The Essence of Action

Getting a person ripe for romantic success requires the dance of essence, an action ritual. Never pick a fruit until it is ripe. If you pick it too soon, it is hard and bitter; but if you wait until it is ripe, it falls off in your hand, and is so very sweet. The Essence of Action teaches you how, when, and where to find this balance between immediate action and primed patience.

Between attending school, caring for kids, cleaning the house, going to work, watching TV, using the computer, sleeping, talking on the phone, dealing with problems, watching your pets, and whatever else you come up with, you may feel that you have no time for romance! On a piece of paper, draw a line down the middle; on the left side, list all the reasons why you’re too busy to be romantic and seductive. This is the responsible side of the Essence of Action. Now, on the right side, list all the reasons why you should be romantic and seductive. This is the go-get-’em side of the Essence of Action. More than ever, you see the need for the Essence of Action to obtain good balance in your life.

Get rid of everything that wastes your time, no matter how reluctant. In fact, if you are reluctant to get rid of something that you know to be wasteful and useless, examine the reasons why and find another outlet. Use the metaphorical and the real trash cans liberally. Apply the maxim, “When in doubt, throw it out.”

Still not sure what the Essence of Action is? Essence, according to the dictionary, is the set of characteristic attributes that make us human, the core of who we are. This essence is contrasted by the actions we have learned to take and the beliefs with which we nourish our intellect during the growing stages of our lives. If you feed your intellect with beliefs that you cannot do something, the essence of your soul will absorb and believe it. Nourish your essence with action and a “Yes I Can” attitude, and your essence will cultivate this positive energy; you will magically sense the change in your soul.

The Traits of the Essence of Action

Here are six Essence of Action ingredients that every relationship should have and ever person deserves. If we become more responsible in our actions, we can maintain peace, order and happiness in all of our interactions. By taking action now, you are putting yourself in charge of your quality of life by rediscovering your personal vision and purpose.

Essence of Appreciation: Learn to overlook the flaws of personality in yourself and others; appreciate the good qualities that each of you possesses. Cherish the little things and the big things, and speak aloud your appreciation.

Essence of Responsibility: Take responsibility for your action and inaction alike. When the burden falls on your shoulders, bear it nobly and well.

Essence of Understanding: Be sensitive to others’ emotions and do not presume to know all the answers. Instead of believing that your point of view is always the correct one, turn off your inner critic and truly listen to the stories of those around you.

Essence of Respect: Learn to respect the feelings of others, and respect your own as well. Trust your gut instincts, while taking into account the beliefs of your peers.

Essence of Caring: Respond to the needs of your mate or significant other (or even your friends). This gives them validation as someone special to you, particularly if the way you show that you care is unique to that person and his or her preferences.

Essence of Passion: Settle your heart with the fact that passion is not judgmental. Embrace the knowledge that though we may be different, there is something innate in all of us that makes us alike.

Improve Your Life with Action

Here are significant ways to get the ball rolling and engage in the Essence of Action:

Get organized. If your life is in shambles, you will never know when you have the time and resources to press the pause button and engage in spontaneous romantic activities. Turn off the TV. Television is an unnecessary distraction. If you want to live a life, don’t do so vicariously through the screen; go out and live! Read a romantic non-fiction book. Armed with useful tips, you can go out and woo in a whole new way.

Do something nice for a neighbor, friend, or relative. The feel-good high you get from helping someone else without expecting anything back will give you new insight into the joy of life.

Booze, cigarettes, and gambling are good candidates for elimination, for starters. Put the funds you don’t spend into constructive things, like healthier food, an extra comedy show, a family outing with your parents. Use this opportunity to think about ways you can take actions to improve your life, your health, your career, and your relationships.

Stretch Yourself with Reading

Relationship books teach you how to attract the right partner and nurture a lasting, loving union. In today’s social and economic realities, marriage and family therapists generally agree that couples who choose to move forward instead of allowing something small to implode the relationship tend to develop happier, more successful relationships. Therefore, hang in there. Read relationship books, grow through their advice, and reach for the stars.

As you read, you will undoubtedly change your views, outlook, and values, which will in turn change your life and your destiny.

Whether you enjoy sitting at the kitchen table with a cup of tea, or cuddling up under the covers, read and find inspiration and empowerment!

Hope and Commitment

Only you can decide what you want to improve in yourself. The key to success is a strong desire to achieve the improvement. Dedication and hard work are required, like with anything, and you will encounter difficulties. Believe in yourself and maintain your hope, commitment, and determination.

We often have to face something that stops us from taking action, obstacles both living and inanimate. It may be a traumatic event or life stressor, or a fear of something; fear of failure, fear of rejection, and more. In the face of all adversaries, you must maintain your hope that a brighter tomorrow lies one dreamless sleep away.

Remaining in motion is the only way you will reach your destination. You can take shortcuts, you can take a faster vehicle, or you can get a map to identify the shortest path. Whatever you choose to do, the most important thing is to keep moving, because stopping means you’ve given up, and your heart and mind will slowly admit defeat, too.

Each of us fears something different. To truly understand the reasons we fear failure; we must discover what it is about the essence of failure that bothers us. Take action today. Self-discover and identify your fears. Step away from your vices and the things that draw your attention away from your goals. Believe in the Essence of Action.

They yearn for a challenge, and they don’t want to assume that all you have is them.

  1. Show the way.
  2. Have other passions.
  3.  Have a purpose.
  4.  Be high status.
  5. Don’t amend who you are.