Building a History

Building a history is created by performing ritualistic toasts, ceremonies, and vows together, keeping the two of you in harmony with cosmic forces. Shared rituals remove and overcome many of the sorrows of life and uplift the spirits. When we do puja, vibrations of spiritual forces form around us. These forces work to eliminate adverse influences in our life and surround us with positive energy, bringing with it peace of mind, material prosperity, and the ability to be more deeply in touch with each other in our true nature.


Use Fun Interaction in Building a History

The following building a history rituals can be performed during dinner while your seduction is taking place. Rememeber to take time with each other and break bread, saying prayers, and make toasts together. Be intentional about building a history together; look into each other’s eyes, especially on nights when the romantic feelings are running strong. What better way to start a new chapter in your lives than with a celebration?

Toasts, ceremonies, and vows are used to express your uniqueness and your desire for each other; use the joy of the words you speak to indeed show the passion you have declared, and appreciate the fullness of your hearts as you journey with one another. People create ritual celebrations to commemorate joy and purpose during significant occurrences in life, like births, weddings, even deaths. Use the rituals you create or claim together to build a bond of history. Gather for secret rituals and celebrate the seduction of one other. History is an important piece of relationships; yours should be embedded in your souls and declare your hopes for the future.

“Wow! I will remember this experience for the rest of my life!”

Building a History: Enchanting Rituals

Along with the toasts, ceremonies, and vows listed in this chapter, you can find these other enchanting rituals throughout the book:

  • Ceremonies of the Full Moon.
  • The Crossing Rose Ceremony.
  • Candles in Rituals.
  • Ceremonies for Success.
  • Renew Your Love

Verbal affirmation of one another is critical to a healthy relationship. You may say “I love you” in casual ways every day, but why not take it a step further and show how much you mean your vow of affection?

Speak this pledge to one another, holding hands and locking gazes:

“(Name), I take you to be my extraordinary significant other. I vow to love you and care for you as long as we both shall live. I take you, with all your faults and your strengths, and I offer myself to you with my weaknesses and my strengths in the hopes that you can love me because of and despite them. I will help you when you need help, and I will turn to you when I need help. I choose you as the person with whom I want to spend my life.”

Building a History: Candle-Lighting Ceremony

Gather together three tall taper candles, plain or decorated. Place the trio of candles, unlit, on a table in front of you both. The left taper candle is his and represents the male in the relationship. The middle taper candle is both of yours and represents your unity. The right taper candle is hers and represents the female in the relationship.

Using a long-handled match, take turns lighting your candle, while repeating the following statement aloud:

“I, (Name), light this candle to represent my body, spirit, soul, energy, and passion, which I have to give!”

Each person takes their candle in hand, and together you light the center candle with the two flames. The individual candles represent your individual lives before today. Lighting the center candle represents your two lives joined to form one light in the world.

Repeat the following statement aloud as you light the middle candle: “We hereby light this candle to represent the union of our friendship, and the unity formed where our once-separate lives will now be as one.”

Building a History: A Binding Oath

You will remember a binding oath for a lifetime, and if you personalize your vows to one another, it will make an evening neither of you can ever forget. Personalized vows are one of the best ways to express just how strong you cherish and value your lover. Repeat the following celebration statement aloud to each other:

“I will forever love you and share my most intimate thoughts and hopes and dreams with you. I promise to hold, cherish, and value you. I will live each day as if it is our last. If sorrow enters our life, as it may sometimes do, I pledge to that together we will see things through. As I look into your eyes and draw each breath, my love for you grows. These are the words I feel and speak from my heart.”

This is just an outline; personalize the vow to speak the feelings you may otherwise be embarrassed to express. Rituals are good for this: allowing us to speak our minds without fear of discouraging laughter or scorn.

Building a History: Island Traditions

The island nations are full of beautiful traditions and rituals that express love and desire. The lei, for example, represents the Joy of Life. The underlying meanings of words are referred to as the kaona. Take turns coming forward to ritually place a lei of flowers around each other’s neck, saying, “Wear my friendship as a lei, as the Joy of Life adorning your every day. I am your friend in lonely places (Lokahi).”

Then pick one of these words to say:

“Akahai, meaning kindness; express this with tenderness.
Lokahi, meaning unity; express this with harmony.
Oluolu, meaning agreeable; express this with pleasantness.
Haahaa, meaning humility; express this with modesty.
Ahonui, meaning patience; express this with perseverance.”

