Top Pickup Artist (PUA)

A pickup artist (commonly abbreviated PUA) is a person who practices finding, attracting, and seducing sexual partners. Such a person purportedly abides by a particular system deemed valid by that community in their attempts to attract partners.

We are consciously and unconsciously looking for someone who meets our deepest desires. And there’s nothing we can do about it.


#2 Seduction Devil


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#3 High-Status Male

Mike-Pilinski_88038_1Without Embarrassment: The Social Coward’s Totally Fearless Seduction System by acclaimed PUA and seduction author Mike Pilinski has been called one of the most important books ever published in the men’s dating market. It addresses the internalized shame and other toxic psychological issues that trap men in shyness and socially awkward behaviors which keep them isolated and alone.

This book delivers a potent strategy to set you on the path to social mastery – taking you on an internal journey of self-investigation that lays open a complete understanding of the roots of your frustration when trying to connect with women. It delivers real-life tactics, dialogs, and strategies to help get you past all these problems.

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