Cupids Arrow

Whether you consider yourself a Don Juan or a seductive mistress, attraction is the mystery that the mind conjures up after being struck by Cupids arrow. There is power in the meaning of this cupids arrow. 

Cupids Arrow: Feel Safe, Sexy, Beautiful, and Powerful

We have all been struck by Cupids arrow at some point in our lives. “It was love at first sight,” or, “I can’t get you out of my mind,” we thought. Here is some mythological insight into Cupids arrow magic:

Cupid is one of the gods in Roman mythology. He is the force that inspires love. Cupid is the Roman counterpart to the Greek god Eros. His name comes from the Latin word Cupido, which means “desire, passion, yearning, wanting, or longing.” In Latin, Cupid is known as Amor. The Latin word Amor means “love, infatuation, or passion.” Cupids arrows invoke desire and irresistible attraction.

Cupids Arrow

Cupids Arrow vs. a Little Red Devil with a Pitchfork

Be careful! You might think you have been struck by Cupids arrow when in reality it is the jab of a little red devil’s pitchfork. The abracadabra of seduction develops between two partners in six different stages. For seduction to endure, each level must blossom.

Let’s break it down into the stages:

  1. Mystery (Visible and Stirring Fascination).
  2. Courtship (Self-Seeking vs. Unselfish Affection).
  3. Intensity (The Birth of Sexual Desire).
  4. Intimacy (Pure Sacred Trust).
  5.  Dedication (Through the Pleasurable and the Dreadful).
  6. Attraction (Forging of the Arrows).

Cupids Arrow

The First Stirrings of a Cupids Arrow

Fascination manifests itself in two forms: visible (physical) and stirring (emotional).

  1. Attraction Visible: This type of fascination transpires when your body reacts to the stimulation imposed upon it by another person. For instance, your heart may palpitate uncontrollably or your core temperature rise.
  2. Attraction Stirring: This type of fascination will develop internally over time. After being drawn to a person physically, you then begin to engage in intimate conversation. If you discover you have things in common, then an emotional fascination takes over, a stirring of the soul. For instance, you feel the urge to text the person something sweet even though you just hung up the phone with them or thought about them all day long at work. A stirring fascination can take place even when a visible fascination does not.
Courtship: Warring Against the Selfish Nature

Courtship is the act of trying to influence or gain the esteem of another by showing them lavish attention. It is the etiquette of understanding a person with more in mind.

Selfish courtship and romance will quickly die out. Selfless courtship and romance will endure and stand the trials of time. Because courtship and romance is an “abracadabra act,” one we use to appeal to the person we pursue right at the start, those who have been in a relationship for some length of time start taking our mates for granted. With a little abracadabra, you can recreate the fire and the passion that initially brought you and your lover together.

Intensity Births Desire

At this stage, the desire for intimate physical contact has grown to an acuteness that cannot be overlooked. This intensity births what we commonly call desire, a lust for the flesh and its pleasures.

The intensity stage is very serious. The emotional desire does not go away, but if the physical desire is properly nurtured, it becomes the next stage.

The Pure, Sacred Trust of Intimacy

Intimacy is a connection with another person of the deepest nature. The elements of intimacy cannot be obtained instantly, but instead comes over time through knowing your partner on a higher level. You are now connecting with one another emotionally, physically and intellectually. You hide nothing; the relationship is pure and sacred.

There is nothing that you cannot express to this person. You share your deepest reflections, your emotions, and your visions.

Through the Pleasurable and the Dreadful

Dedication is a covenant to endure all things with your mate. You can dedicate yourself to anything you want, but you are not going to be good at it unless you are passionate about it. Your dedication must be from your heart and soul before you speak it.

Once you have pledged yourself, remain true throughout both pleasurable and dreadful times. Passion is needed to ensure that your relationship has longevity. You will recognize dedication and passion as two elements working towards the same positive end goal.

Cupids Arrow

The Arrows are Forged: Abracadabra (Attraction)!

A master archer knows how crucial it is that each arrow is forged and aimed with precision. A cupids arrow is simple enough to shoot, but time and effort into the proper alignment bring heavenly rewards. The correct forging of the attraction arrows in our lives is what makes life taste pleasurable. Our taste buds tell us when there is too much salt in a dish, and equally when something is too spicy or too bitter.

A true seducer makes his or her process look so easy. To the distant observer, it seems as though the seducer is nonchalantly tossing in an arrow dash of this and an arrow pinch of that. Realistically, however, it is experience and wisdom that allows the seducer to work without exact measurements.

Smidgens, dash, pinch, are all jargon terms that reflect the way people cook and dine. These words describe the way you should sprinkle the seduction and romantic dinners into your life for that special someone.

Use words like tad (a very small amount), dash (an ambiguous portion), pinch (to restrain or limit narrowly), smidgen (a tiny bit), drop (a small volume), and hint (just an indication) when speaking to your lover. For example:

“Baby, after the movie, can I have a drop of your lovin’ tonight?
 “My love, can you rub my back just a tad bit harder?
Mmmm, all I need is a pinch and I’m hypnotized.”

Such language will drive your lover wild knowing he or she can capture you with just the smallest portion of themselves. Imagine what their complete self will do to you!

How often do we conduct a telephone conversation with a potential lover and look forward to the next? How many times to we go out on a first date and daydream about the second? When we do this, secretly and subconsciously, we are nurturing our deepest spring of hope. We hope that it will work out between ourselves and our newfound love. You devote your thoughts, tender heart, a kindred spirit, and whole body in hopes that your entire commitment will be much appreciated. The magic factor is hope! It stirs up the divine and aides in comprehending the uniqueness of relationships. Hope that is seen is not hope at all. For if we see a thing, why do we hope for it?

“If, however, we hope for what we do not see, we then wait for it in patience. When pleasure is found in simply imagining the realization of things hoped for, this is identical to already attaining it, for such as a person believeth, so it shall be.”

“Hope & Faith” Secrets

Thus, hope is a mysterious, life-giving force that can arouse our transcendent thoughts and emotions and keep us courageously laboring for the best outcome. Without hope, your spirit, your soul, is just an empty cavity. Every man and woman long for constant companionship, interpersonal communication, increased sensitivity, deep compassion and understanding, genuine affection, and active encouragement? We are all human, and regardless of socio-economic background, the hope that we shall one day feel great love fills our spirits and dwells within everyone of us.

Believing That You are Worthy

How many of you have ever thought about the connection between believing in yourself and having a better relationship? Your faith is what you firmly believe, not what you can see and feel. Faith is an intense excitement and an immense enthusiasm, a treasure we must fully embrace on the delightful voyage of life. Faith is the key that unlocks our hearts to express the inexpressible in spontaneous ways. Faith’s mission is to piece together the puzzle that we create in our own selves and existence. Without faith, we sometimes give up! You cannot see it, but you can see the light burning bright. Belief determines how much strength remains for the final stretch.

“Faith is the motivating force of your belief; you can gain or lose health, friends, loved ones, and more, depending on the strength of your faith.”

Attraction with Intriguing Advances

If a person experiences pleasure every time they are in your company, they will continue to seek you out. The key ingredient to a good time is entertainment. By transforming the evening into a truly magical and unbelievably pleasurable time, you will be actively seducing your partner.

When a person is having fun, the body releases a chemical in the body called dopamine. We shall touch upon this later in the book.


Cupids Arrow

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