Silver Tray Recipes

The “Silver Tray Recipes Sharing Adventure” is enchanting, gorgeous, sexy and should be tried by everyone! A magical evening of sharing food is an exciting adventure, a legendary experience of epic—and arousing—proportions. This adventure is about creating a Sterling Silver Tray of spectacular cuisine for two to share, then using “one fork” and “taking turns feeding each other.”

Romantic Dinner

Golden Vine Hammered Oval Tray

Hammered stainless steel. Gold vine handles. Hand wash and dry. Hand crafted. Decorative and functional

Elegance Golden Vine

Silver Tray Recipes Sharing Adventure

Eating food is a sensual pleasure, and sharing food creates intimacy. If eating is erotic, so is feeding your lover. “Sharing Adventure” will help you arouse your partner’s sense of taste, smell, touch, and hearing. It will heighten the senses and help increase their pleasure and intimacy by teaching them to luxuriate in their senses. You are giving them something without touching them. “Something of yours is now inside them!” We all know how powerful the senses are; well, now is the chance for you to use them! A good meal takes you on an adventure. It excites you. It pleases you. It makes you laugh. It makes you want to share more of the experience.”

“Sharing cuisine should be part of your history. Because that’s what food is. It’s the same as the ballad that flashes you back to your first kiss, or the smell of the kitchen that moment your mom made warm cinnamon rolls. Sharing food in a slow, measured way can mean a lot for how we live our lives.”
– Armondo
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The proper ambiance adds a magical element in order to truly enjoy the “Sharing Adventure.” To create a romantic atmosphere light some candles, play some great music, and turn off all the lights. Now you have created a seductive mood with passion and closeness all wrapped up in one scenario. For that reason, dinnertime provides nutritional support but also much-needed emotional support.

Leaning over and trying a bit of what someone else is having is a common human trait. All the recipes can be used for a “Sharing Adventure.” Just serve it up on a sterling silver tray family-style and reap the sensuous pleasures derived from the theory touched on here. To get them to share foods with you use this setup. When you go out for a meal, hold a forkful up to their mouth and say, “You’ve got to try this.”

If you are looking to seduce that perfect someone, there is nothing more sensuous than sharing a luscious meal in the right environment. If you want to get the reaction you are longing for, you have to do something extraordinary. Sit at the table and, without a word, slowly― feed them little bites. You will see magic in the way you both communicate with your eyes and facial expressions. Such a simple act can make a wonderful difference.

“You know you are at the right place when their mouth is opened to possibilities that you never would have thought of before.”

Romantic Food Movies

The aphrodisiac powers of food have also been perpetuated in film. Upon watching Meg Ryan seethe and froth in an (imaginary) orgasmic frenzy after eating food in a restaurant, the older woman sitting next to her announces, “I’ll have what she’s having.” Food has long been associated with the art of seduction and romance. Eating is the ultimate metaphor for lovemaking.

“Like Water for Chocolate
Tom Jones
9-½ Weeks
When Harry Met Sally”

Be blind (like love itself). After dinner, blindfold and feed your companion morsels of seductive delicacies―one bite at a time. Try peeled grapes, mango, kiwi, sorbet, chocolate truffles, etc. Alternate temperature and texture, and arrange the morsels in natural pairings.

One of a Kind Enchanted Evening

My favorite recipes in “Sharing Adventure” are the Mediterranean Fruit with Wild Yogurt Platter and the Tangerine and Wild Salad Platter with Tangy Lemon Dressing.

When serving your lover, use your hand, napkin, or small plate to catch any dribbling that might occur while feeding each other. Sit at the table and without a word slowly feed them little bites. You will see magic in the way you both respond and communicate with your eyes. Take your time and make “Sharing Adventure” last as long as possible. What’s the rush?

Food plays an important role in maintaining and strengthening partnerships. “Sharing Adventure” should be part of your history. Because that’s what food is, it’s the same as the song that flashes you back to your first kiss, or the smell of the kitchen that time your mom made warm cinnamon rolls.

“There is no such thing in anyone’s life as an unimportant day.”
– Alexander Woollcott

White Glove Service

When ordinary just won’t do, the white glove service will make your most important day Extra-Ordinary.

