Suspense Secrets

Try acting a tad reserved and mysterious

In courtship, a healthy flow of emotions will produce strong, deep passion. Taking part in a suspenseful relationship is exciting. People enjoy trying to figure out what makes another person tick. Are you an enigma? Well, you should aspire to be! When a person does not know everything about you, suspense consumes their minds. And how else to get a person hooked on you than to have power over their minds even when you are not with them? People desire what they cannot or do not have, and fascination is built on feelings, not reason. These two facts place the success of your love life squarely in your hands.

The next time you go out for an evening of fun with the one who gets your heart pumping, try acting a tad reserved and mysterious. Give short, concise answers with a powerful effect. You are guaranteed to keep them guessing long after your farewells are said. Remember, it’s all about creating an experience of riddles and allure, an atmosphere where amusement and fantasy are the catalysts that keep each of you wanting and needing more.

Creating suspense is determined by how good you are at getting someone to think about you when you are not together. The more time we spend thinking about someone, the more attracted we become to them. While life in the trenches of the our everyday patterns can be dry and tedious, if you learn to keep others intrigued by creating suspense, life can start transforming into a joyful journey. Your new love interest will become more invested in figuring you out. He or she will work tirelessly to solve your puzzle.

Being single does not have to be gloomy and boring. Every single date should be a fun-filled adventure. Smile. Be humorous. Be loving, and be friendly. All these things mixed in with a dash of suspense will keep the attraction between you and your date very high.

Even when married, you want dates to be unpredictable and spontaneous. This is how you continue to romance each other. Practice suspense in marriage by acting seductive (romantic) and sinful (wild). Cultivating a mischievous attitude will produce sparks in your relationship. Try to demonstrate or act out these words the next time you are out on a date: thrilling, wonderful, devilish, naughty, saucy, toxic, sinister, sly, artful, rascally, tricky, and foxy.

And, above all, remember: suspense, suspense, suspense.

Put Up Smoke Screens

Suspense is the element within the human soul that keeps our fires burning. There are many ways to create suspense, to put up a smoke screen that will leave your lover guessing where you’re headed next. Create confusion that is not easily resolved, and you have your smoke screen. You can achieve this by asking a simple question in the right setting. Take the following scenario, for example.

A young lady has been dating a gentleman for a while now and is ready to be romantic and seductive. He takes her out to a fancy restaurant and as they sip their fine wine and nibble appetizers, she casually asks, “What is your opinion of females who don’t wear any panties when going out on a date with a guy?”

He may start to answer, but the real speech is in his head. “I wonder if she’s asking me that because she’s not wearing any panties right now. Could I be that lucky? No way!”

She doesn’t really care what he thinks of the subject; she asked him this question to stimulate his mind and get things sizzling. Consequently, he is unsure of her real motive, since she was not clear about what the question referred to. He is forced to wonder, “Is she coming on to me? Could tonight be my lucky night?”

This is a successful initiation of seduction and romantic dinner suspense, a sexy smoke screen that will rile up their desires and make them yearn for you.

Another type of smoke screen is enthusiasm. When he says something, giggle. When she accidentally lets out a burp, get a twinkle in your eyes. Dance out the door when he comes to pick you up. Strut around as if you were a star and dress like a supermodel, with a dash of that sexy perfume or cologne. Make them wonder just why you’re so enthused.

A Malleable Trait

Fortunately, suspense is a trait you can morph and build upon. After you have won your date over by looking and acting your best, you now must develop a personality, or aura, that is suspenseful.

While people are interested in looks to some degree, they are more interested in how you make them feel. Learn to grab their attention by giving them the feelings they always wanted to experience. Even if you do not understand this now, just start practicing it. You are bound to see positive results.

Don’t be specific when you say goodbye―leave them guessing about the next time you’ll see them. Dance, smile, and always be happy in their presence, but when they ask, just smile a knowing smile. Do not give away the plot to your story; instead, coax them to give you theirs.

Let the people at your job wonder about you as well. Spilling every detail to your friends, especially coworkers, is not smart. Should you fall out of favor with one of them, they may attempt to sabotage your name. Beware lest your private life pass around like a virus.

Maintaining Suspense: No Peeking!

