When you recognize that your world is a direct manifestation of your state of mind, feelings, actions, and presence or lack of, it becomes easier to look in the mirror and start shifting your path of destiny. Changing your mind and your attitude about life, filling yourself up with positive energies in every moment―these are powerful first steps towards taking responsibility for your own destiny. It will take a commitment, dedication, and abundance of self-love to get a disaster-stricken, unloving life back on track, but someone with the right determination and heart can accomplish it.
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“The secret of success is learning how to control pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure control you. If you can master this, you are in control of your life.”

One of the greatest and most freeing discoveries for anyone is the realization that you can alter your life by changing where the magical door in your mind will lead. Make an effort to see everything in a positive light, to resuscitate your vibrant attitude. Even the most negative event can be transformed into something positive, if you search hard enough for the silver lining. If you fight with your loved one, remind yourself that your relationship is strong enough to survive a few storms―besides, there’s always the joys of making up!

Therefore, a great attitude means getting up in the morning and eagerly anticipating the end of your breakfast, your exercise time, the moment you step out of the house, the moment you come back home. This is the law of nature: when we put forth an effort, both in belief and in action, the universe will give us what we deserve and desire.
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To rise above mediocrity, learn from your mistakes, something many people cannot bring themselves to do. Carry on, and under no circumstances quit altogether. This is the secret formula for taking powerful action that will guide you to accomplish those enormous goals in your life.

Seeking Your Soul Mate

The romance genre centers around passion, emotion, and seduction, lifting up the devoted involvement of the main characters as an ideal; the plots are found in the journeys of seduction. The search for affection is always the primary focus of the plot. Oftentimes, lovers in screen romances face obstacles of family hardship, financial woes, racial or social class conflicts, professional troubles, or psychological restraints that threaten to shatter their quest to attain affection.

Rather than wait for our perfect mate to appear while we remain static, we work on ourselves and concentrate on our personal and spiritual growth, separate from dependency on others. In your mind or on paper, describe the type of relationship and mate that you want. We all share a deep, primal longing for a perfect union, a concept that has been labeled “soul mate” in recent years.

If we are to find someone willing to be wooed by us forever, we must become all that we want a soul mate to be. Someone once said that to be romanced and to be loved is the essential desire of human beings. Forming a relationship that is passionate, joyful, fun, exciting, and without conflict occupies the thoughts of most single men and women on a daily basis.

Love is by nature not a solitary quest, but to successfully navigate the mazes of romance, one must accept that he or she is the one in control. According to the Buddha, man himself is the maker of his own destiny. He has no one to blame for what he encounters, since he alone is responsible for his own life. He makes his own life for better or for worse. Remember the mantra: reverse the control of pain and pleasure so that you are the master, and control of your life will be in your hands.

Change Your State of Mind

Understand why you are where you are. You have so many doors open to you, so many choices; why have you selected the particular ones that brought you here? Why has the magical door in your mind led you here, and not somewhere else? Is this where you want to be? If not, what has stopped you from pursuing that which would bring you the most happiness?

Begin to change your attitude by spending a day celebrating what you have, including your strengths. Cherish your every decision as a step towards who you can now claim to be, and focus on the road ahead.

But before you push forward in this book, take a few seconds to complete an exercise that will help change your state of mind and heighten your energy level. Act now. Start by repeating the following statement five times. Add to it any positive adjectives or traits you have trouble acknowledging in yourself but know, deep down, are part of who you are.

“I feel wonderful, superior, awesome, exciting, passionate, growing, fulfilling, fascinating, and romantic.”

Every thought you compose and every remark you make should be an affirmation, of yourself and others. All of our ego-talk and inner dialogue is a stream of affirmations, for better or worse. Our beliefs are simply learned thought patterns that have been under development since infancy. Many of these work well for us, but others may now be plotting against us. They are dysfunctional, and could sabotage our attempts to achieve our goals.

