Quality Time

In our quality time world, the consciousness management of time alone together has very real effect on our lives. In our world of quick fixes, fast food, and dual-income relationships, it can be difficult to remember that we need to spend quality time with our significant other one-on-one, not always as part of a larger group. Sure, it’s convenient to get all our friends together at once and get all our socializing for the week out of the way, but our lover needs special attention, some individual interaction. The seclusion can be crafted through a romantic dinner at home.

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Quality Time

Quality Time: Seclusion

We have stopped enjoying the now, because we are bombarded by external influences that make us stress about the future and feel guilty about the past.

This section is about isolation for the quality time from outside forces, so you can become free of external influences and focus on the now with your significant other. This technique is perfect for later in your relationship when your attractions levels are already soaring high.

“Once you have them isolated alone they are free to act like their natural lusty self and the night will proceed majestically from then on.” – Lonnie Lynch

Red rose on white net with black velvet and handwritten note
Red rose on white net with black velvet and handwritten note

Quality Time: Intimate Interactions

Remember, building a comfort zone with someone is primarily a one-on-one process. It requires special quality time interaction, without the distraction of other people and their constant expectations. Eighty-five percent of your energy has to be focused on the person you are building comfort and rapport with, an impossible feat if you’re being bombarded by other voices clamoring for your attention.

Quality time is about slowing down the mind and making it focus on the moment instead of moments it cannot influence. We live in the world where we are easily distracted by outside forces and energies. The atmosphere is essential for building comfort, so make sure you had other mood setters ready and prepared in addition to the cooking options you choose.

Quality Time: Undivided Attention

Slowing down is hard to do when everything around you demands that you speed up. You will never succeed in the game if you do not hurry up; that is the message most of us hear on a constant basis from friends, family, and co-workers. It is impossible to focus, to live in the moment, and to allow yourself space and time you need for relaxing if all you are concerned about is quickly accomplishing things. Seek out a little peace, quiet and calm. Slow your mind down. Relax to enjoy the company of your beloved one without constant interruptions.


Quality Time: Spend Time with Nature

To get your date comfortable and at ease around, start with quality time outdoors, having fun with nature. Find a beach, park and sit in the car to talk, then take a stroll and observe the moon, the sunset or the sunrise. Listen to the wind in the trees, or enjoy the scent of a flower garden. Spending quality time with nature is invigorating and inspiring, and will help you both find deep wells of romance.

Successful quality time begins by making it a point that the two of you will be alone at the right time and at the right place. Longer periods of time will work wonders on your relationship. Remember that feeling comfortable and able to open up starts with feeling good about our external environment. Therefore, offer your date a relaxing and rejuvenating place where they can be pampered by your personal services, along with the right selection of candles, satin, lace, incense, fresh flowers, and beautiful music.

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