Lasting Impression

The first four seconds in someone’s presence are the most important in crafting a good lasting impression.

 Ancient and Eternal Unions

The secret of seduction is not ‘getting’ the other person to desire you. It is having the capacity to make them feel and to be desirable.

Never leave for a date without a prop, a natural conversation starter. Any little odd trinket will do, from a book with a memorable cover to a Hawaiian lei to a Sherlock Holmes hat. Whatever you choose, pick something that will make you memorable. You want it to spark questions from your date, the answers to which will only build the mystery of who you are.

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Journey of Courtship

Take pleasure in the journey of courtship and have endless fun. It will help you unravel the mysteries of seductive chemistry for yourself!

Do you feel too inhibited to be warm-hearted with that cutie you’ve been digging? Have you been maimed so much by previous relationships that you are reluctant to give your best and be affectionate? Then you must now use this opportunity to give passion a chance once again.

Untangle the Mystery of Chemistry

A dinner date is not only about the food but also about socializing. Even if you are not meant to be together, at least enjoy the food and the good company. Fun times will keep a smile on your face and heighten your positive energy, filling the air with love. If for some reason you both are not having fun and relaxing over dinner, perhaps you are not a good fit. Nonetheless, enjoy your dinner date and the picturesque ambiance of a candlelit conversation. If things do not work out, it is okay. You simply start dating other people.


What if you could have the profound, easy-come effects on a man that a single, long-stemmed red rose does?  What if you could emit the qualities of a red rose and become so fiercely captivating, enticing, electric and ALIVE with sexuality, sensuality, and limitless intrigue, no man would ever bore of you?

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Spiritual and Emotional Range

Show how spiritually and emotionally romantic you through your warmth, compassion, gratitude, joy, desire, sincerity, tolerance, understanding, sensitivity, generosity, and flexibility. A passionate, fun-loving person will always try their hardest to embody all of these great qualities and exude them to create a combustion of amazing feelings.

Having a successful seductive dinner should not be an intimidating task; it should be a celebration! Uncover what your own dating behavior really says about you. If you want a romantic relationship, you can have one―NOW! Learn why giving too much too soon feels good and ends badly. Discover your errors in mystery, decisions, perception, and behavior.

Learn to use key expressions, such as “Oh, I’ve been so busy lately”; “Wow, it’s been crazy these past few days”; “I have lots of great plans this week!”; “Boy, my diary is really full with stuff I’d never want my Mom to see!”; “I’ve been traveling to so many great places lately,” all while leaving your potential lover thirsty to hear and know more about you.

C.M.E. Theory

The C.M.E. theory will broaden your romantic horizon, and teach you how to make your evenings more attractive and fun. You must always be mindful that it is how you make your lover feel that counts, not how you appeal to them logically. The C.M.E. theory is all about being confident, mysterious, and entertaining.

Confident: Be confident in romancing and cooking with style and class.

Mysterious: Whether single or married, you MUST be mysterious; keep them guessing and DO NOT BE AN OPEN BOOK.

Entertaining: Assume the role of the entertainer. Laugh and make your partner laugh.

Psychic Organ

There are four functions of the psychic organ. The internal psyche, the mind, has four functions. These four functions are designated as indeterminate thinking, intellect, egoism, and subconscious.

Indeterminate thinking is having an awareness of your surroundings―the mind at work. Intellect is what we use to make sense of and think logically about love or emotional keenness. Egoism affirms, and asserts an “I know” factor. For instance, “I know that there is something in front of me, and I also know that I know.” This kind of affirmation attributed to one’s own personality is the work of egoism. Subconscious is our storehouse of memory.

Change Your Universe

If you hope to transform your universe, this means that you are not fulfilled with your life as it exists currently. Before seeking happiness and transformation, first conclude if you are healthy―psychologically, emotionally, and physically. If you are not healthy, please concentrate on doing everything in your power to be healthy, and attempt nothing else until you are. Research ways and obtain resources to help you accomplish good health in all aspects.

Next, come to understand who you are and do not rely upon self-examination. Ask your friends what they think your strengths and weaknesses might be. Observe how you interact with others. Determine what you are hiding from yourself. Become conscious of what you do and how you do it. By changing your thinking, you change your point of view of both yourself and the rest of the universe. However, this is all in your head. To change reality, one must make a change internally. One must have hope and faith inside of one’s own self and then take action.

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The Transformative Power of Hats

Even more so than other types of fashion, we wear hats to project the desired image of ourselves. Hats are one piece of apparel that really speaks to our internal source of energy. We wear many hats in life, both literally and figuratively. Often, a hat completes an outfit and makes us all the more sophisticated and desirable―hence why lovers enjoy role playing in the bedroom.

Cultural Allure

Engaging in the traditions of another culture can wrap you in a fresh energy felt by all who come in contact with you. You may be intimate with the traditional wear and trinkets of your own culture, but these may be too close to your heart to draw out the mystery that is you. Try taking on the garb of other cultures to heighten your allure.

An inexpensive way to liven up any meal is to bring the hula spirit with Hawaiian leis. Hand-strung leis bring the beauty and warmth of the islands anywhere they go, inviting the mystery of the beach and the sea. The five basic types of leis are the Kui Lau (is this how it’s spelled?), which is made by sewing through the flower; the Wili lei, which is held together with raffia-like material; the Haku lei, which is made by braiding a single kind of item, such as a fern; the Hili lei, which is formed by braiding more than one kind of material; and the Humus Papa lei, which is made by sewing the flowers onto a backing to create a flat lei.

The traditions of Mardi Gras fascinate people the world over, who flock to New Orleans in February or March to enjoy the festival and the beads. Beads, which cultures throughout time believed brought good luck and warded off spirits, are the key to Mardi Gras-style revelry. They provide festive ornamentation and facilitate fun and games. By wearing beads and other trinkets, known as “throws,” your body will express your sensual fantasies and romantic desires.

Costumes: Playing Another Role

If suspenseful props intrigue you, and you hunger for something different for your next alluring evening, think about dressing up. You can costume yourself as a movie star or a character that embodies your deepest erotic desires. When you dress up, you are entertaining to your date, increasing the positive energies and temptations between the two of you.

Having trouble deciding on a role to play? Try a Roman toga, a medieval warrior, a pirate or wench, a nurse or doctor, a “hero job” (like police or military), a prince or princess, a 60s love child, a gladiator, a vampire, a 1920s gangster, a genie, a caveman or woman―the possibilities are as limited as your imagination.

Drawing on Your Special Powers

Life itself is the greatest mystery of all. Human existence is a wonder no one can fully fathom. Spiritual existence, the awareness of self and being, is even more intriguing. The electrifying energies surrounding us are a part of the creation and evolution of the universe.

Thus, in order to gain mystical and magical power, we need to look no further than to the universe who bestowed it upon us in the first place. As humans, we each have the will to command what our hearts desire. If we believe we will find the man or woman of our dreams, then we will. If we believe that we are great and can make anything happen, then we will. As you continue to study this book, you will gain insight and understanding into ancient knowledge and realize that the only force withholding you from complete ecstasy and happiness―is yourself.

  1.  “A woman never forgets the men she could have had; a man, the women he couldn’t. The mystery will get them interested in you and mystery will keep them interested in you for as long as you want.”  – Lonnie Lynch
  2. “I would rather live in a world where my life is surrounded by mystery than live in a world so small that my mind could comprehend it.” – Harry Emerson Fosdick

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