Fabulous sterling silver trays are among the most useful and versatile articles in a silver collection. For formal occasions or a casual service, the silver tray will lend an elegant touch to any event. Highest-quality material and mastery of artistic design combine to create sterling silver trays that are an appropriate choice in both traditional and contemporary settings. To add to your collection, you might consider going to antique shops and auctions. You can sometimes find old sterling silver trays, unique ornate serving ware, and other items that I like to call “table toys.” Fine sterling never goes out of fashion.

Utilitarian Sterling Silver Trays

For a simple, utilitarian object, the sterling silver tray is surprising tough to describe. The sterling silver tray has a few basic designs.

  1. Presentation Tray: The diameter renders this tray the perfect accessory for serving smaller items like dessert liqueurs.
  2. Chippendale Tray: Silver Chippendale is a versatile pattern that works with a wide range of decor.
  3. Scalloped Tray: The beautifully scalloped edges of this sterling silver tray are the work of experienced artisans. These naturally inspired forms are adaptable to traditional settings and particularly popular in seaside environments.
  4. Oval Tray: The playful and casual nature of this design accessorizes a wide variety of styles and environments from traditional to contemporary use.
  5. Classic Banded Tray: Banded design trays come in eight-inch, twelve-inch, or fourteen-inch diameters. Classic banded sterling trays will always be in fashion.
  6. Other Silver Trays: Embossed, ornate, old heritage, traditional sterling silver tray.

The word “Sterling” is the best known and most respected marking for silver ware in use today. Pure silver alone is too soft for everyday use. Copper is the metal commonly used to give “Sterling” it’s added stiffness and wearing qualities. Sterling is often referred to as solid silver.

Decorating Ideas

Your dining companion will enjoy the VIP treatment created by the use of sterling silver serving trays. Perfect for serving hors d’oeuvres and drinks, the tray can also be a stylish way to present your food for that special dinner. Be sure and dress up the tray by using decorations to create a miniature display or scene. Use flowers and greenery for a simple yet charming effect. A vertical floral arrangement makes a great backdrop and bud vases filled with flowers is a classical presentation. Hollow out artichokes or red delicious apples to hold votive candles. When making up a sterling silver tray, be sure to separate the colors. Trays look best when arranged symmetrically. Keep in mind that balance is important, particularly when making a round tray. Make sure all flowers and leaves are clean and safe. For example, don’t use poinsettias because they’re poisonous.

Attuned to Their Senses

Sensual intimacy is based on the idea that by becoming more attuned to our five senses we can develop an increasingly intense seduction. It is about opening yourself to your entire range of senses. Take time and let every feeling seep inside your flesh. A much closer level of intimacy will be deposited in your fond memory bank. Start practicing now and the next time you eat use all your senses! Don’t forget to add a little emotion to stimulate your senses.

  1. Sound: Sit close enough to hear the sounds of food crunching in your mouths. The music will soothe the soul.
  2. Taste: While tasting, close your eyes and see if you know what it is that you have just eaten. Play games with your taste buds.
  3. Sight: Sit up close and gaze into each other’s eyes. The sight of being fed will truly create a memorable romantic meal.
  4. Touch: While sitting close, reach out and touch knees or hold hands. Feel the fork in your hand as you feed your soul mate.
  5. Smell: The aroma of food and the smell of seduction in the air will send a tingle up your spine.

The aim of this game is to use your senses while having fun. Take turns being blindfolded and using your senses. When feeding your lover, place the selection just in front of their lips so that they can smell the aromas. If they are not aware of its presence, very lightly touch the food to their lips. Gently inspire concentrating on the sensations. Encourage them to slide their tongue out, then hold food about an inch above their tongue and let the flavors and textures tempt their senses.

Feed slowly, waiting until they have meticulously savored the previous sensual flavors.

