Bad Boy

Bad boys are a challenge, and women love obstacles and a challenge. They also like men with confidence. They like guys who go their way and do their own thing. They want their man not to care about what other people think about them. They value strength and know their man will protect them in a dangerous situation. While everyone is different, these are some of the things that women are drawn toward.

Bad Boy: Rebellious Nature

When you pursue someone that you like despite the difficulties that separate you, you hope the results make your efforts are worthwhile. Learn how to be swaggering but not arrogant. You do not want to overdo it. At the same time, be humorous (funny)! Successful dating is a proven mixture of these ingredients. It is tempting to both women and men, in romantic and non-romantic acquaintanceships alike. Try being a bad boy by adding some spunk to your style. Your goal is to get your potential mate to think: Boy, this dude is mighty different! If you don’t find your life interesting and exciting, why would anyone want to be part of it?

You don’t need to go around being bad or naughty in everything you do, but you can learn to be deliberate in your actions. Be different, and play hard to get. Balance cockiness and attitude with the right combination of playfulness and humor, and you will have harnessed the charm of naughty, almost as if you had a unique spell!

Why Do Women Love Bad Boys?

Another thing about ‘bad boys’ is that they often seem more physical – even if they get into many fights. Similarly, they might have more idea of dressing fashionably if they’re wrong because they’re lady’s men. Put some work into your physical appearance and dress sense, and you’ll compete on that level.

  1. He did what he wanted when he wanted to, regardless of what anyone else thought.

The Bad Boys Theory

Bad boys are well-composed and self-assured. They understand that dating is about having fun and genuinely do not care what others think. The bad boy attitude screams power, the intensity of character, confidence, rebellious nature, and a too-high sensual appeal.

Some men do not understand the craft of seduction and end up being total jerks. But women do not like jerks. They may, however, be attracted to qualities that many jerks possess. And that’s what you want to do―exude those sexy qualities without stooping to unkind words and behavior. It is not the looks you have, but the attitude, confidence, and approach you dish out to win the dating game.

Unlock Bad Boy SECRETS
  • The bad boy does not fight for approval; the bad boy is not battling for acceptance; the bad boy does is not trying to prove anything to anyone.
Beast to Prince Charming Theory

The good girl is tired of the same old thing from ordinary men, and so focuses her pursuit on the bad boy. The bad boy is the alpha male, and so the good girl seeks to please the beast by keeping things mysterious and entertaining. The beast falls for the good girl in her mission to win him over. She has won him over finally when he converts to Prince Charming!

To recap Beast to Prince Charming theory: as the good girl falls for the bad boy and the bad boy falls for her in turn, he alters his entire way of life. This fulfills the need of many women to fix a man and turn him to the right side.

Attractive Bad Boy Elements

The bad boy knows how to initiate a lively interest from the start and maintain it throughout the relationship.

Highly Attractive Bad Boy Elements: Excitement, Drama, Mystery, Sociability, Impulsiveness, Control, Rebellion, Sexual Poise, and Fantasy.

  • More sex! When you have women hitting on you, you’ll be the one rejecting THEM.
  • Show your best traits and hide your body flaws (hanging belly, too short, too skinny, etc.). Sneaky, I know, but girls do this ALL THE TIME!
  • Have people treat you better and enjoy your company more. Hey, you look great! – You’ll hear this a lot.
  • You’ll feel confident day in and day out, and opportunities will finally start coming your way. Your suggestions and decisions will weigh more.
  • Put your career into high gear. Use your image and charisma to help attain your financial goals.

STOP making those mistakes! Transform yourself into the man that every woman is desperately searching for. Nice guys finish last with females because they don’t spark attraction with their lame and mundane tendencies. 

You want to exude the air of a bad boy, who:
“Is confident around ladies;
Is very confident around other guys;
Understands how to flirt appropriately and politely;
Knows how to be challenging without getting overly aggressive;

Energize Your Bad Boy Skills

Whether or not you’ve been here before, we can help you find what you’re looking for.

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