When you recognize that your world is a direct manifestation of your state of mind, feelings, actions, and the presence or lack of, it becomes easier to look in the mirror and start shifting your path of destiny. Changing your mind and your attitude about life, filling yourself up with positive energies in every moment―these are decisive first steps towards taking responsibility for your destiny.

“The secret of success is learning how to control pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure control you. If you can master this, you are in control of your life.”.

Seeking Your Destiny

The romance is about passion, emotion, and seduction. The involvement of the main characters as an ideal, the plots are discovered in the journeys of seduction. The search for affection is always the primary focus of the story. Often, lovers in screen romances face obstacles of family hardship, financial woes, racial or social class conflicts, professional troubles, or psychological restraints that threaten to shatter their quest to attain affection.

If we are to find someone willing to be wooed by us forever, we must become all we want a soul mate to be. Someone once said that to be romanced and to be loved is the essential desire of human beings. Forming a relationship that is passionate, joyful, fun, exciting, and without conflict occupies the thoughts of most single men and women daily.

Destiny is a State of Mind

Understand why you are where you are. You have so many doors open to you, so many choices; why have you selected the particular ones that brought you here? Why has the magical door in your mind led you here and not somewhere else? Is this where you want to be? If not, what has stopped you from pursuing that which would bring you the most happiness?

“I feel wonderful, superior, awesome, exciting, passionate, growing, fulfilling, fascinating, and romantic.”

Every thought you compose and every remark you make should be an affirmation of yourself and others. All of our ego-talk and inner dialogue is a stream of promises, for better or worse. Our beliefs are learned thought patterns that have been under development since infancy. Many of these work well for us, but others may now be plotting against us. They are dysfunctional and could sabotage our attempts to achieve our goals.

Shifting Your Destiny

How do we shift that magical door to show us the way to personal growth and success? Study authors who are foremost authorities in the psychology of personal and professional development. 

Highly Respected Authors on Growth: Zig Ziglar; Jim Rohn; Napoleon Hill; Dr. Norman Vincent Peale; Les Brown; Chris Widener; Marcia Wieder; Patrick Combs; John Gray; Jeff Keller; Richard Carlson; Tom Peters; Robin Sharma; “Captain” Bob Smith; Sheila Murray Bethel; Rosemarie Rossetti; Brian Tracy; Art Berg; Tony Robbins; Dr. Wayne W. Dyer; Bob Burg; Ken Blanchard; Barbara Deangelis; Tom Hopkins; Eric Lofholm; John Bradshaw; Richard Boles; Tony Alessandra; Warren Bennis; Jim Donovan; Jerry Clark.

Read one book every three months or so, leaving time to digest the information you’ve your given, and soon your new views will dissolve the fears and sorrows that stopped you, and you will live full of perpetual joy and contentment.

Self-Fulfilling Destiny

Taking action does not create something we don’t yet have. Everything we intend ever to have is already made; movement is a means by which it manifests into physical reality. Action is the act of receiving.

“You are the only one accountable for your success or failure. No alibi or circumstance gets you off the hook. When you put your whole heart and effort into believing in something, it will come true.”

Faith to Hope Destiny

In our darkest times, we seek that shred of hope that we will get by, that we will endure. When we cannot make sense of the misfortunes and obstacles that obstruct our paths, we turn to faith to guide us and bring us hope.

But hope empowers us to fight through hard times. We must believe there is hope to survive. A modest shift in attitude can restore hope and enthusiasm to our lives.

Hope & Faith Secrets

Thus, hope is a mysterious, life-giving force that can arouse our transcendent thoughts and emotions and keep us courageously laboring for the best outcome. Without hope, your spirit, your soul, is just an empty cavity. 

Believing that you are Worthy

How many of you have ever thought about believing in yourself and having a better relationship? 

“Faith is the motivating force of your belief; you can gain or lose health, friends, loved ones, and more, depending on the strength of your faith.”

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