  1. Adventure of Taste: Fruits, vegetables, and some herbs are perfect for stimulating your sense of taste; you can munch your way across the garden during the growing season.
  2. Adventure of Smell: Every cuisine has its own aromas. An area surrounded by the fragrance of roses is a relaxing place to set dinner. Close your eyes and try to smell the exact bouquet of pungent garlic, sweet onions, and ripe tomatoes sizzling in olive oil on the stove, or the exotic aromas of cinnamon and chocolate seductively dancing in a fondue. Are you experiencing even the slightest arousal?
  3. Adventure of Touch: There are many different food textures that you can include in the meal. Some foods are soft, fuzzy, woolly, fluffy, or feel silky in the mouth.
  4. Adventure of Sound: The sounds that a garden makes can create subtle moods in visitors. The sound of a pot bubbling on the stove, soft music, and the crunching of food can create a sense of excitement and activity.

Seduction and Romantic Dinner Silver Tray Recipes

  1. Mediterranean Fruit with Wild Yogurt Platter (Adventure)
  2. Truly Exotic Fruits
  3. Beluga Caviar Platter with Vodka Ceremony (Adventure)
  4. Vodka Shot Ceremonies (Adventure)
  5. Beluga, Osetra, Sevruga, and Red Caviar
  6. Silver or Crystal Presentoir for Caviar
  7. Sultan’s Antipasto Platter (Adventure)
  8.  “Mini” Chateaubriand with Sculpted Vegetables Platter (Adventure)
  9. Lobster Dom Pérignon with White Truffles and Pearls (Adventure)
  10. Prepare the White Truffle Sauce.
  11. White Truffle Sauce
  12. Temptation Mood-Setting Platter (Adventure)

Mediterranean Fruit with Wild Yogurt Platter (Adventure)

Yields two servings.
Use two different types of yogurt with contrasting colors, light and dark. (Hint: Use your hand or small napkins to catch any dribbles that might occur while feeding each other). This is simple, fast, and easy to prepare.

  • ¼ medium RIPE PAPAYA
  • ½ medium RIPE BANANA
  • ½ medium RIPE MANGO
  • 1 medium KIWI
  • 3 large STRAWBERRIES, washed and stems removed
  • ½ cup EXOTIC-FLAVORED YOGURTS, wild raspberry and key lime pie
  • 2 sprigs FRESH MINT, garnish

Wash, peel, pit, dice, and slice the fruit into bite-size pieces. Using a medium-size silver tray, place the fruit in the middle. Next, stir the yogurt with a small spoon until creamy and pour it onto the silver tray in a pool on either side of the fruit. Drizzle a little of the opposing color onto each other for a showy look.

Embellish with fresh mint leaves. Now get ready for a wonderful time: indulge in the pleasurable ritual of feeding each other. Dip fruit into the yogurt and let your lover lick and bite. Take turns closing your eyes and guessing what you are eating. Have them describe what they are eating.

  1. Apple: Curative, immortality and lures love.
  2. Banana: Fertility, vigor, and conquest.
  3. Blueberry: Fortification against sin spirits and displeasure.
  4. Cherry: Be devoted to insight.
  5. Citron: Psychic capacity and health-giving.
  6. Grape: Fertility, devise magic, intellectual influence, and wealth.
  7. Grapefruit: Refreshing and enriching.
  8. Lemon: Attracts joy and generous energies.
  9. Orange: Purification on every stage.
  10. Papaya: It will increase thoughts of seduction.
  11. Peach: The fruit may be of assistance to prevail with his or her spirit.
  12. Pear: When consumed, induces love.
  13. Pineapple: Luck, riches, and chastity.
  14. Raspberry: Raspberry is served as a love-inducing fare.
  15. Strawberry: Strawberries are served as a passion food.
  16. Tangerine: Purification. Awakens pleasure and dissolves lack of enthusiasm.

Julia Knight Classic Yin Yang Bowl, 13-Inch, Mother of Pearl

Truly Exotic Fruits

A must-try exotic fruits for those sizzling nights when you truly need something refreshing and invigorating, a succulent tropical fruit is your best option.

