Magnetic Personality

Magnetic personality can trigger attraction, you must connect with and exhibit the best version of yourself that you can possibly be. Some faiths call the principles of the law of fascination “karma”; others call it the Golden Rule. Whatever it may be called, the law of fascination states that what we put out in the world, we get back―some say threefold, others say tenfold. Fascination is like a magnetic pole, sending energy out of one end only to receive it again at the opposite end, a cycle of energy that keeps us constantly refreshed and invigorated. If you want to attract people in your life, you must start the process with yourself.

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Qualities of a Magnetic Personality

Have you noticed some people vibrate on such an intense level that when they walk into a room, you can’t take your eyes off them?  Become aware of what you are triggering in others, and tend towards the favorable circumstances in your life. If your energies are positive, you will begin to trigger positive emotions in others. Your passions may fluctuate, and so you may not always be drawn to or draw to you the same types of circumstances and people.


You don’t have to look like a model or star, and you don’t need to project an upbeat and happy image all the time―particularly not if you aren’t actually experiencing these emotions. All you need to do is project the right image.

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Groomed for Success

Always look your best! When you look good, you will feel good. You must take it into your hands to put together your wardrobe and to choose how you dress each day. An image is a key form of communication that you cannot afford to overlook. If an individual is stylishly put-together, and they wear their clothes of choice with an air of self-assurance, they will be sexy whether they are sporting jeans and a ratty band t-shirt or their Sunday best.

Dressing stylishly is a tremendous way to counteract a lack of conventional attractiveness. By putting plenty of thought into how you appear and by displaying a keen sense of fashion and style, you show that you really care about your impression, and others will notice. How you look, dress, and smell are significant features of your presentation and projected personality. In addition, they are characteristics that are simple to control, a breeze to alter, and easy to change as a situation demands.

Dress to Impress

Have you had the same style for years? Do you understand what your style is, or do you just throw an outfit together in the dark and call it good? Does your style convey to others what you would like it to?

Within the first few seconds of an encounter, people form opinions about you based on your appearance. Unfortunate or not, this is human nature, and by learning to project the right visual style, you can achieve a lasting impression you won’t regret later. Sporadically, you can vary your style; if you always wear a t-shirt, replace it with a button-up or a feminine top, or if you always tie on your sneakers, slip into some penny loafers or nice flats. The casual look blends nicely with a splash of graceful style.

Always wear attractive shoes. Men may not pay attention to anyone else’s shoes, or be concerned with the condition or style of their own footwear. Women, on the other hand, notice right off the bat.

Whether you wear Armani suits or t-shirts and jeans, it does not really matter. Just don’t wear the same clothes all the time. You can have a “look” that you go for in a typical outfit, and that is great for establishing your everyday personality. However, if you are dating someone, they should never be able to predict with complete confidence what outfit you’ll arrive wearing. Women usually assume that the best-dressed men come with the biggest wallets. Be aware of who you are and dress in clothes that reflect that image―don’t deceive with your style, but don’t downplay yourself, either.

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Dazzling Accessory Details

The little things do count―nice shoes, belts, and other details can either make or break your overall attractiveness and appeal. Accessories are what finish off our look. They help create that unique image you want to give off: sultry, seductive, and desirable.

As all women know, no outfit is complete without accessories, particularly jewelry. Whatever you choose should harmonize with the lines and personality of the clothing worn. They need to draw attention to your assets while pulling attention away from your trouble spots. Accessories can make a single outfit fit into a wide variety of situations, and will make any garment look expensive. Accessorizing also revives or updates classic clothing styles, and defines your personal style.

Whether you decide to alter your appearance dramatically or just freshen up your image, you should always start from the feet up.

“Variety is the key, switch up your hairstyle, cologne, and outfits on a regular basis. You do not want to be viewed as being boring, do you? Again, the mystery theory.”
– Armondo

“Seduction is an art that needs to be done precisely in order to obtain any results from both men and women. A nice appearance builds confidence, self-esteem, and dignity. It also contributes to making a positive impression and communicates a readiness for seduction.”

The Sacred Snake Of Seduction

Hygiene is an ancient custom of proper care of our bodies―hair, nails, and skin, primarily―which helps reduce the risk of infection and encourages overall good health. The word itself is derived from “Hygieia,” the Greek goddess of health and cleanliness. In Greek mythology, Hygieia was the daughter of the healer Asclepias and the granddaughter of Apollo. She is portrayed in most ancient statues and reliefs as nurturing a snake.

“A person’s “body image” lies in the eye of the beholder. You are the first rate beholder. Perhaps you should be more appreciative.

If you feel changes must be made, then arrange them. The image is a theory that can be fussed about or played with.”

