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1. Corey Wayne

XW0dRtf8Author, Speaker, Peak Performance Coach, Entrepreneur 

Corey Wayne, is a Life and Peak Performance Coach. He helps men and women to achieve their dreams, discover their purpose, improve their relationships, start a business, improve personal health & fitness, maximize time management, become a superstar in sales, set & achieve their most audacious goals, become a leader, be better team builders, break thru their deepest fears and limiting beliefs, overcome difficult life challenges, lose weight, regain balance in all areas of their lives (including personal finances and wealth building), etc.

Sample Article (Corey Wayne)

“When human beings have to work really hard to obtain something they really want, or have to wait for something they really desire, they tend to appreciate and value it much more than something that comes easily. When it comes to sex, seduction, sexual attraction and sexual anticipation, waiting and taking your time always pays enormous dividends and makes for a much more memorable, enjoyable and fulfilling experience. When you really take the time to make a lover feel like you care about them, desire them, are infinitely patient and enjoy every delicious second of making love to them, you can create a sensual experience and memory that will last a lifetime. The better your experiences are in life, the more satisfying your memories will be when you look back on your life as you get older. Great memories and experiences make it impossible to have or feel anything but gratitude for the delicious gift that life is.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

2. Jason Capital

Jason-Capital-300x296America’s Honest Dating Coach:

A Little on the wild side, but that is good. Author of the online best-seller, Make Women Want You. Straight from the mean streets of Santa Monica, Jason went from virgin at 20 to being named one the industry’s top Attraction Coaches at 24.

Jason brings us some of his real-world attraction methods, such as:

  • The Cool Guy Mindset vs The PUA Mindset
  • The 1 Universal Attractor 
  • Body-language ‘attraction hacks’ you’ve never heard
  • Why what you say to her doesn’t matter and never has for sparking attraction.
  • The Social Circle Paradigm (creating and offering) vs The Cold Approach Paradigm (seeking and taking)

David Deanelo

I won’t bore you with the details, but I was going through a time where I had just moved to a new city… I was single… and I had NO IDEA how to meet women or get dates. One night I was talking to one of my best friends, and I said “I am going to figure this out for myself, no matter what it takes”.

The Double Your Dating eBook, plus the bonus eBooks are worth over $109.97. And you’ll get all of them for FREE, just for TRYING my eBook…

Let me ask you this: What if this knowledge helps you get just ONE more date with an interesting, attractive woman? Just ONE. What would that be worth to you?

Now ask yourself: What if there’s even a chance that this book can actually teach you how to meet one woman after another – and get dates with wonderful women as often as you want? What if you really can learn how to attract the kind of woman or women that you’ve always wanted and get this part of your life handled for good?

How much would that be worth to you? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? More? For most men I know, it would be priceless.

Just the POSSIBILITY of having this kind of success with women would be worth the investment. I personally invested over three years and thousands of dollars to learn how to be successful with women.

I wish that I would have been able to buy this knowledge, insight and experience for $14.97 when I started. And I know that you’ll be glad you made the investment in yourself once you have your first success after reading it.

This much is for sure: For the rest of your single life you’re going to see women that you’d like to meet. Or you’re going to be talking to a woman somewhere, think that she’s really attractive and want to get her phone number so you can meet her again. Or you’re going to be out with a woman and want to get physical with her…

The question is, are you going to know exactly what to do and say to succeed? Or are you going to let each of these opportunities slip by and never know what might have happened?

I have one final thought to share with you.

After studying behavior for many years, I know one thing: If you don’t make the decision to get this part of your life handled right now, there’s a very very small chance that you’re going to do anything about it in the future.

You know how they say that you can’t tell someone how to get somewhere unless you’ve been there yourself? Well I’ve been there, and I’m going to show you the way. Think about it…

P.S. Every tip, strategy, and technique that I share with you in this book is a PROVEN winner. I use every one of them personally in real-world situations, and I know that they can work for you, too. Remember, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee – if you’re not happy, YOU DON’T PAY. This is truly a 100% risk- free offer.

#4 Allana Pratt

Intimacy Expert and coach, and AuthorShe uses your expertise in dating advice, intimacy, sex, self-esteem, and relationships to help women to embrace their erotic nature, heal men’s emasculated hearts, and awaken their noble badass honoring of women.

Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt brings dignity to the ‘taboo.’

Featured on CBS, TLC, FOX, coach to celebrities, a cum laude graduate of Columbia, Allana’s a single mom who battled an internal war of body shame and sexual guilt that destroyed her confidence, joy, and softness.

Now, author of 3 books, she pole dances for pleasure, and knows ‘When mama’s happy, everybody’s happy!’
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