Gift of Flowers

When seducing, someone flowers are a treasured gift of beauty that says friendship. Flowers will bring a bright smile to a lover’s face—a smile that says, “I want you, too!” Remember, it doesn’t have to be a bouquet or a dozen roses to be extraordinary. One rose will send a memo of appreciation (however, a dozen never hurts!). Be spontaneous in giving flowers, you do not have to wait for a special occasion or holiday.


But just so you don’t miss them, here are traditional holidays on which flowers are given: New Year’s Day, birthdays, Valentine’s Day (February 14), Women’s Day (March 8), and anniversaries. You can give flowers as congratulations (such as for a big promotion or a baby’s birth), as a condolence (when a loved one dies), or just as a spontaneous token of your affections.

Flower Arrangement

Few gifts or even flowers have the power to stir the heart like roses do. Roses have been a source of beauty, joy, peace, and inspiration throughout the ages. These flowers open our hearts to give and receive romance, to move through the inharmonious realities of life with dignity, compassion, and understanding while believing in the beauty of life.

You can make every occasion special with a romantic arrangement of roses, letting your special one know just how greatly you treasure them and their presence. All you have to do is be there for the thank-you kiss.

A helpful hint to remember about presenting flowers: every arrangement speaks its silent words, and roses, in particular, have come to mean many things depending on the number and type of roses given.

A bouquet of mature roses expresses gratitude. You may give this to a friend, coworker, or family member, without the romantic sentiment attached; when you give it to a lover, you are thanking them for their presence in your life. A single rose says, “I desire you. I still want you no matter what.” A cluster of roses speaks of charm, both of the giver and the receiver. A garland or crown of roses tells the recipient that the giver believes he or she is full of merit and very virtuous.

Roses make perfect gifts for every anniversary. Here are some ideas if you want to give these gorgeous flowers to mark your next big date:

  1. Red Rose Vase: Whether you include six, twelve, eighteen, or more roses, this is a delightful present that will liven up a room or office with your love. Have professional designers select quality grown roses, including decorative greens and accent filler flowers, to create your special gift, then hand-deliver it and seal the deal with a sensual smooch!
  2. Plush Bear, Chocolate & Rose: A bear will deliver flowers, a small box of everyday chocolates, and his cuddly self for a package deal of romance no lady can resist.
  3. Trail of Roses: Lead your lover on a treasure hunt through the house by laying a path of rose petals to the destination (the bedroom? the dining room?).

Symbolic Rose Meanings

Rose colors have symbolic meaning. Each color represents a different thought or feeling you wish to convey. Red, peach, and pink roses are the most popular because of their significance. Here is the symbolic meaning of rose colors:

  • Bridal Rose: Happy desire; the playful joy of preparing for her wedding.
  • Christmas Rose: Tranquilized anxiety; the peace of the holiday season.
  • Damask Rose: Persian ambassador of passion.
  • Dark Crimson Rose: Mourning; the darkness of a dark soul.
  • Hibiscus Rose: Delicate beauty.
  • Leaf Rose: Hope; the promise of new life and growth.
  • Red Rose: Passion, respect, and desire; this is the most popular rose.
  • Tea Rose: Enduring memories.
  • Thornless Rose: Love at first sight; the disarming power of romance.
  • White Rose: Innocence, secrecy, purity; a peek into heaven.
  • White and Red Mixed Rose: Unity; two coming together as one.
  • Pink Rose: Grace, perfect happiness, and thankfulness.
  • Lavender Rose: Enchantment; a magical shade.
  • Peach Rose: Desire.

Before you order flowers, be sure you are ordering them for the right person. How will you know, you may ask? Simple: you need to know enough of someone’s personality to order flowers that are unique to them, that will bring a song to their heart beyond just the reception of flowers.

Ask some basic questions: Do they have a favorite color or flower? (Sometimes the simple selection of a flower in a favorite color can personalize an arrangement.) If you are ordering flowers for someone’s personality, what is it like? Romantic, artistic, traditional, natural, or dramatic?

  1. Traditional Personality: A traditional arrangement features a wide variety of lush flowers, placed together in aesthetically pleasing ways that have been tested by time.
  2. Artistic Personality: A creative soul is intrigued by unusual combinations of exotic and erotic flowers; they are mesmerized by the way the colors, shapes, and textures play together to write a romantic message.
  3. Romantic Personality: The romantic is charmed by soft, warm colors and light fragrances, with distinctive accents such as ribbon or lace that hearken back to the days of great romance.
  4. Natural Personality: The natural character delights in flowering shrubs, meadow flowers, and natural accents such as wood or moss; they like to see that a little of the great outdoors has been bestowed upon them.
  5. Dramatic Personality: The dramatic desires a bold floral arrangement with an intense announcement of color and a contemporary container that is bold and daring.

The Crossing Rose Ceremony

This Crossing Rose Ceremony is usually performed at the beginning of the evening. Both romantic partners give a rose to each other. This symbolizes the union of two individual families who stood separate until that moment. The words exchanged can be a simple “I adore you,” or elaborate vows personally were written by each. Following is an example:

“In some ways, tomorrow is going to seem no different than yesterday. But today, just now, we changed our future together, because we have given and received one of the most valuable and precious gifts of life—one I hope we will always remember.”

Then the roses are set upon white linen or a silver platter and arranged to form a cross representing honor and respect.

Flower ArragmentsFlower Arragments

Language of Flowers

Flowers speak a language of their own. For every sentiment you could wish to express, a flower will tell your lover what you mean to say, without needing words. But you can still accompany the gift of a flower with words of love and affection. Here is an example:

“I give you this flower with compassion, respect, and honor, as a symbol of my commitment to you. I will be a light in your life. I will listen to your concerns and not judge you. I will lift you up and support you through laughter and tears. I will keep you sheltered when storms arise. I will console and comfort you. I will be the rock that you stand on, the staff that you lean on, and the wings that let you fly. As you have become a friend to me, so I will be a friend to you. I will be by your side, a part of one entity, but above all else, I will allow you to be you.”

Here are a few inspirational ideas to guide you to plan your next flower giving:

  1. Purchase a white hand-tied bouquet of Ecuadorian roses, wrapped in Swiss satin ribbons. Track down a beautiful all-white combination of Ecuadorian roses for a gallantly gorgeous display of your affections.
  2. Give her a classic single rose with an ivy leaf boutonniere. Remember, as with any gift, it’s the thought that counts!

Master Aromatic and Sensual Arousal

The ancient Greeks were wonderfully proficient in the use of aromatic fragrances for sultry pleasures and sexual arousal. They were also uniquely intelligent and discriminating enough to attribute the utilization of a particular, distinctive perfume for individual parts of the body. The Romans derived their knowledge of essential oils from the Greeks, who had inherited their knowledge of seduction from the Egyptians.

Scents and oils can be used either individually or in special blends to create whatever type of sensual atmosphere you may desire. What exactly can you do with aphrodisiac scents and oils? There are many options! Use these oils and fragrances for deep, sensual massages. A few drops of your favorite oil can be utilized as a bath-water fragrance. Bergamot oil is worn on the palms of your hands, for bewitching and intensely arousing potential lovers.

Fragrances are a major allure―especially when attempting to seduce someone. They can make us feel and react a certain way.

To set the mood, apply aphrodisiac essential oils in oil burners.

  • Magical Mixture: 4 drops rose oil, 4 drops mandarin oil, 4 drops jasmine oil.
  • Magical Mixture: 2 drops rose oil, 2 drops sandalwood oil, 3 drops mandarin oil.

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