  1. Jackfruit: Jackfruit is typically found in Asia and Australia, and is regarded as one of the biggest tree-borne fruits in the world. The juicy pulp around the seeds has a flavor comparable to pineapple, although it is considerably milder.
  2. Passion Fruit: The passion fruit has a soft, juicy core full of seeds and is often added to juices as flavor enhancements. Similar to a grapefruit and the dark-purple passion fruit (“gulupa”), it is comparable in size to a lemon.
  3. Lychee: Borne of evergreen trees, the lychee (or “litchi”) is a small, white-fleshed fruit enclosed in a red rind. This delicious fruit is grape-like in texture.
  4. Star Fruit: This golden-yellow fruit is crisp and sugary, containing the flavorful essences of pineapples, apples, and kiwis. The fruit is particularly juicy; some individuals even make wines out of it.
  5. Mangosteen: These fruits are purple, velvety, and slightly citrus-like, with a hint of peach. There are even myths about Queen Victoria offering an award to whoever attained her fruit.
  6. Kumquat: The kumquat (or “cumquat”) is a petite, edible fruit that resembles oranges. They are cultivated from a tree related to Citrus trees. Like most of the fruits in the Citrus family, kumquats are typically eaten raw.
  7. Durian: Also known as the “King of Fruits,” the durian has a very pungent odor and unique taste, and is covered by a hard husk. Having a nasty-smelling aroma that is compared to the liquid sprayed by skunks, this fruit is truly distinctive.
  8. Dragon Fruit: The dragon fruit (a.k.a. “strawberry pear” or “pitaya”) is a fruit of several cactus species, possessing a sweet, delicate taste and creamy pulp.
  9. African Cucumber: The African cucumber (a.k.a “horned melon” or “melano”) is a fruit that is best characterized as a melon with horns. Its dark-green pulp is reminiscent of bananas, limes, passion fruits, and cucumbers.
  10. Exotic Vegetables: Heart of palms, artichokes, banana peppers, avocados, and exotic mushrooms are just a few.

Mother of Pearl Silver Plated 3-dish Tray

Pure elegance exudes from this breathtakingly dazzling silver-plated triple utility dish. Primarily designed as an accent piece, this uniquely handcrafted mother of pearl plate also conveniently functions as a mini tray for hors d’oeuvres. It is said that mother of pearls do not alter the delicate taste of fine food, a feature of note for food aficionados. This lovely artisan piece undeniably appeals to all senses and makes it perfect for special occasions. Hand wash only.

Mother of Pearl Silver Plated

Beluga Caviar Platter with Vodka Ceremony (Adventure)

Yields two servings.
A little caviar, a little champagne, soft music with the lights down low create a romantic atmosphere. Take turns feeding each other. Purchase premium imported caviar to insure the best quality. Caviar needs to be served chilled, in a tiny bowl that has been placed on a bed of crushed ice. Choose from the types listed below, based upon your taste: A breathtakingly simple silver plate presentoir highlights the caviar within and maximizes the pleasure of anticipation.

  • 2 chilled HARD BOILED EGGS, peeled
  • 1 medium HEAD RADICCHIO
  • ¼ cup SMALL CAPERS, drained
  • ¼ medium RED ONION, diced fine
  • ¼ cup SOUR CREAM
  • 1-ounce QUALITY CAVIAR
  • 2 LEMON CROWNS, garnish

Chop or shred the hard-boiled eggs into small pieces. Toast the bread, trim off the crust, and cut into points. Cut off the bottom of the radicchio and remove leaves to form four cups. Fill radicchio cups with chopped eggs, capers, onion, and sour cream. Arrange radicchio cups on half of the Sterling Silver Tray. Place the caviar in a small bowl bedded with crushed ice in the middle of the silver tray. Encircle the caviar bowl with the toast points.

Embellish with lemon crowns and parsley sprigs. Do not overlook the vodka, so you can down a couple of shots. You are now ready to indulge in a pleasurable ritual of feeding each other. To fully appreciate the flavor and texture of fine caviar, you should “burst” the eggs with the tip of your tongue against your palate to release the flavor in your mouth.

Serve with Ice-cold Shots of Vodka: For many, the genuine act of drinking vodka constitutes a very special, if not hallowed, ceremony. So, learn the bona fide way of drinking vodka.

Vodka Shot Ceremonies (Adventure)

The shot of chilled vodka (store your bottle in the freezer) is served straight up in an iced 2 ounce glass and is backed up with a traditional nibble―caviar on toast points or pumpernickel bread bites. Have the bites within reach.