The subconscious uses our learned behavior patterns to automatically react and respond to everyday occurrences. Our beliefs and behavioral codes enable us to respond to circumstances quickly and easily. This can be a huge hindrance, however, if an old belief rears up and threatens to step in the way of your progress. Change the way you think, reprogram your mind and remove the old negative beliefs that have been sabotaging you repeatedly throughout your life.

You may want to craft a Statement of Light, a poetic line that sums up your newfound beliefs about the playful nature of life. Speak it to yourself while you’re working, while you’re playing, before you fall asleep.

A Statement of Light may look like this: Life is a fantasy, filled with delightful surprises. My life is a dream full of romance, humor, fun and friendships. I choose to open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life.”

Shifting the Magical Door

How do we shift that magical door to show us the way to personal growth and success? Study authors who are highly respected as foremost authorities in the psychology of personal and professional growth. Each author shares exciting advice and ideas from their chosen field of motivation and self-improvement. As you read and study what experts have to say, you will undoubtedly change your views, outlook, and values―and that will in turn inspire great changes in your life.

Highly Respected Authors on Growth: Zig Ziglar; Jim Rohn; Napoleon Hill; Dr. Norman Vincent Peale; Les Brown; Stephen Covey; Chris Widener; Marcia Wieder; Patrick Combs; John Gray; Jeff Keller; Richard Carlson; Tom Peters; Robin Sharma; “Captain” Bob Smith; Tony Jeary; Sheila Murray Bethel; Rosemarie Rossetti; Brian Tracy; Art Berg; Tony Robbins; Dr. Wayne W. Dyer; John Harricharan; Bob Burg; Ken Blanchard; Barbara Deangelis; Tom Hopkins; Eric Lofholm; Denis Waitley; Mark Victor Hansen; John Bradshaw; Og Mandino; Richard Boles; Tony Alessandra; Warren Bennis; Roger Dawson; Jim Donovan; Jerry Clark.

Read one book every three months or so, leaving time to digest the information you’ve been given, and soon your new views will dissolve the fears and sorrows that stopped you, and you will live full of perpetual joy and contentment.


Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Taking action does not create something we don’t yet have. Everything we intend to ever have is already created; action is a means by which it manifests into physical reality. Action is the act of receiving.

Your home is where quality time should be put into action. Start with quality time before dinner, sharing a beverage and a conversation. Cook together, serve dinner together, and clean up together.

Take action now! Use this time in your lover’s presence to talk. This is not ordinary table talk; this is a time to set aside work complaints or family problems and become a good listener and friend. Do not pick on each other; if there is resentment brewing, discuss problems you may have. Set aside time together to focus on each other, especially later in a relationship; treat these moments as if you’d just met and are in the early stages of conversing.

Take charge of your life now. Take responsibility for your own life by writing the script of what you desire and deserve through your actions. Believe in cause and effect, and have the philosophy that life is a do-it-yourself project.

“You are the only one accountable for your success or failure. There is no alibi or circumstance that gets you off the hook. When you put your whole heart and effort into believing in something, it will come true.”

Act Now!

Learning how to project a mysterious persona requires continual practice. Start today. Act now. Repeat the following statements aloud three times:

“Look mysterious, act mysterious, be mysterious. Talk mysteriously, gaze mysteriously, and smile mysteriously. Mystery is my mode of living.  Mystery is my default. I am mysterious.”

In the film “Pretty Woman,” Richard Gere’s character rides down the street outside the top of the limo, coming to rescue his princess, played by Julia Roberts. Gere overcomes his fear of heights, scaling the fire escape to confess his love to Julia. Such a heroic feat of change and bravery steals your lover’s heart every time.

Most of the time, we are captivated by our essence as it seems to be, and do not recognize the true nature of who we really are and all we could be. We forget to embrace change, and don’t engage fully enough in the journey.

