Romantic Lighting

Romantic lighting is about dispelling darkness and bringing forth positive energy power. Setting the right mood in your sanctuary is important because you take them on an adventure of cooking and eating food there. Romantic lighting is a way to create a stimulating environment for your love life to blossom. Learn to create a sanctuary atmosphere that is rich with spiritual safety and filled with a taste for the good things in life to come.

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Romantic Lighting Shadows of Seduction

You want to create a relaxing sanctuary that can seduce anyone with its warm ambiance, invites its visitors to linger and share a slow, savory meal and meandering conversation with the lover who could very well transform their world. Simple changes to the romantic lighting can create a more sensual mood. Put in a dimmer switch or lower wattage light bulbs; place candles strategically about the house; arrange fresh flowers on the table; use a tablecloth and attractive placemats in the kitchen or dining room; put away all the stuff that’s collected in your bedroom. Walk around your house and gauge the “Romantic Lighting” of each chamber, then do what you must make the environment more seductive and sensual.

Ancient people observed candle flames revealing mysterious things, shades, and spirits of another realm. By gazing into a fire, one could enter an altered state of consciousness and observe the spirits, commune with the energy of the universe, or even view the future. Arranging candles in your sanctuary will invoke a spiritual aspect to your romantic feasts.

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Romantic Lighting Flickering

Always play and have fun ritually blessing the candles to remove any negative vibrations. The flicker and glow of candles will accent your intended purposes, and set the scene for seduction by fanning the flames of intimacy. Therefore, when you relax with the aromatic fragrances of candles caressing your sense of smell, the night will make your troubles melt away.

The best candles are made the old-fashioned way: each candle carefully hand poured by the skilled artisan. Make sure you burn the right size candle for your situation. Candles bought from local vendors will likely burn best and most sweetly; plus, you will support small businesses that way.

To get the effect you desire in your kitchen, dining room, and bedroom, take a look at the objects that go into creating a romantic lighting effect. Using candles position them to throw shadows on walls. When enhanced by candles objects will bounce, and throw off shadows that are sexy.


Romantic Lighting: Drama Effects

Discover the techniques for highlighting, emphasizing and designing romantic lighting. With a little imagination, there’s no limit to the number of ways you can add magic to your lighting effects. Simple lighting technique uses super low-voltage light fixtures with halogen or led bulbs that light up to show off the room to add drama and shadows..

  1. Moonlighting: This is an excellent way to down-light a large plant in the dining room to cast interesting shadows to mimic the effect of a full moon lit sky.
  2. Silhouetting: A spread light is placed between plant material, sculpture or an adjacent furniture. The effect is that the object is silhouetted in black against a soft white background. They create a full band of clean white light, perfect for backlighting a wall to create a silhouette effect.
  3. Shadowing: This involves washing an object so that it casts a shadow on a wall. Lighting the object from low down and angling upward can provide a larger than life dramatic effect.
  4. Grazing: To highlight is using up-lights next to a wall with beams directed upwards. This casts shadows that delicately capture the texture of a wall or pilasters.
  5. Path Lighting: A carefully lit path can give a sense of romance or adventure – it should make the them want to go and see where the pathway might lead.
  6. Cross Lighting: Small spot lights are angled from two sides. Don’t overdo this effect since the shadows can be larger than life on walls.
  7. Spotlighting: This technique uses a fixture to highlight a focal point such as a plan, statue or art. Use one or two spotlights to highlight your favorite feature in the room.
  8. Down-Lighting: Down-Lighting can be utilized in a number of ways. Use downlighting to show off a wall, or a beautiful plant. Hang or fix the light just high enough to spread a circle of light around the feature you wish to emphasize.
  9. Down-Lighting from Hardscape: Super soft light fixtures can be installed upside down to cast subtle lighting that draws your guest in.
  10. Washing: Place the light to the side of what you want to illuminate and let the light “wash” it, bathing an entire wall or behind furniture. Use this to create a soft glow over an area. Practice with the height and angle of the light to see what provides the best result.