We may feel like we have a small window of opportunity to find love―for a woman, it may be the ticking of her biological clock, or for a man, the desire to bring someone home to Mom. Hence, we sometimes attempt to accelerate the “getting-to-know-you” process by laying out our whole life stories on the table to the person we are seeing, perhaps even on the first date. We seek to impress them, but in reality, we often turn them off.

We use materialistic sales pitches to boost our identities. We talk about how much money we earn, how proficient we are at this or that skill. This is probably the biggest crime we commit in dating. As a result, we end up scaring people away. During the initial encounters, no one wants to hear you brag about your accomplishments and assets. They would rather find out about your assets on their own.

Get to know someone by creating a friendship first―intimacy and love will always follow, if it is right. Try discussing topics you deem private and that you hold dear to your heart. This will help your date get to know who you really are. However, revealing too much too soon is a big no-no. By doing this, you run the risk of overwhelming that person and eventually scaring them off.

The less you know about someone, the more time you’ll spend trying to fill in the blanks. If you already know everything about them, there’s no need to keep them on your mind. Don’t reveal yourself. Take off the layers of mystery one by one, slowly and seductively.

A Tip to Men: Seal Your Lips

Men: hold your mysterious horses. Remain poised and self-composed. Have willpower, strength, and patience, and do not lose your mystique. Building suspense is what keeps a woman attracted to you. It is not too late to change your dating attitude and behavior so that you can achieve romantic happiness! Do this by simply responding to the questions women ask you in a very articulate and concise manner, then immediately returning the focus of the conversation back to them.

Respond to all questions truthfully. Avoid telling lies at all costs, because even a small lie may require a larger lie to conceal it, which can require still larger lies. And if you are ever caught, your dating partner loses their trust in you and you must begin again, if they even allow you.

The Suspense of Hope

Hope is itself filled with suspense. Hope is a life-giving force that can arouse our spiritual thoughts, feelings, and behavior and keep us courageously striving for the good. The hopeful exude overwhelming positivity and confidence that everything will work out in their favor. Subconsciously, though, suspense can make us doubt what we’ve put our hopes in. Without knowing the outcome, we must continue hoping diligently.

If you desire anything in this world, under no circumstances should you stop believing in it. Dream and never stop dreaming. Believe and never stop believing. That is what grants us hope, and what keeps us fixed on the pursuit of our goals. If we desire someone, hope will keep us fixed on them, since we believe in something good in the shared future.

Everyone longs to be romanced. We hope to find and stay in love. Ultimately, it is our hope that we live a fun, passionate, fulfilling, and meaningful life. We begin our relationships full of hope. Then, enter suspense. It keeps us from losing the passion of the pursuit, for sometimes, when we obtain what we’ve been chasing for so long, we find we do not want it anymore. Suspense prevents us from reaching that point of dissatisfaction.

Rationing Yourself

Force a seductive partner to earn you; they will value, appreciate, and respect you that much more when they worked to take your heart.

Make him or her believe they are not the only one interested in you. This will up the ante, increase your desirability and make them feel as if they have something to lose by neglecting the pursuit.

Entice them by giving them a portion of you that they have long awaited. Afterwards, limit those portions to very small rations. They will treat you like a drug, craving more and more every second. However, do not take advantage of anyone―always aim to love and not hurt. Be playful in your efforts. You have a great power over your partner; handle that power with love and compassion.

Under no circumstances should you allow yourself to become predictable or boring. Concoct tension. Keep your lover guessing. Send mixed signals. Be warm and then suddenly cool. Throw them for a loop by agreeing to disagree, while still sharing mutual interests, desires and dreams. Have your own ideas and be unusual enough to spark fascination.

Always remember: being mysterious takes practice and time to perfect.

Chemistry: Connection and Explosion

We have all heard it before: “They were such a nice couple, but too bad there just wasn’t any chemistry.” Chemistry between two people is the magnetic attraction you feel within the first five minutes of meeting someone. Your eyes meet, your personalities click, and your inner souls connect. Before you know it, BOOM! With a little abracadabra, you are off on your first date. Chemistry is more than a mere physical fascination; it is an attitude, a passion for life.

“Physical chemistry generates desire.
Emotional chemistry generates affection.
Intellectual chemistry creates interest.
Spiritual chemistry creates passion.”