Subject to Blunder

The idea behind a self-fulfilling prophecy is that you will work towards the outcome you believe will occur, good or bad. For instance, if you were to believe the (erroneous) idea that you will never have a relationship and nobody will respect you, the self-fulfilling prophecy theory states that you will shape reality to that end by indulging in behaviors that show you believe it to be true. When you encounter something in your world, you subconsciously evaluate it, and this evaluation leads to a belief. If you want to change your reaction towards specific encounters in your life, you need to give your belief system a facelift, either by making a direct and conscious effort to change specific views, or by changing your system of evaluation.

If you are to prosper in relationships with women or men, you need to remove your frightening or negative beliefs about them. Fill the void you’ve just created with beliefs that are in your favor, ones that will produce success for you as self-fulfilling prophecies. First, accept that we as human beings are error-prone and subject to blunder. Can you embrace this? You must because it is the truth. You will mess up, and your significant other will mess up; it is in human nature. Messing up doesn’t have to be the start of a downward spiral, however.

When we tell our mind something enough times, we will start to believe it. Repeating dangerously bad affirmations such as “I am not an attractive individual” in your mind as you go about your life will eventually bring you to conclude that you are ugly and no one could ever be attracted to you. If someone were to show signs of attraction, you would believe them to be fake, and in your rejection of their compliments and efforts, you would drive them away―fulfilling the prophecy you set up for yourself.

Every day, stand in front of the mirror and repeat good affirmations to yourself. Changing your inner thinking can change your external reality.

Some examples of good belief affirmations:
“I am extremely attractive and positive.
I am the best looking person in the world.
I am charming beyond measure.”

Imprinting Success

Visualization is a powerful technique well known to high-performing athletes and other professionals at the top of their game. It is the process of creating an image in your mind of achieving whatever it is you are striving for. For instance, a golfer might visualize hitting the winning shot at the big tournament. They practice every aspect of the game, from a perfect shot to a perfect put, on the field and in their mind. By the time they tee up for real, they have already triumphed several times―already taken that victory lap and hoisted the trophy high. The mind has successfully executed every aspect of the game, and the pattern of success is firmly stamped in the mind. They are hyped and ready to exert their positive energies towards victory.

Visualization techniques can be applied to any aspect of a human endeavor; for our purposes, know that you can visualize goals in relationships, romance, and seduction.

Visualization can be done virtually anywhere. Simply focus your mind on what you want to do, and replay the internal film you’ve created of your success. It has been proven that visualizing events gives you the same level of confidence as if you had in reality accomplished your goal once before!

Think of something you might want to try this technique on. Concentrate and imagine yourself in the circumstance. Be practical about the experience, keeping it true to how you expect it to be. See yourself doing every little step correctly; imagine yourself through others’ eyes, watching yourself succeed.

If you have problems visualizing a successful outcome, run through your internal picture again, this time stepping into the bodies of those observing you. What do they see, and what do they think? Visualization not only super-charges you, priming you for victory; it can also give you awareness into possible issues that could arise. Many of these can simply be overcome by replacing your inner picture, readying your brain to compensate for them in real life.
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Remember: Even seemingly impossible goals are achievable. Thousands before us have reached for the unattainable and attained it; there is no reason why you should be an exception!

Persistence of Passion

Passion is a mysterious gift. We see it in others and we envy it; yet passion exists in you, too. It cannot be taught to you, because you already have it. You can release it by acknowledging it and beginning to use it for your success.

This passion is what fuels the public fascination with celebrities. Their very breath is drawn from an abundant life of fame and fortune. What stays out of the public eye is the struggles to get to that place of luxury. Every success, every endeavor, has its own set of challenges. With persistence, the success ingredient, you too can triumph!

Ideal Future

This is the collective set of beliefs a seducer holds about what will occur in the future. As you work on learning seduction tips and ideas, specifically identifying your ideal future is vital. Where will your life be in 1 year, 5 years? What will life be like, financially, emotionally, geographically? The more you fantasize and design the world of your choosing, the more empowered you will be in the circumstances of the change in your life.