The end result of romantic lighting should be a room geared towards entertaining and relaxing with a soft romantic look and feel.

Romantic Lighting: Ideas

  1. LED Tape Lights: You may prefer LED tape light to rope light if you’re looking for a thinner, more flexible, and lighting solution.
  2. LED Rope Lights: From accent and task lighting to party and event lighting, rope light is an easy and cost-effective solution.
  3. Mini Accent Clip Light: A mini accent light is a great way to light anything in your home.

Romantic Lighting: Symbols in Candles Colors

Lighting a candle is a prelude to a magical experience, so the color of the candle you choose is important to set the tone for what that experience will entail. A candle’s color vibration can symbolize your wants, needs, and desires to the spirits that come to listen when you light one of these spiritual flames.

Here are the colors and their meanings:

  • Pink represents attraction and love.
  • Black aids in removing jinxes repel black magic and is used in hexing and black magic. Blue invites peace and blessings in the home; it represents devotion, inspiration, wisdom, faithfulness, and loyalty.
  • White is a positive and powerful color, representing purity, truth, cleansing, sincerity, and high spirituality.
  • Red invokes strong, powerful, spirits, which bring you passion, love, intense desire, energy, courage, strength, and protection.
  • Yellow universally represents fortune, wealth, and luck in financial affairs, success, and happiness.
  • Green is lit for abundance, good fortune, wealth, renewal, generosity, good health, and cooperation. Purple represents power, wisdom, spiritual contact, and protection.

Also, burn your candles on the days of the week that correspond with your wishes and desires. This helps to bring planetary energies to assist you in reaching your goals.

  1. Sunday is ruled by the Sun; therefore, yellow candles are used on this day.
  2. Monday is ruled by the Moon, so use white candles.
  3. Tuesday is ruled by Mars, meaning you should light red candles.
  4. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury; to honor this planet, use purple candles.
  5. Thursday is ruled by Jupiter; therefore, use blue candles.
  6. Friday is ruled by Venus, so use green candles.
  7. Saturday is ruled by Saturn, meaning you should light black candles.

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Romantic Lighting Candle Rituals

To add a particular ritual use shaped or carved candles for specific intentions. It is believed that when these symbolic candles are burned, crossed conditions are dispelled or revived, reflected back into the face of whatever has caused the unfavorable vibrations. The vibration of the right candle can heal, drive off evil influences, and light the way to lead the good spirit to you. The lighting of symbolic candles will invoke the principles of fire and light, powerful elements of the spiritual world. Furthermore, candlelight is an offering to the deity honored.

Candle rituals have been around for centuries. They usually go something like this: you light the candles and then close your eyes while repeating a blessing, spell or prayer for your greatest wish, all the while visualizing it coming right. The words you speak to express your preference should be a combination of your need or desire, along with evidence of your ability to visualize the outcome.

Candle-burning spells and rituals are very easy to do, and if they are done correctly with actual belief, you will be building a rich tradition with them.

If you’re not sure how to start your own candle ceremony, follow this guide loosely: sit in front of the candle, with your eyes closed, and take a deep breath. Align yourself with the Great Spirit (or the god or goddess you have chosen to ask for aid). Open your eyes and light wick of the candle with the newborn flame, say your prayer.

To add more power to your candle, anoint them with oils before burning them. As you are doing this, visualize your need and focus your energy towards it.

What is your request? Here are some of the most common pleas and prayers, and the appropriate oils

  • Love: Rose, apple blossom, gardenia, jasmine, and ylang-ylang.
  • Passion: Cinnamon, patchouli, lavender, clove, musk, and vanilla.
  • Luck: Basil, bayberry, and vervain.
  • Protection: Bergamot, cinnamon, cinquefoil, and sandalwood.
  • Prosperity: Mint, basil, vervain, hyssop, and bergamot.
  • Purification: Frankincense, benzoin, sandalwood, and myrrh.
  • Divination: Nutmeg, lemon grass, acacia, lilac, lotus, and narcissus.
  • Banishing: Carnation and rue.

