Table Centerpiece

Every table should have table centerpiece gracing its center. Variety and specialty shops carry a wide range of items that you can choose as your centerpiece, which can be as simple as flowers in a vase or as intricate as an ice sculpture. No matter what you choose, the centerpiece should always complement, rather than detract from, your table setting theme. A good arrangement is simple yet elegant, adding to the flair of the table.


Table Centerpiece

Table centerpieces garnish the spot where your guests will spend the evening celebrating, so their appearance is of the utmost importance. There are as many varying sizes, heights, and types of centerpieces as there are containers to hold them. You could choose something as simple as rose petals and candles, or as elaborate as an elevated piece that creates drama and ambiance in any room.
Table Centerpiece
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When choosing a table centerpiece, take several things into consideration. What is your theme? Are you placing the centerpiece in a garden or indoor room? What color and size arrangement would you like to use? Will the dinner be contemporary or classic?

To some, flowers may not seem to be an important element in a seductive dinner; but flowers, when done properly, will give your meal that visual mystery, elegance, and sophisticated flare that you and your lover will remember for the rest of your lives! Flowers make a beautiful visual display, but consider using other items too.

Your dining room is nearly perfect: the silverware is polished, the china is gleaming― but the table just isn’t set without fresh, fabulous, centerpiece flowers and gifts! Surprise your date during a lull in the conversation by dazzling them with your newfound knowledge about centerpieces!

Table Centerpiece or Candlescape

The centerpiece art is a big part of the seduction picture when you’re using a specific sensual, romantic setting to the allure. A beautiful main feature that catches your eye when you walk into the room is called the focal point of the table. This is the most visually dominant and interesting part of a table setting. The focal point for a table can be compared to the center stone of a fantastic piece of jewelry: it can make or break the design, and the surrounding materials and objects must give the centerpiece a visual advantage.

Table Centerpiece
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Table Centerpiece: Mini Flowered Ice Sculpture

A midnight buffet on a luxury cruise draws guests with cameras flashing to gaze upon the elaborate garnishes and ice sculptures. A guest or lover will feel a thrill of high-class service, and have a very intentional dining experience when he or she walks into a dining room to see a glimmering mini ice sculpture.

  • 3 RED ROSES stems removed
  • 1 bunch COLORFUL FLOWERS, for garnish

This ice mold, which is truly impressive when completed, is easy to create using a soft milk or orange juice carton filled with distilled water and frozen overnight. The next day, simply slice away and pull off the carton, and the sculpture is finished.

Prepare the mold a day in advance. To start, fill the carton a third of the way full with the water. Place some of the flowers inside, facing outward to three points (as if forming an invisible triangle). Place in the freezer for three to four hours. When the first layer is set, fill to the two-thirds line with more water, and again place flowers facing to three sides. Freeze until set (another three to four hours, most likely). When the second layer is set, fill the mold full and place the three roses at the same three points. When you are ready to use the mold, run it under hot water for a few seconds to loosen the carton, then pull away the plastic.

To display the ice carving, you will need a drip pan. A large baking pan covered with cloth works well; be sure it is deep enough to catch the water when the ice sculpture melts. Take another small pan, dish, or something that will sit up about four inches, covering it with a napkin or cloth as well—this will raise the ice sculpture up and allow it to show above the bottom pan. Place the pan on a table where you want to display the ice carving.

Next, place the ice carving on top. Presto—you have an ice carving display! To add a special touch, place ferns or lush green leaves around the bottom of carving. The backyard is a great place to obtain garnishes for display.

Try freezing wedding vows, a wedding ring, a small (water-protected) gift, or just about anything imaginable into an ice sculpture. It’s a great way to surprise your beloved!

Another fun alternative is to create a colored block of ice by dripping a bit of food coloring into the water before you freeze it. Or, put edible flowers in the ice molds—pansies, nasturtiums, violets, even rose petals, or some herbs and fresh sliced fruit work well also.

The beauty of an ice sculpture is a work of art to be viewed only once. A well-designed, lighted mini ice sculpture will go a long way to the air of elegance and seduction.

Table Centerpiece: Champagne Ice Bowl

Chilling your favorite champagne or sparkling wine is more particular and surprising if done in an ice bowl. An ice bowl provides a special touch of gracefulness which nothing else can match.

You can make a champagne or wine bowl by placing two bowls together, one inside of the other, and then filling the space between them with water. Be sure there is enough size difference between the two to create a substantially thick bowl. You’ll need to use a something to weight the top bowl down, or else it will float to one side. Freeze the bowls for several hours or overnight. Remove the ice from the mold, and place a bottle inside at an angle.

You can also use the bowl for shrimp or crudités, and it will keep everything fresh and cool the entire night. You typically have at least an hour and a half before the plate on which you place the bowl starts to flood.

Table Centerpiece: Chocolate Centerpiece

Rather than sculpting ice, why not try sculpting chocolate? Big blocks of chocolate can be carved by cutting or chipping away, or you can fill molds with melted chocolate to create many fabulous items such as swans, baskets, and flowers. Melted chocolate can be used as glue to hold chocolate sculptures together.

The most fundamental type of chocolate sculpture is molding. Pour liquid chocolate into a plastic or metal mold carved into a shape, then let it harden, remove the mold, and voila! The sculpture is complete. Most arts and crafts shops have chocolate molds in a variety of shapes and sizes.

If you’re a brave artist, you can try your hands at freehand chocolate sculpting. This is a great craft form because the medium is inexpensive. If you mess up, you can always eat the outcome!