Here are a few simply toasting ceremonies for the vodka shots:

  1. Declare a brief tribute, “Na Zdorovie!” (“To Health”). Slope your head back, and down the entire shot. Inhale your bit of bread deeply.
  2. Declare a brief toast, “To your spirits of health and love.” Slope your head back and down the entire shot.
  3. Ceremonially say, “Simply marvelous.” Gasp a deep breath. Slope your head back, and down the entire shot.
  4. Exhale loudly, arousing a tone just short of a full whistle. Slope your head back, and down the entire shot. Whiff a slice of bread in the slow, customary gesture.

To end it say, “It feels great,” or “It went down simply marvelous and fantastic.”

Beluga, Osetra, Sevruga, and Red Caviar

For a long time, only Russian caviar was considered true caviar. Today this distinction has broadened geographically. Caviar currently hails from many unusual locales including Russia, Iran, Bulgaria, America, Europe, and even Latin America.

  • Beluga Caviar: Large grained and very expensive.
  • Osetra Caviar: Small grained, lower in price.
  • Sevruga Caviar: Smallest grained, a prized choice.
  • Red Caviar: Made from salmon roe–not a true caviar; similar to sturgeon caviar; appetizing and modestly priced.

Caviar can be used to garnish fish, soups, sauces, vinaigrettes, dips, and other dishes Chilled champagne is a good option with caviar.

Silver or Crystal Presentoir for Caviar

The finest caviar deserves a presentation of equal quality. A silver or crystal presentoir should dramatically highlight the caviar while keeping it perfectly chilled.

  • Caviar Spoons: Small spoons are essential for serving caviar.
  • Toast Point Tray: Present the customary companion to caviar, foie gras, or smoked salmon–dainty toast points–on a small silver plated or crystal tray.

Caviar is a quality upscale food, and no prominent party would be complete without this special delicacy. While it is easy to prepare and serve caviar, it is important to do it properly. Your guest will appreciate the Caviar much more if it pleases their palate.

Julia Knight Holly Sprig-3 Part Server

Hand made in sand-cast aluminum decorated with trademark blend of enamel infused with crushed mother of pearl.

Sultan’s Antipasto Platter (Adventure)

Yields two servings.
When it’s done right, an antipasto plate will bring a relaxed spirit and friendly, casual conversation to your meal. Whip up a tasteful gourmet sterling silver tray with flavorful cheeses, robust meats, and colorful vegetables that will arouse your taste buds and your lover. Mix and match foods to suit your palate.

  • 4 slices SMOKED SALMON
  • 1 medium FIRE-ROASTED PEPPERS, sliced
  • 2 medium HEART OF PALMS, canned
  • 4 jumbo EXOTIC OLIVES
  • 4 medium ARTICHOKE HEARTS, canned
  • 1 medium HARD-BOILED EGGS, peeled and sliced
  •  SALT and WHITE PEPPER, to taste
  • 1 sprig of FRESH HERB for garnish (thyme, oregano, tarragon, or basil)

Drain asparagus, the heart of palms and artichoke hearts. Cut meats, cheeses, and vegetables into artistic bite-size pieces. Place the lettuce leaves on a large sterling silver tray. Artistically arrange meats, cheeses, vegetables, and eggs on top of them to create your colorful platter.

Drizzle lightly with Fantasy French Dressing and sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Embellish with sprigs of fresh herbs. You are now ready to indulge in the pleasurable ritual of feeding each other.

  • Hints: For added flavor and presentation, serve a couple of different dressings in small serving bowl for dipping.
  • Gourmet Meat Suggestions: Hickory smoked honey ham and peppered  turkey.

 “Mini” Chateaubriand with Sculpted Vegetables Platter (Adventure)

Yields two servings.
This “occasion” steak should be sliced across the grain and enjoyed with good wine and good company. Serve with sculpted fresh vegetables and streaks of artistically arranged sauce to adorn the meat. All of these little touches add up to an enchanting experience.

