Musical Bonding

Musical bonding is known to play a significant role in increasing trust between people. Music is one of the best joys for a broken heart, a bad day, a weary soul. It also touches something deep inside of us when we are bubbling with joy.

Understanding that what we hear and feel in music deepens, especially as we begin to experience romance and love. We hear our most intimate thoughts sung with a tremendous feeling on the radio, blasting through the speakers in our cars. We listen with growing hope of finding a happy ending, or perhaps we strain to hear a word of faith to help us bear through dark times. Thus, the music intensifies our inner feelings, triggers wild emotions, and binds memories of our love lives forever to the lyrics and melodies of songs. Bonding with music plays a central importance in the world of our romantic relationships.


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The right selection of music can help our brains function better—new parents are told to play Mozart to the baby even in the womb to raise intelligence. Romantic music sparks up feelings of love and our playful sense of imagination, stimulating the brain to work in a way in which fantasy, imagination, and our actions, in reality, are in tune. Music brings us back into balance, teaches us restraint, and cultivates good taste.

Musical Bonding

Whatever we choose to play, we must keep the volume to a level conducive to soft conversation. Yet the only thing worse than music playing too loudly is music playing at an irritatingly low level. Interruptions are also disruptive. When selecting soft, romantic music, try to use a long-playing tape or CD, or create a long playlist on your mp3 player or computer. The music will flow endlessly, allowing for a conversation to drift peacefully along with it. Try to make the mood last as long as possible, without many interruptions.

Light, contemporary music is a great choice for musical bonding, because it does not hinder conversation and is easy to listen to without feeling the need to sing along. Jazz is another good selection. The music choices are yours, but remember that your partner, lover, or friend should enjoy the selection also.

Musical Bonding

Musical Bonding: Interactive

Musical bonding keeps us young, vibrant, and joyful, so take some time to peruse this rich, interactive, and innovative way to enhance your romantic life. If you are looking for some musical bonding to play during dinner, look no further than the performances of the great masters. A master of music paints a world of romance and passion with sensuous words; diverse artists as Toni Broxton, Harry Connick Jr., Faith Hill, and Tim McGraw tell tales of love so divine that we cannot help but believe them. Great artists create the most romantic music ever written, seemingly without effort.

Music bonding can influence or sway romance in so many ways. It’s hard for music not to inspire; it stirs the passions when singers wax poetic about love’s emotional extremes. Music can naturally foster seduction; the following tips will help you to use music in your own relationship to increase the level of passion between you and your partner:

If, while you’re listening to the radio together or perusing a music library, you hear your partner say, “Wow, I love that song! make it your priority to find out what the song is and add it to your collection. Play it back at a special time to commemorate a moment you shared together.

If you watch a romantic film together that moves you emotionally, buy the soundtrack. It can come in handy later when you spring the words of romance on your lover during a fine dining experience.

Bring back the intense emotions you repeatedly experienced with your partner by finding “your trigger songs” and slipping references to it in your dialogues.

Jump at the chance to dance together when music moves you. The motion of music can be very sensual! Go to concerts, especially of singers well known for romantic ballads. Enjoy the evening together and sing along.

Musical Bonding: Myths

Through music, we explore and learn about the myths, ideals, and parameters of romance believed in the time period from which the music comes. Songs can be the perfect ingredient for a romantic evening with your loved one. Try out some romantic pop songs, romantic rock music, romantic country tunes, and songs from your favorite romantic movies and Broadway productions. Just as it takes power to make pictures with music, so it does to make music with words.


Musical Bonding: Inspires Seduction

Music can inspire or influence seduction in so many ways. Have you noticed that when certain types of music play in the background, you feel reduced anxiety, stress, and tension? It turns out that brain activity, blood circulation, and body chemistry are all affected to an extraordinary degree by music. Become aware that music and atmosphere go together. Celebrating love, illustrating the human movements of falling in love, and pain of love lost are the fundamental ideas of country music.

For something completely different, try the delightful, rousing, playful, and sing-along tunes from a movie musical classic. Or try one of these great albums

“1492 (Vangelis), Natives (Peter Kater/Carlos Nakai), Lorenzo’s Oil (Soundtrack), Migration (Peter Kater/Carlos Nakai), Music to Disappear in II (Raphael), Passion (Peter Gabriel), Spirit of Africa (Terry Oldfield), Sky of Mind (Ray Lynch), and The Cross of Changes (Enigma).”

Classical music is, by nature, romantic. There were six main periods in music history: Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Twentieth Century. Take your lover on a journey into the unknown with forgotten composers and their extraordinary music. The sheer thought of classical music to some can be daunting, as it is often associated with snobbery and high society. Son, as soon as you find something you like, stick with it. Let that piece of music be your starting point. Listen to other pieces by the same composer, and then branch off into similar types of music by different composers. Soon, you will see that classical music is soothing and romantic.

Here is a list of classical pieces worth listening to:

“Symphony #9, by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Mass In B Minor, by Johann Sebastian Bach, Symphony No. 6 “Pathetique,” by Peter Ilitch Tchaikovsky, Rite Of Spring, by Igor Stravinsky, Symphony No. 9, by Gustav Mahler, The Ring of the Nibelungs, by Richard Wagner, Symphony No. 3 “Eroica,” by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Pictures At An Exhibition, by Modest Mussorgsky, Symphony No. 5, by Ludwig Van Beethoven, Symphony No. 9 “From The New World,” by Antonin Dvorak, Also Sprach Zarathustra, by Richard Strauss, and The Planets, by Gustav Holst.”

Musical Bonding

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