Playful Sensual Arousal

Sensual seduction of the soul is an art dating back thousands of years. The techniques and goals have changed and evolved over the millennia and each practitioner must make the practice his or her own, but the fundamentals of this ancient art remain consistent. Turn eating into a sensual ritual, and you will succeed in teasing your partner’s senses, turning desire into adult play, expanding your horizons, and drawing closer to your partner.

Indulge yourself and feel the uplifting effects of a playful journey into sensual arousal. Understand how ideas of harmony are intertwined to create renewed energy for and seduce a lover’s (six) senses. Learn to tap into the mental, emotional, sexual, and spiritual state of others. Do not fret over performance, timing, or expectations—just set out to have fun, and do not be afraid to laugh at yourselves if something doesn’t go quite as you imagined.

The sensitive nerve endings in your skin, eyes, nose, tongue, and ears cause a heightened, blissful activation of the senses when correctly stimulated, awakening your brain to new heights of pleasure while relaxing your whole being, slowly arousing that goose-bumpy, erotic feeling.

You will learn how to arouse the six (yes, six) senses:

  • Vision—Feel your lover’s gaze sweep the feast you’ve prepared.
  • Taste—Feel the dancing of flavors in your mouth.
  • Hearing—Feel the music of the food.
  • Smell—Feel the aroma of dinner caress your senses.
  • Touch—Feel the textures of the edibles sliding around your mouth.
  • Sixth Sense—Feel the spine-tingling chill of pleasure.

You can engage the senses with just about any thoughtful, erotic detail. Arrange a tray with foods that appeal to the senses of smell, touch, and taste. Caress and explore every part of your lover’s body in imaginative ways. Use variations in lighting (such as candles), scents, sound (such as music or ambient sounds), and setting (perhaps a location besides the bedroom) to enhance your excitement and playfully delight the senses.

You may wish to select special sensuous clothing for presenting yourself to your lover, something to attract, arouse, or enhance certain features of your body, such as diaphanous fabrics and silks. For a sensual shared experience, try reading or sharing erotic stories and poems.

Your Lover’s Gaze

The objective of engaging the sense of sight is to appreciate the erotic beauty in every action, every plate of food, and every sinuous gesture by your lover. Entice them to sensually describe what they are seeing as the evening progresses. Use your imagination and enjoy something like this:

“I pull up my shirt and watch as the honey dribbles onto my stomach. My hands touch the stickiness, and then I draw my fingers to my lips to lick them clean. Honey drizzles from the squeeze jar; it’s a bit sticky, but it sure tastes amazing when I lick it off your body.”

Leave the rest to the imagination; practice trailing off at moments of erotic imagery. Impress your date with facts that make what they are seeing special, like this one: How many flowers must honey bees tap to make one pound of honey? Two million.

The Dance in Your Mouth

Buy some exotic fruits, such as papaya, kiwi, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and passion fruit. Seductively peel the fruit and create a mini fruit display as your lover watches. Then dip the slices of fruit into an exotic yogurt dip, and let your blindfolded lover lick and bite. They will be quickly enchanted by the sweet tastes of sunny lands.

The Music of Food

Blindfold your partner and allow them to listen and guess the sounds you make as you crunch, chew, or bite on different types of food; make it a game to see how many he or she can guess. Great crunchy foods to use include crackers, celery sticks, carrot sticks, and nacho chips. Softer foods include cucumbers, apples, hard cheeses, and tomatoes.

While different people respond to different levels of stimulus, most people consider their ears to be a major erogenous zone—for good reason. Follow up a game of sounds with a light nibble, lick, or tickle on their ears, and then let your tongue or fingers trail down their neck. You will love the response you receive!

Caressing Aromas

The sense of smell is most heightened when other senses are deprived, so blindfold your partner again for this activity. Have them smell a number of distinct aromas, such as rose, mint leaves, basil, and garlic. Make sure the smells are all widely different—from sweet floral to tangy mint to, well, and something pungent!

Edible Textures

Touch is a form of sensuality. The wholesome enjoyment of the bodily senses, touch in particular, bring us emotional and physical well-being and pleasure.

Make a large bowl of Jell-O, placing chunks of various fruits inside before it sets. Use your fingers and play with the Jell-O with your lover: chase chunks around their back, start on either side and kiss through the Jell-O, or use Jello-O-sticky fingers to walk up their arms. It is amazing how much we can learn just by using touch. Between all the senses, touch is the most difficult to understand and define.

Spine-Tingling Chill

Though the sixth sense is usually interpreted as being an unintentional glance into the spiritual realm, here it means a deep, holistic sense of eroticism thanks to a sensual experience. Here’s one way you can accomplish this: run an ice cube over your lover’s spine. As it melts, they will get the chills, both from the cold and from the pleasure; then you can warm them up by breathing gently on their neck. Let your fingers and the ice trace an upward path, ever so gently tracing the spine to the brain; gently blow on the spine and neck where the ice is melting, helping the chill to linger. Pause often to examine and treasure the lines of their spine, neck, and back.

For a super-chilly erotic experience, use ice to touch erogenous (nonsexual) zones on your lover’s body such as neck, armpits, feet, inside of thighs, buttocks, nipples, lips, fingertips, palms, wrists, try using your own lips and mouth.

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