  • Sculpted Vegetables
  • 1 small CARROT, peeled
  • ½ medium ZUCCHINI
  • ½ medium YELLOW SQUASH
  • ½ medium RED BELL PEPPER, cut into 1-inch wedges
  • ½ medium YELLOW BELL PEPPER, cut into 1-inch wedges
  • 2 tablespoons BUTTER
  • 3 tablespoons OLIVE OIL
  • Citrus-Herb Seasoning
  • ½ tablespoon LEMON PEEL, grated
  • ½ tablespoon OLIVE OIL
  • ½ teaspoon DRIED THYME LEAVES
  • ¾ teaspoon SALT
  • 1 SLICE LEMON, garnish

Wash vegetables and using a small paring knife, prepare sculpted vegetables by cutting the vegetables into mini sticks about 2-inches long and ½-inch wide. Cook sculpted vegetables in a small pot of boiling water 2 to 3 minutes or until they are tender yet crunchy. Drain and set to the side.

Trim tenderloin if necessary and pound lightly to circular shape of even thickness. Tie around the outside with butcher’s string. Combine Citrus-Herb Seasoning ingredients reserving ½ teaspoon for vegetables. Rub remaining seasoning evenly into surface of beef tenderloin.

Add oil or butter to a heavy-bottomed saucepan over high heat. Add the beef tenderloin and sear both sides to contain juices. Reduce heat to medium and cook three to four minutes per side or until meat thermometer reads 135°F., for medium. Remove from pan and set aside, loosely covered with tinfoil, to rest. Meanwhile sauté sculpted vegetables with oil and reserved seasoning in heavy-bottomed saucepan approximately 3 to 4 minutes.

When ready to serve, place chateaubriand on your Silver Tray. Artistically place sculpted vegetables and any rice or potato accompaniments around the chateaubriand. Embellish with lemon slice and fresh herb sprigs. At service time, slice the beef evenly on a slight diagonal bias.

With the candlelight flickering and the romantic music playing softly, turn off the lights and place the Sterling Silver Tray on the table. You are now ready to indulge in the pleasurable ritual of feeding each other.

Lobster Dom Pérignon with White Truffles and Pearls (Adventure)

Yields two servings.
This classic presentation will highlight your culinary skills. You take the lobster tails out of their shells and coat them with a francaise mix. Then you make a sauce with champagne and top it all with white Truffles. A luxurious meal for a very special occasion.

  • Pearl of Vegetables
  • 1 small CARROT, peeled
  • ½ medium ZUCCHINI
  • ½ medium YELLOW SQUASH
  • Francaise Mix
  • 1 large EGG
  • 2 tablespoons PARMESAN CHEESE, grated
  • 1 teaspoon FRESH PARSLEY, chopped fine
  • SALT and WHITE PEPPER, to taste
  • WHITE TRUFFLE SAUCE, gastronomical treasure
  • 2 LEMON CROWNS, garnish

Prepare pearls of vegetables by washing carrot, zucchini, and yellow squash. Using a small melon baller, scoop from the skin-side of the vegetables, so these pearls will show mostly flesh, with a little green or yellow skin color. Cook pearls in a small pot of boiling water 2 to 3 minutes or until they are tender yet crunchy. Drain and set to the side.

Prepare Francaise mix by cracking egg into a medium mixing bowl and whisking. Add Parmesan cheese and parsley. Whisk thoroughly.

Prepare lobsters by removing the tail meat from the shells (leave bodies on while doing this). Lay lobsters flat, belly side up, and using a sharp knife, butterfly from inside out. Fan out a little too each side.

Warm oil in a large sauté pan over moderate heat. Combine flour with salt and pepper to taste. Hold lobster by tails and dredge bodies with flour on all sides (Do not coat tails.) Next, dip lobsters, except tails, in Francaise mix to coat. Place lobsters in sauté pan and cook 3 to 4 minutes on each side or until a light golden-brown. Remove the lobsters and place on paper towels. If lobsters are not yet cooked, place in oven at 250°F., until done.

Prepare the White Truffle Sauce.

Using a medium Sterling Silver Tray artistically lay out the Lobster Dom Pérignon with Pearls of Vegetables. Next place cooked lobster tails on Sterling Silver Tray and pour the White Truffle Sauce over the top. Take reheated pearls of vegetables and sprinkle around on top of lobster.