Every Hawaiian ceremony starts with a welcoming chant, the Oli Aloha. The kaona, or hidden meanings, lie below the words of the chant.

Here is an example of a kumulipo, or chant:

“At the time, that turned the heat of the earth,
At the time when the heavens turned and chanted.”

Add a mysterious drinking ritual to your evening. Coconut shell cups were indispensable to the daily aristocratic ritual of drinking coconut water in voodoo cultures. You will participate in drinking coconut milk directly from the coconut without straws.

Incorporating a voodoo drinking chant makes the ceremony fun. While your partner drinks, chant the following out loud: “A, nu agon dayihun tuun.” Roughly, these words translate to:

“a = you
nu = to drink
agon = coconut
dayihun = to have fun
tuun = to know someone”

Mix and match words to create your own voodoo chant.

“hun’si = initiate
sin = water
sunvi = star
zo = fire
johon = wind”

The red flowers of a Jamaican red flower ceremony are an absolute delight to nature lovers. They alone are worth a visit to a Jamaican paradise. Hand your partner one of these the beautiful flowers and chant the following out loud: Doo nù mi see, meaning, “Welcome, flower.”


Building a History: Sacred Sands

Artistic and fun, this replication of hand prints will last much longer.

  • 2 cups CORNSTARCH

Mix sand and cornstarch in a saucepan. Stir in water. Heat the mixture while stirring. When thick, remove from heat and cool. Take turns making handprints. Makes enough for two white hand sand prints.

Another sacred sand ceremony is the sand unity ceremony, the tropical alternative to a candle ceremony. Start with two separate phials of sand, symbolizing your lives; you can use different colors to make the combination more striking. Then, in unison, pour your phials of sand into another bottle or phial, symbolizing your unity.

Building a History: Lighting the Four Candles

From the perspective of the unimaginably wise, ancient wizard, the world was a magical, wondrously unpredictable place, ruled by unseen forces and supernatural elements. The prince and princess needed to save their kingdom from a horrific, malicious curse. Thus, they set out to employ the ancient ritual of “Lighting the Four Candles,” which was given to them by the wizard:

“Using a match, they light the four candles.
Light the first candle and say, “I Am Peace.”
Light the second candle and say, “I Am Love.”
Light the third candle and say, “I Am Faith.”
Light the fourth candle and say, “I Am Hope.”

Blow out the first candle and say, “I Am Peace. Nobody wants to keep me lit.” Blow out the second candle and say, “I Am Love. Nobody wants to keep me lit.” Blow out the third candle and say, “I Am Faith. Nobody wants to keep me lit.” Don’t be afraid, for I am Hope, and while I still burn, we can light the other candles again.”

So take forth the candle of Hope, and light the Peace, Love and Faith candles.

Never allow the flame of Hope to be extinguished. With hope in your life, peace, faith, and love will forever shine brightly, no matter how bad things may be.

Building a History: Personal Power

Most of us would like to add magic to various elements of our lives, accomplish certain dreams, and eradicate trouble and bad luck. Since the beginning of time, magic has been used to substantiate all of these desires. I will provide you with secrets that can be used to cast spells that will change your life. Bad luck is not a coincidence; by using Earth’s resources and energies, you can entirely change the direction of your life and karma. That will lead you to your charmed destiny.

Making your own magic is the most powerful thing for you to do. By making your path with your personal power, you will obtain better results as its conception is imbued with your vibrations and innate energy.

This is a spell for those who wish to taste adventure and want to step into unknown waters. All of your inhibitions will disappear, and you will be instantly attracted to those who match your vibrations. You will begin the most incredible adventure of your life.

“With a wave of the wand, and a dash of scented spice and flower, our spirits are lifted, and dreams come true. This is the magical moment we have waited for! I’m seductive and sensual, and tempting and provocative. I feel glamorous and beautiful. I will lure whomever I like once this spell is cast. So, I at this moment cast a seductive aura upon myself. Voila!”

After your spell has been cast, you may experience refreshing chills, butterflies in your stomach, and a youthful, invigorating feeling, especially when you begin to observe the first signs of the manifestation of your wish. It’s thrilling!

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