a natural response to protect our most intimate feelings and desires.  

So give their intimacy is a sense of comfort and safety, a place to confide in, and feel at home with.

Remember that it is as difficult for our partner as it is for us to open ourselves to being passionate, then we have the best chance to fully achieve it. Unlock your natural capability to enjoy doing what your doing. If giving a massage explore and enjoy every inch of their body. Feel it, sense it and marvel at it…

Forplay the enthusiasm or excitement, then push and pull out the strong sexual or romantic feelings locked in their soul.

Make a commitment to everything that shapes and directs your life.  A commitment to allow another person into your mind, body, soul, and heart. Now it is important to understand that not all relationships are worth or deserve such complete commitment. However, your primary relationship should be worth the effort to achieve mutual romantic passion if you desire long-term romance.

Make a willingness to give your undived attention and full energy to someone that you believe inUnleash the emotions, and  recognize. 

Passion and Action

All great achievements start with passion. Passion is what fuels everything we do. Passion is what motivates us, whether your motivation is spiritual, artistic, political, economic, social, or personal. Not to be involved in the actions and passions of your life is to run the risk of having not really lived at all.

  • Whisper sweet things into their ear.
  • Feed them chocolate.
  • Seduce their desires.
  • Throw simple feasts for wooing them.
  • Serve amazing cocktails for seduction.
  • Sensually play and have fun.
  • Give discreet attention, passion, kindness, elegant gifts, and playful surprises.

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With playful adventure you start experimenting with something a little different? Remember, human beings as a species do not find familiarity and repetition erotic. In order to maintain a healthy monogamous relationship, you need to mix things up, keep things changing, and introduce a little experimental activity.

Playful, Funny, and Flirty!

If you are looking to enjoy your delightful company and my make memorable moments, you have come to the right place. Learn to remove the natural barriers so they are able to enjoy. So here are some ideas for exciting and satisfying things to try. These are great for everyone, from the beginner lovers to the more advanced and adventurous couples.

Clothing makes or breaks an evening; the wrong clothes can make one look ridiculous and turn the other off. So, make sure your clothes are super sexy. Lingerie is always a great choice, and leather is available for both sexes. He can wear latex or black pants with a half open tuxedo shirt; she can wear an evening gown with the shoulders falling away. Try baby dolls, chemises and camis, corsets or a bustier, sexy dresses, stockings, panties, garter belts, bridal gear, a body stocking, playsuits, sexy teddies, and bras. Look sexy and you will feel sexy, making every one of your actions a more erotic experience.

Opening erotic gifts together bonds you tightly. Pick up some novelty items, erotic games, spicy dice, or other sexual presents. Play strip poker, with the winner getting to open the gifts.

  1. Spray perfume in the bathroom and take a bath together.
  2. Play “paint by number” with your bodies as the canvas and body paint as the medium.
  3. Read the Kama Sutra together, trying out the new ideas.
  4. Rub stimulation cream over erogenous zones that you know drives your lover crazy.
  5. Test out heating lubricant and flavored lubricant.
  6. Sensual massages as an erotic art!

Playful Seduction Ideas

Explore the human sexual experience and spice up your lovemaking lives with a little kink from the vast array of fun toys available. Blindfolds, handcuffs, and whips make any lover’s play wild and fun. Vibrators are the most popular fun toy for good reason—intense vibrations stimulate the button, the perineum, and just about any body part.

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Sexy Illusions, Pure Fantasy and an Exciting Adventure

Playful Not Me, But You

No one can know with perfect intuition how to seduce someone because everyone responds to their own stimuli and has their own perception of what is sensual or seductive. The best way to seduce someone is to understand them. Recognize what they like and dislike by being an observant lover. Know what they respond to and what they find sensual. Remember, when you are seducing someone, it isn’t about you, it’s about them.
This DVD is one hour and a quarter of demonstrations of 50 sexual positions between a man and a woman, taken from the Kama Sutra.  There are different men and women for different positions.  They all look to be in their twenties or thirties.  There are two sets, both clearly in studios but designed to look like tastefully decorated bedrooms.  The cameras move around the partners showing them from different angles and keeping the image flowing.  It also enables the video from showing any genitals, by using carefully chosen angles.  In a voice-over, a female narrator, gives information about the position in slightly breathy suggestive tones.  Jazzy, repetitive ambient music plays in the background.
Kama Sutra – Secrets to the Art of Love by Koch Vision

Giacomo Casanova said, “I know that I have lived because I have felt, and, feeling giving me the knowledge of my existence, I know likewise that I shall exist no more when I shall have ceased to feel.” This is a great creed we should all live by when it comes to sensual seduction.

There are many ways to give your partner extreme sensations, and it all begins in the brain. Simply tell them how beautiful they are and how much you appreciate their sensual body. By complimenting their appearance, especially those with low confidence levels, you are giving them the added security and are therefore adding excitement and giving them good reasons to go all out with the foreplay.

“Learn to look at your partner as the essence of a sweet perfume. Your imagination begins to bloom and all you want to do is taste, smell, touch, feel, and hear their magic ways.”
– Armondo

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Journey Through Playful Exploration

If you are more than friends, or fancy to be, and you come up with unique ways to play, you will at least seem more fascinating to your potential partner-to-be.

In a far away land, a prince and princess lived in a wonderful kingdom. They were unhappy because they had lost touch with the magical source of the power of playfulness that they had mastered. They summoned the greatest white witch, who possessed an astonishing array of supernatural and magical powers. Moreover, a magical spell was cast.

“I cast this spell for the recreation of the magical playfulness that we all had once upon a time. I open a portal to a world in which our five senses are used playfully―sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of hearing, and sense of touch.”

When the ancient Olympic Games were born, they created magnificent legends and myths. The Games exuded vibrancy and vitality on a level that caused adrenaline to pump and blood to flow. In addition, the prince and princess gained back their magical, playful power. In addition, they lived happily ever after. So play, play, and play.

However, a game without rules does not exist. It is essential to establish the idea that you can win only within a constricted set of options that are shared by you and your companion.

If you are more than friends, or fancy to be, and you come up with unique ways to play, you will at least seem more fascinating to your potential partner-to-be.

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