Embellish with lemon crowns and parsley sprigs. You are now ready to indulge in the pleasurable ritual of eating lobster and fresh pearls of vegetables with the one you desire.

White Truffle Sauce

Yields a fourth of a cup.
To truly make this a special dish, add fresh white shaved truffles. The white truffle might smell like earth, tree roots, and old cheese, but this sensual object of desire is very famous for its aroma, taste, and aphrodisiac qualities. For centuries, people have travelled from near and far just to savor a little piece.

  • 1 teaspoon OLIVE OIL
  • 1 medium SHALLOT, minced
  • 1 tablespoon RICE VINEGAR
  • ¼ cup CHAMPAGNE
  • 3 tablespoons HEAVY CREAM
  • ¼ cup UNSALTED BUTTER, cut into tablespoons, room temperature
  • ½ tablespoon WHITE TRUFFLE OIL
  • ½ tablespoon WHITE or BLACK TRUFFLE SLICES, packed in oil
  • SALT and PEPPER to taste

In a heavy bottom saucepan, add olive oil and place over medium high heat. Add minced shallots and sauté until translucent. Add rice vinegar and champagne and reduce until of syrupy consistency. Add heavy cream and reduce until thick and syrupy. Turn heat down to medium and whisk in butter one tablespoon at a time until fully incorporated. Finish sauce by adding truffle oil, sliced truffles and salt and pepper. Set the sauce aside until ready to use. Sauce must be kept in a warm place–not too hot or too cold or sauce will break.

Temptation Mood-Setting Platter (Adventure)

Yields two servings.
A magical charm is spoken to put someone under the power of another, hence the original meaning of spellbound. You have to experience a mood-setting display in order to fully understand and appreciate “Sharing Adventure.”

  • 1 bottle CHILLED CHAMPAGNE (optional) or special beverage of choice
  • 8 medium MARASCHINO CHERRIES with stems
  • 2 hours ROMANTIC DANCE MUSIC, nonstop

Prepare the Black and White Chocolate-Covered Strawberries and the Chocolate-Covered Kiwi and Pineapple. When done set to the side.

Place the following on a very large silver tray: an ice bucket, champagne, and two crystal glasses with fresh raspberries inside. Next, place Black and White Chocolate-Covered Strawberries along with the Chocolate-Covered Kiwi and Pineapple on the tray along with the whipped topping and maraschino cherries.

Place on a romantically set table until ready to make your sensual move. After dinner help each other with the dishes and clean up. Then go in the living room, turn on the music, light the candles, and turn off all lights. Open the champagne and fill glasses. While sipping on champagne take turns feeding each other, talking, dancing, and enjoying the experience. It is special when spent with the one you desire.

Suggested Dippers: Fresh or dried fruit, vanilla wafers, Ladyfingers, plain cookies, potato chips, and pretzel.

It is important to realize that “they” be captivated by rituals―you know; “our song,” our “something” that has special meaning amidst the two of you. Feeding them can be transformed into a romantic ritual simply by setting the intention “to connect with them.” Make it fun, make it exciting, and learn to experiment.

“What keeps me motivated is not the food itself but all the bonds and memories the food represents.”
– Michael Chiarello

“You see, by experiencing that new food, that new taste, that new texture, that new gourmet experience, your culinary life will change. With it, your whole universe will change.”
– Chef Lonnie

Laugh, Cry, Scream, or Tremble

Since the beginning of time, no matter how perfectly structured your seduction may be, if you can’t induce laughter, crying, screaming, or trembling in your lover, you won’t be a success in creating a fairy tale seduction that is worthy of caring about. Essentially, your seduction won’t work. Ancient chronicles overflow with accounts of movements of deep-rooted emotions, and passionate sparks of individuals’ inner flames! The concept of emotion itself is a deep force, ignited by a phenomenon either inside or outside the body. Along with it comes the stimulation of the brain and nervous system; as a result, they arouse the feelings, mindset, and drive that motivate us to take action.

Just like in any dance, timing is of the essence, being more significant than the moves or steps. Knowing the correct time at which to take steps is not just a matter of deciding what moment is the right moment during which a move should be composed; rather, it is a matter of knowing how to elicit heated emotions from the object of your adoration.

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