Fashioning Your Hair

Hairstyles, hairdos, and haircuts are the way we shape the hair on the head. The designing of hair is an expression of intimate grooming, high fashion, and exquisite cosmetics, although realistic considerations such as environment and practicality also impact some hairstyles. Hairstyles are affected by subcultures of a country; one region may be well-known for its bowl cuts, and another renowned for Mohawks on all its residents.

A hairstyle’s artistic elements are affected by the subject’s physical characteristics and desired persona, as well as the stylist’s artistic abilities. Expressive considerations taken into account during a hairdo design may include cuts, weaves, coloring, extensions, perms, permanent relaxers, curling and any other form of styling or texturing. The Avant Garde movement glorifies new or experimental concepts in artistic hair design and hair fashion, injecting art into hair styles in inventive and unusual ways.

Caring for Your Face

The face is the most important part of your appearance―except in unusual circumstances, this is the first part of you that someone will notice and evaluate.

Don’t overlook your ears and nose. Remember to wash and wipe your nose and clean your ears. The best time to do this is right after you get out of the shower because the dirt and mucus in these areas are loosened by the steam of a hot shower. A personal hygiene issue people avoid discussing (but that is highly important) is the dilemma of excess hair in areas like the nose. With a good nose hair trimmer, you can eliminate those stubborn hairs and polish off your well-groomed appearance.

Hair in other locations, however, may be more desirable. In the event that you do have a beard or mustache, keep it orderly and trim it regularly. Stubble is an attractive form of facial hair, but it can be incredibly difficult to keep properly short and in control.

If you have never tweezed hair before, it might take a few attempts to get the get the right look. Many men visit a salon to have unnecessary facial hair waxed. This is an excellent alternative if you do not relish the do-it-yourself option.

Grooming Your Hands

Like our faces, our hands are almost always in view. Because of the role they play in body language, such as wild gesticulations as we emphasize a story, hands are often front and center in our speaking partners’ view. Good hand care is considered a major part of our grooming process and the way you care for your fingers and palms tells something about you.

Get a manicure. Keep it simple with clean, neat hands. If your hands or nails are in rough shape, it says you don’t pay attention to the details.

Aroma’s Powers in Seduction

The best aphrodisiac is a sweet perfume, which fuses effortlessly with your body’s natural scent. Much of the ancient history of fragrance is cloaked in secrecy.

A woman’s sense of smell is much stronger than a man’s. In fact, with certain kinds of fragrances, a woman can detect and name a smell from three feet away. Furthermore, there is a clear connection from a woman’s olfactory glands to their limbic brain; as a man, aroma is a great power that can work for you or against you.

Proudly wear a perfume or cologne that will be certain to create an impression. The scent we choose, like the colors and clothes we select, projects a certain set of impressions, images, and emotions onto those we encounter. Someone is much more likely to pursue you if you smell great and have connected with their exquisite sense of smell. Remember to spray on your sexiest cologne or perfume before going out, and do not fall into the pitfall of bearing the same fruit on every outing.

The scent of the perfume or cologne can be the sexiest aroma in the world to the person smelling it.

Scents of Temptation: Aphrodisiac Fragrances

Out of the five senses, the smell can be the most intriguing, as it affects a person’s mood on both conscious and subconscious levels. For instance, a scent can bring back memories of a person or a situation in a matter of seconds. Odors are so important because the right scent triggers a subliminal chemical reaction in the brain that may be attached to powerful emotions or beloved memories.

The scent is nature’s secret weapon of pleasure that works on an instinctual level. Using aromas and fragrances, we can influence each other’s levels of sensuality and stimulate sultry feelings. Aphrodisiac fragrances impact our physiological state and our energies.

Have you ever noticed the reaction of someone taking a bouquet of fragrant flowers or inhaling the aroma of chocolate, vanilla, or oranges, for example? Unconsciously, they become playful, friendly and, as a result, easily influenced by you and your charms. Nature’s best aphrodisiacs include cinnamon, bergamot, cedarwood, chocolate, vanilla, lavender, rose, and patchouli.

  1.  Get them dreaming about a pleasurable experience, one they hadn’t considered before.
  2. Get them thinking about some pleasurable fantasy lying dormant within them.

Thought on Being Seductive

Getting someone to go out with you is valiant, but it’s only the beginning of your journey. The real test of your mettle is how you create authentic, seductive experiences. Are you the legitimate heir to the throne of seduction, encouraging them to make the first move by transforming desire into action? Do you continuously push, pull and intrigue them with playful stories and other fun activities?

As expectations of men and women constantly evolve and are replaced by gender equality, seduction becomes quite bewildering. It used to be that seduction was the domain of only the prince, but today princesses, too, are playing magical roles and becoming influential in seduction.

Whether you are a man or a woman, seduction is pretty much the same magical, natural process. Trigger desire in your partner and let them realize that the next move is theirs.
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