‘Forbidden’ Hush

Discover the secrets revealed that can turn you into a powerful persuader and seducer. These secrets show you how to get them to almost mindlessly hand you control of their decisions. How to play the leading role. How to stop begging and get them to chase you! How to slip “under the radar” and get past the defenses that they put up. How to gently (and covertly) lead them from ordinary conversation and they’ll love you for doing it! How to get them to crave you even before you tell them anything!

How to establish instant authority. How to create a powerful bond and start a long-term relationship.

Mixed signals are the ultimate weapon in the arsenal of seduction. However, there are some people that do it by accident. However, I’d say all in all men and women both used mixed signals to their advantage. Mixed signals is all about keeping them confused, so they don’t know what’s happening. But you do. You are in control, that’s the power of mixed signals. When they’re confused it makes them chase and not the other way around.

Faith to Hope

In our darkest times, we seek that shred of hope that we will get by, that we will endure. When we cannot make sense of the misfortunes and obstacles that obstruct our paths, we turn to faith to guide us and bring us hope.

Whenever we fall into a state of despair, our perception and judgment become cloudy. We experience a sense of emptiness and confusion. We may even cease trying to succeed at life and love, and become cold. When this happens, we lose our zest for life and become low-spirited.

But hope empowers us to fight through hard times. We must believe there is hope in order to survive. A modest shift in attitude can restore hope and enthusiasm to our lives.

“Hope & Faith” Secrets

Thus, hope is a mysterious, life-giving force that can arouse our transcendent thoughts and emotions and keep us courageously laboring for the best outcome. Without hope, your spirit, your soul, is just an empty cavity. Every man and woman long for constant companionship, interpersonal communication, increased sensitivity, deep compassion and understanding, genuine affection, and active encouragement? We are all human, and regardless of socio-economic background, the hope that we shall one day feel great love fills our spirits and dwells within everyone of us.

Believing that you are Worthy

How many of you have ever thought about the connection between believing in yourself and having a better relationship? Your faith is what you firmly believe, not what you can see and feel. Faith is an intense excitement and an immense enthusiasm, a treasure we must fully embrace on the delightful voyage of life. Faith is the key that unlocks our hearts to express the inexpressible in spontaneous ways. Faith’s mission is to piece together the puzzle that we create in our own selves and existence. Without faith, we sometimes give up! You cannot see it, but you can see the light burning bright. Belief determines how much strength remains for the final stretch.

“Faith is the motivating force of your belief; you can gain or lose health, friends, loved ones, and more, depending on the strength of your faith.”

Influence Others’ Emotions

Your emotional influence is measured by the power you have to make others feel good around you. The capacity to sense and influence others’ emotions is one of the foremost skills any person can have, a useful trait in any social situation. Studying emotional influence can help you take control of your life, because it not only helps you manage your own emotions, but also aids you in dealing with other people’s contagious moods. Understanding your own emotions is fundamental to recognizing what you really want out of life, as well as understanding the impact you have on those around you.

We all need emotional influence to be accepted by our peers and negotiate the swirling waters of cliques and exclusivity. Emotional influence gets us dates and keeps friends close. You need emotional influence to get by in the workforce and in relationships, romantic and otherwise. If you cannot control your own emotions, all you will ever do is react, instead of taking action.

We can become easily influenced by the emotions and moods of others. You can catch both negative and positive emotions, just like a cold. Euphoria, elation, sadness, depression, anger, grief―all of these are contagious. When you feel the tendrils of others’ emotional influence touching your own mood, stop and evaluate your own feelings: are they positive or negative? What are you feeling?

When evaluating a person’s emotional intelligence, we look at their wisdom and ability to acquire knowledge. There are many distinctive facets of intelligence, including problem solving, creativity, logic ability and visionary intelligence. Emotional intelligence is one form of intelligence, and this kind of intelligence extends your influence to human beings around you.

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