To create a two-dimensional chocolate centerpiece, start by drawing out your design twice on parchment paper (trace, or copy correctly, so the two outlines are the same). Cover the design with one sheet of melted white or dark chocolate. Place the other stencil on top and gently tap the whole thing to remove air bubbles. After about ten minutes, or whenever the chocolate has hardened, cut around the outlines. Let the chocolate set completely, and then remove the parchment paper to reveal the start of a chocolate sculpture. If you accidentally break off a piece, you can glue it back on with more melted chocolate.

Use a pastry bag full of melted chocolate to embellish and add designs to your sculpture. You can repeat this as many times as you like, building on layers of color and chocolate types. Once you have all the pieces for your sculpture, use melted chocolate to assemble them. Your very own two-dimensional chocolate centerpiece is complete!

Table Centerpiece: Basket Centerpiece

Your centerpiece can be a custom gift basket, which you can give your guest at the end of the evening, leaving them to think of you every time they spot the basket in their home.
Delicious fruit and flower baskets make excellent and highly appreciated gifts. To create one; fill a wicker basket with assorted fresh fruits along with a selection of fine cheeses and crackers.

Make a country basket with favorites like fresh fruits, chocolates, and cheeses; this is a classic example of just how great a mixed basket can be, bringing tastes to delight even the pickiest taste buds.

It’s easy to toss in a handful of tricks to give your gift centerpiece an illusion of mystery. Upon their arrival, point out your gift box, which is clearly labeled with a “Do Not Open Until [Time]” tag—a little creative humor. Like a kid at heart, they will get a kick out of trying to figure out what is inside the promised present. There is something about a surprise that fills us with eager anticipation and a heightened sense of the other things going on around us.

Here are some mysterious label ideas:

  1. “Rare
  2. Warning: May cause uncontrollable laughter
  3. Top Secret
  4. Ultra Secreto”

Flower Arragments

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Flower Arranging Secrets

An enchanting flower arrangement begins with the right container. Vases made of crystal and glass provide adornment to your table space, particularly when filled to the brim with blooming flowers. Among the major proponents in the development of the art of glass-blowing are masters like Harvey Littleton, founder of the American Studio Glass Movement, and Louis Comfort Tiffany, known for his handmade Favrile iridescent glass. Other well-known and influential glass artists are René Jules Lalique, Dale Patrick Chihuly, and the Murano-born Lino Tagliapietra. Vases or containers by any of these artists are of the highest quality and will make your table practically sing.

Now, what to fill the vase with? Try one of these gorgeous arrangements:

  • Mixed Flower Style: Sweet, round arrangements of pastel flowers make great centerpieces for all occasions, especially holidays centered around love.
  • Garden Style: This style has a parallel design of flowers reflecting upon one another. This contemporary look will be a perfect way to charm your stylish special someone.
  • Gerbera Bouquet: So simple, yet so grand. A tasteful arrangement of gerberas is the perfect choice for the most special of moments—a proposal, an announcement, or just a declaration of renewed love. You can create this floral display in any color theme throughout the year!
  • Seasonal Flower Styles: Spring, summer, fall, or winter, all have their own styles and species of flower to liven up your centerpiece.

Trends in centerpiece arranging come and go almost as fast as trends in the fashion world. Seasonal plant material is preferred, and each month of the year has its own unique flowers; many have symbolic meanings. Here are some contemporary trends in flowers that have emerged in the recent years:

Single Color Concept: A hot trend in Europe and championed in the United States by such lifestyle gurus as Martha Stewart. The monochromatic look is achieved by repeating one color in mixes of the same kind of flower, or by packing together various types of flowers in closely related hues. Single-color arrangements are often dense.

Outside-In Arrangement: In this centerpiece, both the stems and the flowers should be completely surrounded by a clear vase; this makes the flowers appear to be under glass, as if in a jeweler’s case. Flower tops are aligned near the upper rim of the vase, and the water level is kept low.

Repeat Performance: This style shows the singular shapes of particular flowers. Gather a group of identical containers, each holding one perfect flower. The theme of this style: continuity creates unity.

The fragrance and exquisite beauty of tropical flowers take away the breath of those who look upon them. With their unusual origins, exotic flowers create an air of adventure and rare splendor.

Here are some of the most beautiful types of tropical and exotic flowers: Bleeding Hearts, Birds of Paradise, Parrot Flowers, Heliconia Pendulas, Blue Roses, Dutch Amaryllis, Stone Plants, Musas, Anthuriums, Tugela Jades, Ghost Orchids, Equadorian Roses, African Starfish, Titan Aruns, Tulips, Sherry Baby Orchids, Calatheas, Oriental Lilies, and Sparkling Burgundies.

Table Centerpiece
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Table Centerpiece: Potted Plant Centerpiece

Brighten your evening with a natural touch of a green plant. Select a size according to the table you selected. A colorful planter, basket or tropical plant will create a quality centerpiece to use.

Here are some examples of exotic tropical plants with which you can grace your table: African Violet, Caladium Plant, Rubber Plant, Bromeliads, Orchids, Christmas Cactus, Zebra Plant, Rex Begonia Escargot, Umbrella Plant, Philodendron Plants, Shrimp Plants, Prayer Plant, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Spider Plants, Bengal Bamboo Plant, Bougainvillea Plant, Strangler Figs, Alocasia Robusta, and Elephant Ear Plants.

Try carving up some fresh melons; don’t hold off until Halloween to practice your carving skills. A neatly carved watermelon makes a fun centerpiece for barbecues and cookouts, and a serving bowl for fruit can be easily created from half of a watermelon.

Mysterious Fog Effect

To create mysterious fog, drop a piece of dry ice into a cup of warm water, and bubbles and a strange fog-like gas will form and spill over the edges of the container. By placing a large piece of dry ice into a large container of hot water, in a box or cooler, you will create a lot of fog to steam up a room and add an extra flair of mystery. Keep in mind that the point of setting up the focal point is to invite your guest to linger and enjoy what they see.

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