White Candle Lighting Ceremony

The white candle lighting ceremony is as follows: start with a white candle, and anoint with blessing oil or holy oil. For more power, you may place a snippet of your hair next to the candle. Light the candle and chant aloud the following blessing.

“[Name], may you be blessed.
May all good things come to you.
May nothing whatsoever harm you.
May your heart be wise.
May your journey be safe.
May your be good.
May your soul be sound.
May your friendships sustain you.
May you be blessed in every way.”

To add a special request, just add it to the list, keeping in mind the rhythm of the prayer.

Calling Prosperity Ceremony

The calling prosperity ceremony is as follows: gather together one tall gold candle, six medium green candles, and nine small white candles; pine oil for anointing the candles; and sea salt for a blessing. All candles must be anointed with pine oil and then arranged as follows: the gold candle in the center, the green candles in a circle around the gold candle, and the white candles in a circle around green candles.

At ten o’clock, trace a salt circle around the candles. Light the gold candle first, then the green candles, moving clockwise, then the white candles (use the same clockwise motion).

Circle the candles three times, chanting, “Orbiting Mars or Venus, I see the sun; bring prosperity, so it forth comes.”

Perform the chant three times. Then sit quietly for a few minutes and visualize your wealth needs before snuffing out the candles in reverse order.

Earthly Power Calling Ceremony

The earthly power calling ceremony is as follows: find three purple candles, three blue candles, and a photograph of each of you. Circle the pictures with the candles. Light each candle, saying after each one:

“I trust you by the powers of wind East, South, West, and North.
I trust you by the powers of the Earth, air, fire, and water.
I trust you by the powers of the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars.
Sit quietly for a few minutes and visualize the powers you wish to
draw to yourself.”

Room Ritual Ceremony

The room ritual ceremony is as follows: obtain a white candle and sea salt. Place the candle in the middle of the chamber. Sprinkle salt in a circle around the candle, and then light it, saying:

“Creature of wax, creature of fire, listen to me, hear my desire: cleanse this room by the power of three, and blast away all negativity with harm to none;
so shall it be.”

Leave the candle to burn for thirty minutes for the room to be thoroughly blessed. If you’re blessing a large room, try votive or jar candles. For a smaller space, which is sensitive to strong scents, try tea light candles.

Candle Types and Containers

Today, there are candles for every occasion available to purchase and light in your home. Thanks to a surge in New Age understanding and supplies, there are literally thousands of different candles from which to choose. Here is a list of the traditional candles used: Taper Candle, Votive Candle, Pillar or Column candle, Luminaria candle, Filled or Container Candle, Tealight candle, Specialty candle, Gel candle, and Floating candles.

Candleholders, too, come in a variety of elegant shapes and styles, all designed to enhance your candle’s elegance and power. Each one is designed not only to hold a candle but to also add a charming touch to any home’s decor.

Here are some common types of candle holders: Tealight Holders, Votive Holders, Pillar Holders, Candle Lamps, Wall Sconces, and Taper holders.

Influence the Senses with Candles

Smell is one of the most powerful senses, and the right candle scent can have a profound impact. Candles today are available in a seemingly endless variety of fragrances, designed to remind us of happy events and emotions in our lives: vacations at the beach, Mother’s homemade cookies, flowers blooming outside our bedrooms in the spring, and warm apple cider in autumn. Scented candles help us feel relaxed, refreshed, and calm.

Here are some of the trustiest fragrances that nearly everyone loves: Lavender, mulberry, peony, plumeria, champagne, tulip, bananas Foster, peach tea, papaya tea, carrot cake, buttercream frosting, peppermint, powder fresh, vanilla spice, blueberry, ginger spice, orange spice, and pineapple coconut.

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